Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meeting the Breeder part 1

This post is dedicated to Rob the Breeder, not just because he is featured in it, but because he has been a great friend to me and an amazing lover. I wish him all the joys of a safe, quick trip and a happy reunion with his family.

If I was nervous or worried at all, I forgot it the moment I opened the door and saw his smiling face in the pale false-light of the Red Roof Inn. I couldn't make out all of his features in the shadows before he shut the door, turning the room almost totally dark except for where light creeped through the edges of the curtains. But I had seen everything I needed to see to know that I wanted this man inside of me and I was going to do whatever it took to get as much of his cum in my ass as possible.

It had been roughly two and a half years since I had last been fucked, something I let him know clearly multiple times. I am not just a bottom playing top. I had been soley a top for those years and had been practicing pretty regularly. This was not going to be a simple flip for me. I wanted a man who would take care but also give me what I needed: cum. So I scoured A4A and BBRT looking for the perfect man. Somewhere around this time I also found Rob's blog on iblastinside's page and became a swift fan, commenting pretty regularly. It took me two weeks to realize where I had seen his cock before, and then it hit me. A quick click on his side link gave me all the proof I needed. I had seen his profile on BBRT.

Now, I didn't live that close to him (though not that far away either). How I wound up in his area of BBRT was because I was planning a trip the weekend before Easter to just get off my campus and get away from everything that was stressing me out at the time. Living an 18 hour drive from home made it hard to go back over breaks, so by the spring I was fed up with the small town I was in. Then I learned that the Detroit Zoo has penguins (I'm a HUGE fan of penguins) and all the pieces fell into place. I would go to Detroit for the weekend and get a guy from around there to breed me. I just had to pick the right one.

Rob was the right one. He was so right.

We were making out before I knew what I was doing, and his kisses were like small shocks to my body. I felt that, even if he stopped and left after just two minutes of kissing me, that it would still have made the trip worth it. But he didn't stop there. His hands found my ass in moments and he grunted in contentment, groping me through the tight sweat pants I wore knowing he'd find them sexy. Under I was wearing a black jock, fully expecting to get it messy with our cum.

I was hard in moments and he grabbed my hand and brought me to the bed where we slowly undressed. I was incredibly excited as I saw his body emerge. He is just as hung as he looks in his pics, maybe even more so. But his cock wasn't all I was interested in. His body is wonderful, a true testiment to the power of sex to simply ooze out of a person. I wanted to touch, taste, smell, lick every part of him.

I let him pull me close, while I was still in my jock. I felt him over me and around me and I felt perfectly safe. His first try to enter me met a lot of resistence, though I tried my best. I found myself repeating, "I'm sorry," over and over again, even after he assured me it was alright. In his arms again, he worked my ass open with the Vaseline I had brought just in case. I was sighing at his every move, exhaling into his mouth, inhaling him into me. When he rolled me back onto my stomach, I knew it was time.

My hole still resisted him, but with effort from both of us, he pushed all the way into me, breaking open my regrown hymen, so to speak. Waves of pleasure broke over me as I let him enter. I fully felt every inch of him, wishing silently that he would never exit. He asked me how it felt, and after searching for a word I could actually say, I replied, "Wonderful."

What I wanted to say was, "Like coming home."

As he brought me pleasure with every thrust I wondered how I had lived without this cock. If I had a time machine I would have forced him back in time to Paul's living room or any of the restrooms and parks I had gone to in search of men to breed me. I wished I had found Rob online earlier.

These thoughts came in bursts of pleasure as I was reduced to what can only be called "whimpering" for more of Rob's dick. He wanted to be gentle with me, I could tell, and I felt more safe for knowing that. But when he got close to his first cum of the night, I began thrusting my ass back at him to get his cum.

What did it feel like when he shot in me? Well, my first thought was, "Wow, what a huge load." My second thought was much more philosophical. "He is inside me now. He is mixed inside of me, in my blood." It was a few blissful moments before I realized he was vocalizing exactly what I was thinking, telling me that he was in me and that my ass was made for taking his cum. I said the only thing I could say at the time: "Thank you."

Still inside of me, he rolled back so I was somewhat on top, but he was still thrusting in and out. I was still saying "Thank you," or maybe just whispering it. I was so happy that I didn't really know what I was saying. As I came down from my high we started talking, telling each other dirty stories. I told him of my first time with a man and the scars I still have from my first time with a woman. He told me about some of the men he had fucked. I told him about some of the boys on my campus. We went back and forth like that, with him reaching into my pouch and feeling up my cock.

While he jerked me off, I told him something I had been dying to tell him the entire night. I said, "I want to run my tongue all over your body. I want to taste every inch of you. I want you all over my tongue." He sighed and said, "That would be great." I was reaching my own climax at the time and I pushed his hand out of the way, wanting to speed up the process so I could get to the task of cleaning this amazing man off. Feeling my load shoot with him still inside of me was incredible. I was seeing stars in that dark room. He rolled me back over and picked up the pace of his thrusting again, groaning as he filled me up and I begged him for the load. I'm sure our neighbors were impressed my my cries of, "Give me that daddy cum. I want it in me so bad," and I think Rob was too because he was soon shooting a second load into me.

We talked for a very long time after that, giving both of us time to rest. Then I began my happy task of licking him from head to foot. I missed no space on his body. Ears, check. Eyes, check. Elbow, check. Back of the knee, check. Each and every toe, check. Wedding band, check. Cock ring, check. I moved slowly, taking in every moment like it was the last one I had with him. I pressed my body to him, slithering around on top of him. I traced invisible lines of war paint on his body with my finger tips and he jumped and spasmed at my touch. He kept sighing and groaning in so much pleasure. At one point I stopped touching him, simply brushing my long hair over his body.

"You're so pretty," he said while I lay beside him during a moment of rest. "You look like a pre-Raphaelite painting."

We alternated between aggressive make-out and long, sensual touching. I fingered his ass hard, drilling into his hole, making his say, "I wish I could give you more. I wish I could do more." As if he hadn't done enough for me already that night. When he slid into me the third time I was open and needing more cum. He pumped harder than the first two times, but I was getting more used to his size and to being fucked. When he finished, we talked more. Not just about our sex lives, but about ourselves. I felt a deep connection to him, deeper than I ever would have thought possible with a man I had met just hours before.

Unable to hold back my emotions, I told him. I told him how deeply I cared for him and how I felt this need to crawl inside of him so that I was always covered by him. I was amazed at my own level of emotion telling him this. And I was worried that I would scare him away, make him leave my bed.

Instead, he kissed me. We were both instantly hard and he was pressing back into my ass. "I'm sorry," he said right before entering, "You make me need to do this. I'm sorry." There was a sharp pain when he entered, but I was still fully erect. He fucked me the hardest he had all night, but I wanted it. I fucked him back, even when the pain almost was more than the pleasure, I still wanted him in me. We were kissing as he came and he breathed out my name as he shot deep into me. Soon after I was shooting my load into his hand and licking my cum off his fingers.

"I'm sorry," he said again, "I just really wanted to rape you in that moment."

"You could never rape me," I said, holding his face in my hands. "I will always want you."

In the early hours of the morning I attempted to impress him with some of my poetry. I would look away while reading so as not to be distracted by the now limp but still huge dick between his legs. And every time I looked back he had a smile on his face that told me he liked what he heard. He got up and pissed, and I had a moment of sorrow that I was not being showered in his piss, and then he left, with both of us promising to meet again before we moved East. I sent him a picture of my ass hair soaked by his cum and then fell into my bed, my hole throbbing in bliss, and my soul happier than it had been in a long time.

Thank you, Rob, for being such a great man and for helping reindroduce me to the art of getting fucked. Safe travels, my friend. I'll see you soon.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Personal Trainer

I'm going to be traveling this weekend to see family, so there is a good chance that I won't be able to post anything Sunday or Monday. I promise Tuesday's update will be well worth the wait, however. Plus, you can always follow me on Twitter to get frequent updates. This post is a memory partially sparked by a conversation I had on Twitter about claiming to be a virgin when one is not. Enjoy.

At the end of my Junior year of high school I was at peak physical condition from swimming anywhere from 3-4 hours a day, every day. But I still wanted to do more to get better. So my coach helped me get set up with a personal trainer who I would see from the end of my Junior year until right before I went to college. He worked a semi-freelance gig at a local gym where he got to work out for free as long as he only trained people in that gym. So I joined up and got in the best shape of my life. And of course, I'm telling this story because I got some dick action too.

Anyone who has had a personal trainer knows that all the good ones are going to get right up close to you and know your body inside and out. Mine was no exception. The first day I met him, he measured me, tested my endurace, strength, and flexibility, and then took me into the locker room where there was a scale to weigh me. I stripped down to just the spandex shorts I wear under my workout gear and he looked me over on the scale. "Not bad," he said, "But we definitely need to work your strength training hard." It was true, I was pretty scrawny back then.

But what he said that really made me laugh (and I will always remember it) was, "You don't know how to engage your hamstrings. You do too much with your ass." At the time I had been doing a lot with my ass, so it was a very ironic statement.

From that first day, I met with my trainer regularly to work out twice a week. Because of our schedules we could only meet either very early (5am) or very late (10pm) but we always got a good workout in. He had a great body, and he would wear those sweat pants basketball players wear that have the snaps on the side, sometimes with a jock as the only thing under them. If we were doing squats side-by-side I would always peak into the holes and get a nice look at what was inside.

By the time I started my senior year of high school, we were more workout buddies than trainer and trainee. Don't get me wrong, I disliked him on a lot of levels, and he knew that and channeled my anger into my workout, but I really liked him as a partner in the gym. Like I said, this was the best shape I have EVER been in. As we became closer, our late at night sessions started going later and later until we were basically closing the place. As a psudo-employee, my trainer got to stay late, and I got grandfathered into that privaledge because the owner liked me and was related to a friend of mine. (Hear that, people? Good connections really do help.)

When we stayed that late, he and I both wound up showering at the same time. Now, his body was not the standard hollywood muscle god, but he was built strong and could not have had an ounce of body fat on him. I was quickly getting to a similar place, though I did not have the pure years of work in my body that he had put into his.

One day in the showers, as we were joking around and getting rid of a lot of sweat, he looked me up and down and said, "Man, your thighs are getting huge! You're going to be so ripped soon!" This isn't really a strange thing to say to a workout partner, so I gave him a similar compliment. Before he had said things like, "Man, you're getting too big for your jeans," or "You've gotten so much stronger," so I didn't think too much about it. This time though, he bent down and felt my thighs up. I felt a little uncomfortable, mostly because I had placed him squarely in the friend zone at this point, but I figured he knew what he was doing. "They're really tight though," he said, "We should get you doing some yoga."

Soon after I was coming to the gym on Saturdays after my morning swim and he and I were doing yoga. At first I found it hard to flex at all, especially in the uncomfortably tight briefs I wore. Normally they weren't an issue, but when you're doing a split, you don't want that digging into your balls. My trainer advised me to buy, believe it or not, a thong to help with that. It was actually a dancebelt, like what ballet dancers wear, but you get the idea. I had worn thongs before, especially over at Paul's house, but I didn't know anyone else who did. The dancebelt did help my flexability, but by then I had started catching his vibes and I wondered if he didn't just want to see me change into a thong.

It was after one of our late night sessions that he finally made his move. After months I guess he figured he should just go for it. We were in the shower, and he was feeling my muscle growth again, when his hand slid down to my ass cheeks. He didn't even pretend to still be looking me over, he just looked me right in the eyes. I could tell that he was trying to see if I was ok with what he was doing or not. I had a split second to decide my next move.

I smiled at him briefly and then looked away, as if embarrassed by his touch. He quickly apologized, but I told him it was ok. "I'm just not used to being touched like that." Yes. I lied to him. He told me not to be ashamed, that it was ok, and I simply smiled shyly again. I was playing the virgin for him, but that made him want me all the more. He was rubbing my whole body with both hands, and he had developed quite the hard on.

He pressed me up against the wall of the shower area and began feeling up my ass, especially my hole. "Has anyone ever touched you here before?" he asked. I told him no. He began to work his fingers into me, and I worried that I would be loose and give myself away, but he never said anything other than words of praise. Well, he did say something to the effect of, "I shouldn't do this. You're so young." I was seventeen though, and I don't think either of us really cared.

He had put his whole cock head in before he spoke up and said, "I don't have a condom with me, is that ok." I simply turned innocently back to him and said, "That's ok. I trust you." He pushed deeply in me after that.

I don't remember it being a particularly spectacular fuck. It was quick and after he shot his load we went back to being just workout buds in the shower. I don't even remember if I shot my load at all. We didn't fuck around too much after that either. It was maybe a once a month thing. I think his wife was holding out at home because of their two girls reaching the age where they wouldn't sleep through sex. So he would get worked up and fuck me. He asked me once if anyone else touched me like he did, and I told him no. I figured it was best to keep the illusion going for him.

When we parted before I went to college it wasn't a huge deal. Like I said, I did hate him in some ways. But my times with him are the only times I've ever gotten fucked or shot a load in a locker room, which is something I do miss.

Friday, May 27, 2011

You're Stupid

The words would come out of my ex-girlfriend's mouth at the drop of a hat. "You're stupid," Niki would say. It was almost casual, the way she would insult me like that. She would smile and look at me anytime I did something slightly strange (like trip over nothing while walking down the hall or drop a heavy bag on my foot) and say, "That was stupid" or "You're so stupid." She would often say it after we got grades back and I did better than her. The next time I did something kind of dumb, she would roll out with, "God, you're stupid." I think that she needed to do it to feel superior.

The problem with that is, when you tell someone that they are stupid every day, they start to believe it. I let her tell me I was stupid to the point where I honestly believed that she was the more intelligent of the two of us. Even when we took a class together and I got and A and she got a C, I believed with all my heart that she was smarter than me. I would ask her almost any question I had, fully expecting her to know the answer or be able to find it for me. I was like her child at these moments, believing her to be a source of unending knowledge. Which, of course, she wasn't. When she broke up with me it was at a bad time: the week before Spring finals and moving out, and my laptop had to be sent in to HP because the motherboard had melted. Still, when she left my room after breaking up with me, the first thing I did was sigh in relief.

Now, two years after our break-up, I can look back in retrospect and realize that the only thing I ever did that was stupid was letting her make me feel that way. When I am in a relationship I am one of the most romantic boyfriends in the world. I took her out to eat at nice places, I took her to movies, I would make her dinners we would eat to candle light outside in warm weather. You would think someone would repay that in kindness.

The worst part is that she is not the first person to do that to me. As a child, my father always enjoyed having control and power over me. When I was smaller and he was less fat and unhealthy, my father was a man to be feared. I remember sometimes hating going to his place because he had multiple times hit me or thrown something at me. He settled down when he got on meds for high blood pressure, but even my mom has stories from when they were married like a time he put his fist through the wall near her head. And I remember a time when he yelled at me on my friend's porch and her dad told him that if he ever yelled at me like that again he would call the police. But the tides began to change when I hit puberty. I was growing into a strong young man from swimming and his knees gave out. I was taller and faster than him. I was doing well in school.

Instead of being proud of me, however, he began to put me down. He would make fun of me for not knowing something to the point of hurting my feelings. If he was wrong about something and I knew the correct answer, he would lie and say that he was just testing me. If my hair was slightly different than the cut he preferred, he told me I looked like an alien. If I was dressed nicely and looking good, he'd call me a fag or "gay bait" depending on his mood. And no, he didn't know about my sexual explorations and he still doesn't know anything about my sex life. My dad is very conservative and would never forgive me being any different.

My dad's teasing got to me really bad. Like with Niki, I let myself believe that he was right, that I was stupid. Or I was ugly. Or any of the other number of spiteful things he said to me. It got to the point where I developed clinical depression. By my senior year of high school I believed him so much that I was subconsciously doing things that made me get bad grades. I pulled away from my friends, family, loved ones, even Paul for a while, and was trapped in a shell of misery. I didn't know what to do, especially because my grades had gotten so bad that I was close to not graduating high school. Because I was such a good student, I only had to actually pass one class to graduate, but I was failing that class.

I even missed some big cues that I had depression. For example, one day in Health Class I had to present on Male Depression and I remember listening to their stories and thinking, "That's not depression. I feel that way every day." Obviously this should have been a clue. But it wasn't until later that I finally realized I had a problem and looked for some help. Typical of me, I found a therapist on my own and began going to see him regularly. No, I'm not going to tell you I had sex with him, but he did help me out greatly. And fortunately for me, my teachers were very understanding, allowing me to make up the work I had missed and I managed to graduate high school in very high standing. Not top 10, but close enough for me.

And as far as my dad goes, last summer I was getting to the point with him where I felt like if he didn't change his attitude about me then I would have to cut him out of my life entirely. So I sat down with him and said, "Are you disapointed in me?" and let the question hang before I continued: "Because if you are, then you might as well forget about me. I'm an amazing person and I'm doing great things. And if that isn't enough for you, then nothing ever will be." After talking to him for over an hour I heard two words I never thought I'd hear: "I'm sorry." He isn't totally better, of course, no one changes that fast. But he doesn't treat me as badly as he used to.

Still, the question remains: Why do I let people make me feel like crap? I know on a base level that I'm very intelligent and attractive, and men and women tell me those things regularly. But sometimes the depression creeps back in and all I see in the mirror is a hairy blob turning into his father, or I can't remember something and for a moment I hear Niki, my father, or any of the other people who I've been in bad relationships with over the years, say in my head, "You're stupid."

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Road Trip

Those of you who have been reading my blog recently know that for the past three days I have been packing up and moving myself halfway accross the country. While I was busy packing, driving, unpacking, and recovering, I pre-posted three blog entries to keep you all entertained during my travels. I also was keeping my followers up to date on my trip with my Twitter account. Those of you who follow me may remember a post from Tuesday at 11:23am:

Guys, guys, guys! I just sucked 2 men off in the rest stop. Totally unexpected. I was actually here to go to the bathroom!
Many of you told me I should blog about the encounter, so today's post will be the story behind that tweet.

I left my apartment Monday afternoon, after checking out with my RA and learning that my roommate had left more crap behind that I had to throw away. I was leaving just in time too, as a rather large storm hit the area my college is in when I was only an hour and a half away.  And when I say "big storm" I don't mean a lot of rain. I mean golfball sized hail and tornado warnings. I was safely east of the storm and heading for the hotel I was staying at that night.

Unfortunately the storm still found me in my travels and I was quickly dealing with not only the construction going on every few miles, but now flash-flooding and my vision being obscured. Multiple times I pulled over to wait out a particularly bad part of the storm, enjoying refuge in rest stops and parking areas. Sadly, very few other people were around and, though I tried my best, I just could not get any dick action. Finally I made it safely to my hotel, having driven through a section of the storm where the lightening lit the sky in a white-blue daylight every few minutes, and I saw 5 different ground strikes. It was a few hours later than I wanted to arrive, but I was glad to be safe.

The next day I slept in a bit and had to jump in my car. I was roughly 12 hours away from my destination and did not want to arrive very late, so I left the hotel a bit before 9am. Before getting on the highway I stopped at a McDonald's for breakfast and checked the internet on my phone to see what was up. Honestly, I was touched by how many guys were concerned about me and wished me a safe trip. Thanks, you guys.

About an hour later, my insides were growling and doing flip-flops and I was beginning to wonder if McDonald's had been such a good idea. I was in the middle of a construction zone and there was a small rest stop ahead, but I hate exiting and entering in construction, so I almost didn't go for it. But my guts were letting me know that if I didn't stop then and there, I would regret it later. So I pulled off the road and into the rest stop.

There were not a lot of people stopped there, probably because of the construction and it was early on a weekday. When I parked, I put the total number of cars up to nine, and some people were leaving as I went in. Wanting to be discreet about my bowl movement, I quickly went to the stall in the row farthest back from the entrance. The problem resolved itself rather quickly, but after wiping and flushing I sat for a bit longer, just to be safe.

I'll speed up the story, in the interest of not over-sharing on a slightly gross topic. I was on the internet on my phone, reading blogs that I had missed that morning, when the stall next to mine opened and a man sat down. I didn't think much of it at first, I was still preoccupied on whether or not I was finished in there. But then I heard the tell-tail foot tap. Unsure whether or not I had actually heard the tap (I certainly hadn't seen it) I tapped my foot back. I got a second tap from him and my heart jumped in excitement. An unexpected hook up!

Not wanting to be stuck in the stall which still smelled kinda bad, I stood up and pulled up my pants. There was no one else in the restroom, so I figured out in the open wouldn't be so bad. He exited his stall too and we both stood between the stalls and the urinals. He wasn't a built, hot guy, but he wasn't ugly either. He was kinda short and had clearly been thinner when he was younger, but now had a bit of a belly. He was tan on his arms and I thought he might have been a trucker.

All that didn't really matter to me, though. I wanted that cock. He had left his pants unzipped and I got on my knees to suck his dick as it poked through. He was a good size, small enough to take him all the way, but long enough that I still had to work. He smelled of sweat as I sucked him, and inhaling filled my nostrils, making me horny.

Suddenly we heard the door open. Quickly we both stood at the two back urinals, side-by-side and waited. Footsteps came closer and closer until an older man came around the corner. The three of us looked at each other and the older man smiled and took up a post watching the door. Taking our cue, the first guy dropped his pants and I went back to sucking him, pulling on my cock as I did. It didn't take long before he was running his fingers in my hair and telling me he was going to cum soon. I flicked my tongue under his tip to help him along. He pushed all the way in and sighed as his cum shot to the back of my mouth. I swallowed it all, and loved how it tasted. It was different than most cum, but in a good way. Definitely A+ stuff.

When I was finished sucking down every last drop, he pulled out and switched places with the older man. This guy I would call hot in the way that distiguished gentlemen and professors can be hot. His grey hair was neat and his khaki pants were open at the crotch, showing me a hard dick already dripping with pre-cum. In moments I was lapping it up as I sucked him off. I was getting really turned on by this man as he grabbed my head and facefucked me. I moaned around his cock as he picked up the pace. The first guy I had blown came back over and was watching us. He would say things like, "Yeah, suck that dick," and "Fucking shoot in his mouth," in a whispered tone while he watched.

The older man finally came and shot a pretty big load into my mouth. After I swallowed his load and cleaned off his cock I felt myself getting closer to my own orgasm. I stood up, hoping one of the two men would return the favor and suck me off. Instead they both just stood there and watched as I shot my load onto the floor. I felt a little frustrated, but figured it was as good as I was going to get. You can't really complain when you just got surprised into two nice cocks.

Not wanting to loose too much time, I cleaned up and left well after the two men. I didn't see any sign of them outside, so they must have gotten back on the road. That was it for rest stop action for most of the trip home because all the other stops were either too full or ones I had to drive by in the interest of time. Finally, at the last stop I planned to make which was a little more than two hours from my home, I got lucky again. Well, sort of.

I saw immediately that there was already a man in the back stall so I moved in and tapped my foot. Soon after he was sticking his head under the partition and I was on the ground getting sucked off. Then we heard a loud man talking on a cell phone enter, and both of us jumped back up before he came too close. He was yelling at whoever was on the other line in a mix of English and Spanish. He kept shouting, "God damnit, I'm your father!" and I believe, "Jotate!" the Spanish word for "Fuck you!" He stood at the sinks near the stalls for over five minutes while I went online to pass the time. Finally it was clear to me that I was not gonna get sucked anytime soon, so I coughed to let my neighbor know I was leaving and opened the stall door. I tried to quietly move past the angry man, and he barely even looked at me as I did.

I hit contruction again, and then another large thunderstorm, and then about 3 hours later (thanks to bad traffic where I was actually parked on the highway) I was finally at my mom's new place. She showed me in and around, and then my dad came over and took me out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. By the end of the night I was passed-out on my bed, and I didn't get up until somewhat late yesterday morning. All-in-all, with the horrible weather, the messy construction, the long-ass drive, and sucking two dicks, it was a pretty eventful trip for me. I hope you all enjoy it too.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two Lessons

(This is the last of the blogs I pre-wrote for my trip. Again, I will get to your comments as soon as possible. Enjoy! -Ace)

The second and third time I went to Paul's for sex were basically the same as the first time. I would come in and he would lead me into his bedroom and we would make out, suck, and then he would fuck me. I was really enjoying my time with him. He knew all the right places and ways to touch me and drive me wild.

Looking back on those two visits I also now realize he was testing me, making sure I was not just playing at sex, but was actually interested in expanding my sexuality. He would do this by lightly slapping my ass, not even hard enough to be considered spanking, or by holding my hands behind my back and forcing my head down while he fucked me. I appreciated all his actions and loved his somewhat rough treatment of me.

It was the fourth time I went to his place that I really proved my determination to be a great fuck to him. I was spread out naked on his bed with him between my legs, sucking my balls and rimming me. His hands began to sneak up my torso and rub my nipples gently. I was used to Paul playing with my nipples by now and loved when he touched me there. This time, however, he started pulling harder than usual on my nipples. At first I just felt pain that was offset by the pleasure his mouth was giving me. But soon I began to feel bolts of pleasure shooting from my nipples to my cock.

He lifted himself up along my body, stopping at my chest. He said something like, "Let me show you what I can do for these," befor he sucked one of my nipples hard in his mouth, chewing the flesh around it. He did the same thing to the other nipple, focusing on bringing me constant pain/pleasure.

When he let up, my nipples were throbbing with my heart beat and just the air of the room tingled on the tips. He lay down beside me and said, "Now it is your turn."

I began to tug on his nipples, gentle at first, but with his encouragement I pinched harder and harder. He pulled my head hard, non-verbally indicating I should suck on his nipple. I was a little unsure of what to do, not having put my mouth on a nipple since I was a baby. But with his guidance I was soon biting at the base and flicking my tongue like a pro. I loved it. Eventually his hands returned to my own chest, torturing my nipples while I worshipped his.

Finally, neither of us could hold off much longer. He pushed my legs up on his shoulders and with some spit pushed himself in. While he fucked me he continued pulling on my nipples. I moaned louder the harder he pulled. At this point I was gone completely and had no idea what was too much, but I trusted Paul to look after me.

He picked up the pace of his fucking, ramming me harder than I had ever been fucked before. It hurt, but like with my nipples I was too gone to care. I felt my cum rising up and warned Paul I was gonna come. He pounded me harder and said, "Thats right. Cum for me. Show daddy how much of a nipple pig you are." His dirty talk was all it took to send me over the edge, with him following shortly after.

He stayed in me for a while after, not letting his cum out of my ass. "I knew you would like that," he said to me. "I knew once I taught you how great nipple play feels you'd love it. You like it rough, don't you?" In my post-cum daze I could only nod while his continued fucking kept me in bliss. Before I left that day he gave me a gentle fuck until his dick went soft and fell out of my ass. He pressed the cum that leaked out back in my ass and said, "Keep it safe in you. It is my dna and now it is inside of you."

Normally I think I would have laughed at that, but the way he spoke showed me how important the words were to him. They are words I have heard from many other barebacking men and words I have used myself. It meant that he and I were closer than I ever thought possible. I felt so good knowing an intimate part of him was inside of me. I felt safe.

As I walked home, my nipples and ass throbbed, but I kept the cum inside as long as I could, knowing that Paul would somehow know I had taken his words to heart. Years later he would tell me how proud he was of how I grew into a great man, and I would think back to my first days with Paul, knowing that some part of the seeds that sprouted my manhood were covered in his cum, like a fertilizer. A beautiful thought I have kept with me.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seduced with Food

(This is another post that I am writing pre-trip so that I will still have content up while I am gone. I promise to get to any comments made on this and yesterday's post as soon as possible and comment back just as quickly. Thanks.)

I have always felt like the poster boy for the phrase "the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Seriously, I love food. And as anyone who has ever bought me a nice steak dinner knows, good food can make me really appreciative.

Turns out I am by far not the only man who is like this. It seems a well-cooked meal can have the power to totally woo a man with ease.

To give a personal example, I'll tell the story of when my friend Greg came to visit me over Thanksgiving break. At my school the break is for the full week, not just a few days. Don't get jealous, we only have two weeks for Christmas. So Greg, who had graduated the year before, decided to stop by on his drive home for the holiday. Greg and I had fucked three times the previous year, but for the most part we were just friends who had hooked up, not fuck buddies or boyfriends.

At the time I was still really excited about having a kitchen to myself (the bonus of being a senior is an amazing suit that costs roughly $600 more than a dorm). You make up the cost in not being on the meal plan. When Greg came over I had an amazing meal prepared. I fried up sausages in garlic pepper and mixed them in with some white rice. I served the meal with a loaf of garlic bread, and for desert I made chocolate dough balls (basically those munchkins from Dunkin Donuts only not terrible for you).

When we finished the meal, Greg smiled at me and said, "Wow. I'm impressed with your cooking skills."

I had removed the plates and stood behind Greg, gently giving him a shoulder rub. "Thanks," I said, "Do I get any kind of tip?"

I wrapped my arms around him and he sighed back into me before springing up and saying, "No, I can't do this, I have a boyfriend."

Playfully I grabbed his left hand and said, "Well, I don't see a ring here." Not that a wedding band has ever stopped me before. "Looks like you're off the hook."

I could tell he really wanted to give in, he hardly resisted my advances at all. I kept rubbing his shoulder and chest, whispering compliments to him. Finally he turned his head to me and said, "I have missed that dick."

Before he could say more, I kissed him deeply, tasting the meal we had just eaten in his mouth. He reached a hand up and roughly grabbed my hardening dick through my jeans. I wasted no time in lifting him up and pulling his shirt over his head. I've always liked that Greg's nipples seem constantly hard, like they are always cold. I began to lick and nibble them, bringing his own cock to full hardness. He began undoing his pants and I scrambled to take off my own clothes. Soon we were both naked and I had Greg bent over the table and was licking his ass hard. He moaned loudly, and I returned his moans with quick passes of my fingers over his hole. I didn't care that he was being loud, all my neighbors were gone for break.

He grabbed the opposite end of the table as I pushed my cock in. I vividly remember him spread out like that, his legs planted, and my cock pressing deeper and deeper into him. He was not very tight, but I was still able to work myself up to a powerful orgasm, shooting my cum inside of him.

"Do you still like eating your cum out of an ass?" he asked after I pulled out.

Instead of answering him, I turned him over and lifted his legs so he was lying on the table on his back. I knelt down and began sucking on his ass, tasting the cum I had recently left behind. He jerked his cock rapidly as I ate him out, moaning as my beard scratched his cheeks. When he finally told me he was cumming and that he wanted me to eat it, I lifted up and took his cock fully in my mouth. He soon was shooting a large load in my mouth which I gobbled up eagerly.

He had been planning to spend the night on my couch, but instead he wound up in my small dorm bed, cuddled up against me. In the morning I gave him another blowjob and then shot my own load over his face and in his mouth. He cleaned up and left to continue home, kissing me deeply in thanks before leaving.
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Meeting Paul

I'm currently traveling back to Maine for a while before I start my Masters program, so I'm writing this post up early to make sure you guys get something fun to read while I'm busy trucking my massive amounts of crap halfway across the country. Enjoy.

Yesterday I received my Bachelor of Arts diploma in what was an exciting, but then very, very boring ceremony. What I do remember, however, is being told at one point by out speaker to stand up if anyone had ever supported us in our endeavor to better ourselves and to reach our goals. Of course we all stood and, like most of my peers, I immediately thought of my family and my professors who were all there to applaud me. But I also thought of some people who weren't there. I thought of Chris, who I've realized from writing this blog I actually cared a great deal for, maybe even to the point of being in love with him, and who I certainly miss. I thought of my first boyfriend back in high school who was the first person to ever read a poem I wrote. And my ex-girlfriend who was sitting a row behind me. I thought of Rob the Breeder who had told me honestly that I was a great writer. I thought of my aunt who had insulted me deeply earlier in the year who I no longer talk to, but who once had been the greatest champion of my life choices. I thought of my two friends who moved to Hawaii for school, who texted me to tell me they loved me.

And I thought of Paul, the man who taught me more about sex and making love than anybody else.

As I said, Paul ran an organization at my high school, but didn't teach there. From what he told me, he used to, but he was in his 50s when I first met him and very much retired. Still, I had friends who were in his group, so I knew him by face around the school and saw him frequently when I was being a delinquent and loitering after school. I lived only slightly more than a mile away, so I shunned the bus and made my way home by walking every day. It only took me about 10min to walk if I really moved, and if I left right away I would usually beat the bus. All that information is to say that I frequently was around after school when most of the students were gone, and that is when Paul would show up.

But that's not how I really met Paul. When I was younger I would often plant myself in the basement mens restroom of a local library and suck off older men. I don't go there anymore after a combination of two VERY BAD events made it so that I never returned to that particular library ever again, but I hear that it is no longer a very cruisey place, though I've noticed a distinct lack of cruising in Maine lately (if you know different, feel free to let me know). In any case, I really met Paul for the first time in one of my long sessions of being planted on a toilet, drinking cum, when I was fourteen years old.

I had already blown probably three guys there (which was not nearly the largest number I'd blown in that spot) before he walked in. I didn't see his face at first as he took the stall next to mine and tapped his foot on the floor. There was no one else in the bathroom at the time so I simply said, "The door is unlocked."

Soon he was leaving his stall and opening the door to mine. When he did, he stopped short as we both recognized each other. The recognition didn't stop either of us, though. I think we both knew why the other was there and knew that neither of us would tell. He unzipped his fly and pulled out a cock that was pretty large but thicker than I was used to, and walked to my awaiting mouth. He pushed in and I opened up wide, letting him fuck his way in and out of my mouth while I reached in his pants to play with his balls.

"Do you come here often to blow guys?" he asked me. I grunted my reply as he hadn't removed his cock from my mouth.

"Do you like to swallow their cum?" Again, I grunted.

He grabbed my head at some point and began to pick up his pace. He asked me if I liked getting fucked too, and I grunted yes again. Within a fairly short time he was shooting his load in my mouth and I was swallowing it all. He sighed as he pulled out of my mouth and said to me, "I'd like to do this again, if you want."

"Sure," is all I remember saying in reply.

"Why don't you stop by my place after school on Monday and we can do it then." He told me where he lived and it turned out his place was very close to the school and on my way home, making getting there after school not a problem.

"Ok," I said. I trusted him not to be a creeper, knowing that he worked at the school, so I didn't see any problem.

On Monday I went to his place after school like he had told me to. When I knocked on his door, he opened it wearing nothing but a very soft pair of shorts. He wasn't an amazingly attractive man, but somehow seeing him shirtless turned me on a great deal. He brought me through his livingroom which was full of cameras and framed photographs of Maine landscapes. He told me that in his retirement he still made a little money selling inexpensive framed photos to people. As I write this I feel a bit of regret at never asking him if I could have one or buying one from him. But back then I thought landscapes were dull.

We moved into the bedroom where he had a porn playing on a tv propped on his dresser. I remember looking up at it, but neither of the men in the scene looked particularly hot to me so I rarely looked at it again. Thinking that I was here for a quick blow job, I dropped down on my knees and reached for his shorts. He laughed and told me to slow down, gently bringing me up and onto the bed with him. We lay there for a while, talking about something I don't remember, before he rolled over and kissed me. And he really kissed me. I could feel his passion for me in his mouth opening over mine, and in his tongue running along my own. I got hooked on kissing him, pulling him closer, chewing on his lower lip, sucking his tongue like it was a cock. I hardly noticed that while we were making out he was taking my clothes off. Once he had me stripped to my briefs (yes, I was a briefs boy and I still love them) he began running his fingers over my body, lightly touching me everywhere while we kissed. I went into a shocked spasm, never having been caressed so gently over so much of my body before. My cock was straining against my briefs and I was leaking pre-cum like crazy. I have always been a leaker when it comes to pre-cum, it just pours out of me.

When his fingers brushed my nipples I whimpered into his mouth and I felt him smile. He began to focus on them, flicking his finger tips over them lightly. He pulled back long enough to note, "You like that. Good. We'll have fun with these."

By the time he took my briefs off he had totally seduced me, and I craved for him to touch my hard cock. But he didn't. Instead he pulled back and got off the bed, standing back to look at me. I grabbed my cock myself, but he sternly said, "No. Don't touch yourself until I say you can." His voice held no option to disobey, my first peek at the dominant side to Paul.

He was tenting in his shorts as he came back on the bed between my legs. He stopped at my left foot, lifting it a bit and licking the bottom of it. From here he licked his way up my leg, finally stopping at the base of my cock which he finally started to suck on. I was so excited by everything he had done already that I came quickly. He swallowed my load and pushed my cock far in the back of his mouth. When he was finished I could barely believe the pleasure I was feeling. My whole body was limp as he gently rolled me over onto my belly.

"You've been fucked before, right?" he asked. I told him I had and that I liked it. He reached over to his bedside table and grabbed some lube and began gently pressing his finger into my ass, pushing it all the way in. I moaned contentedly as he worked me open. Frequently in my own private jerk off sessions I was using the Vaseline in our medicine cabinet to finger myself, so his fingers found my hole very receptive.

Finally he said, "Do you want me to wear a condom?" I said no and he asked if guys usually fucked me without condoms and I told him I had never been fucked with a condom. At the time, the number of guys who had actually fucked me was low, three to be exact, but I was somewhat flattered that he seemed to think I was getting fucked often.

"Good. I don't have any condoms right now anyway," Paul said. I have no idea if that was true, but it didn't matter to me. He pushed himself in and my ass let me know that his cock was thick. But with patience from him, and a constant pushing out from me, he was in me all the way. He fucked me for a while, kissing the back of my neck and sucking on my ear. Finally he said, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna shoot." I was groaning in time with his thrusts as he picked up speed and then pushed hard into me, filling me up with his cum. When he pulled out my dick was hard again, so I rolled over and started jerking off. He stuck some fingers in my ass to rub me from the inside as I blew a second load on my belly. Paul, his fingers still in me, told me to eat my own cum so I got as much of it onto my hand as I could and licked it off.

"Good boy," he said as his fingers left my throbbing ass. "Let's wash up."

He very carefully washed me in the shower, making sure I was totally clean, then dried me off and had me get dressed. When I was finished, he had me join him in the livingroom with a can of coke and we sat on the couch, me clothed and him just wearing his shorts again. "I really liked that," he said, "And I really like you. I want you to start coming over here regularly so we can play around more. Would you like that?" I was really excited at the idea and told him so. He told me that he was free Mondays and Tuesdays and that I should come over after school on those days. Later I found out that on the other days he had other boys over, but that's a totally different story. With a promise to see him again the next day, I left Paul and walked the rest of the way home.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some thanks are in order here...

I don't plan on normally making posts here that aren't related to topics of sex and sexuality, but I have some important people to thank and I want to do it now.

First of all, thanks to all the guys who have read and commented so far. You all rock and I love hearing what you think of my posts. Keep commenting!

Second, a huge thanks to my first 8 followers! Queer Otter, Chris Pack, Gloryhole Fan, Rob the Breeder, JFBreak, raulito5, Yves, and chrisstead33: You have my undying appreciation for supporting my blog in its infancy. I'm going to make sure I keep you guys entertained and horny.

And I have to finish this post with the most important thanks of all: To Rob the Breeder for including me in his Field Trip Saturday post today. Rob has been nothing but sweet and kind to me since I first started talking to him, and I now count him as not only one of the best fucks I've ever had, but one of the best friends too. No amount of thanks will ever cover my appreciation for him. Plus I just love reading his work.

That's all for now. I really hope you all continue to read my blog and I will continue to make it the best it can be.


Trampoline Boy's First Time

My post Thursday was about taking Chris' virginity. Today I'm going to talk about the first time I took a boy's cherry. This was more than a few years ago, when I was 16 and in my Junior year of high school.

Paul, the man who had been mentoring me and teaching me about sex was someone who worked at my school. He wasn't a teacher, but he ran a program there that I was never a part of or anything. I'll probably post more about him down the line. He was pretty important to my sexual development. Anyway, I was not the only young man he mentored, and he enjoyed having me top for the younger boys while he watched.

I began to really enjoy topping too, though I didn't do it nearly as much then as I do now. I decided that I didn't need to top only when Paul told me to, I could seek out opportunities for myself.

One of these opportunities was a boy only slightly younger than me named Damien. I was somewhat poor growing up, but lived in a wealthy area, and Damien's family was one of the wealthiest. They paid for their three story house with two car garage in cash. So what initially attracted me to Damien was his pool and his trampoline.

One day in the fall, when it was still warm out, I was at his house with him and we were both jumping frantically, trying to do tricks but not snap our necks. His parents and sister were out of the house and I had a plan. I knew Damien was gay and that he had done some experimenting with blow jobs, but nothing else. He wasn't one of Paul's boys, just a kid I knew from a grade below me who had done some experimenting and wanted to do more.

In previous conversations I had informed him that I had done more. I told him about Paul (though not who Paul was) and about the other men and boys I had been fucking around with. My stories always made him horny, but we were never alone in a place we could play.

Never until this day, that is.

We got hot and sweaty jumping and decided to jump in his pool to cool off. I had figured this would happen and worn my practice suit for swim team under my shorts. The suit was a rather small speedo. To be fair, my friends were used to seeing me in small swim wear because I didn't have a pair of board shorts that fit me anymore. Still, this was all part of my plan to put on a show for Damien. I had been having sex long enough to know what to do to seduce a man, or in this case, a boy.

He took my lead and stripped to his underwear, which were boxer-briefs, if I remember right, and we both jumped in. We splashed and played and every time I got out of the pool I made sure he saw my ass wrapped in tight spandex or my bulge wet and full. It didn't take long for him to tent out.

But I was a tease. Instead of making my move then, I suggested we jump on the trampoline some more. So we dried off and put our clothes back on and went back to jumping, getting very sweaty again quickly.

We went inside for some drinks and moved to his bedroom where we could sit directly under his air conditioner to cool off. I immediately took my shirt off and he did the same. By this time we both knew where this was going so I leaned over and began to kiss him gently, working slowly to more tongue.

Soon we were naked on his floor and grabbing each other's cock with a deep need. He and I sucked each other for a while and moved to a 69 position. When he had me close I stopped for a break. He looked at me and whispered, "I want you to be my first." I remember that moment perfectly and probably always will. He was so naked and vulnerable in his need as well as his physical body. He wanted it, but he was scared.

Carefully I began to work his ass open the way I had been working my own open for Paul and others. The difference was that every sensation was new for him. Every movement of my fingers made him groan, cry out, or sigh. When we both felt he was ready, we moved to his bed.

With him lying on his stomach, I slowly pushed my way into him, feeling his sphincter opening, inviting me deeper and deeper in. I let him push back slowly and take his time, even though every nerve in my body wanted to push all the way in at once.

When he was used to the feeling, I began to gently fuck him. Back then I was young and my cock had a hair trigger. I think I lasted all of five minutes before I was shooting my load into him, moaning into his back.

When I pulled out, he rolled over and his dick was still rock hard. Holding it, I kissed him deeply then climbed on top of him, positioning my ass over his dick and pressed down, taking his smaller size without too much effort (sorry, but it is true, he had a smaller cock than I had been used to) and rode up and down on him. I did all the work so he could focus on the feelings. If I lasted five minutes, he lasted maybe one before he pushed his body up and I felt his cock firing in my ass. To my surprise, he was very quiet when he came. When he was finished, he collapsed on the bed, so I pulled off and lay beside him.

We finished the day with another dip in the pool, this time naked, followed by jerking each other off while we dried in the sun. I left his house that day feeling great and knowing that I had just opened a brand new door for Damien, and he told me he loved every minute of it.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saying Hello

On Wednesday I wrote a blog entry about saying goodbye to a boy I’ve spent the past few weeks with named Chris.  Today I’m going to tell you guys about saying hello.

As I said before, he and I talked for a bit on Adam4Adam before we revealed to each other that we went to the same college.  It didn’t take us long to decide that we needed to hook up.  His dorm was a short walk from mine, not even a full three minutes away.  What really intrigued me about him was that he told me that he was very new to sex with guys.  He had just broken up with a long-time girlfriend and was enjoying experimenting when he could, but I’ll be the first to admit that my campus is not full of experienced guys.  I’ve made my rounds and most of the boys around here learned what they know from me.  That may sound immodest, of me, but it is also true.  Guys around here just don’t experiment as much when they’re younger as I did.

Because of the lack of experienced men in my area, Chris’ sexual exploration had been restricted to a total of four blow jobs with two other guys.  He warned me that he came really quickly and that he wanted to get fucked, but never had had so much as a finger up his ass.  But he was really interested in trying anal, and really wanted me to work him open.  He also said that he wasn’t very interested in making out, but would try it if I really wanted to.

We both took a quick shower at our respective dorms and then I was on my way over to meet him.  We sat on his bed and talked for about a half hour about classes and how we both had to move soon: me to New England, and him to where his pharmacy rotations were going to take him.  As he and I talked I kept getting closer and closer to him until I had him pressed back on the bed and propped up against the wall.

“How are you feeling?” I asked him while I gently rubbed my hand up his shirt.


“You want to get naked now?”


We both slowly undressed each other, taking time to explore each other’s bodies.  I tried making out with him a bit, but he was almost completely unresponsive to that, so I eventually worked my way to sucking him off.  When he said that he came quickly, he wasn’t kidding.  I was a little shocked when he let out a groan and then began shooting his load in my mouth.  He was very sweet and I have to say I really enjoyed sucking down everything he had to give me.

“So,” I said from where I was at his softening cock, “What do you feel like doing now?”

“Can you start fingering me?”

I was impressed by how direct he was with what he wanted.  I wasted no time in getting him on his hands and knees.  I spread his hairy ass cheeks and began to lick at his hole, loving the clean, metallic taste of him.  I got him soaked with my spit and then pulled back and blew cool air on his hole, one of my favorite things to do.  He groaned and the groaning didn’t stop.

I put my greased up finger in his hole and it slid in with ease.  He inhaled deeply, causing me to pause, but he didn’t try to force me out and he didn’t complain about any burning.  “Let me know if it becomes too much, let me know and I’ll slow down,” I said to him.

“Don’t stop now,” was all he said in reply.

I worked a second and then a third finger into him, slowly stretching him open.  He finally started to feel some pain while I was grinding my third finger into him, but he still wanted my dick.  His ass was so hot that I had to oblige him.

On Adam4Adam he had noted that he saw “anything goes” in my status, and asked if I would be willing to fuck with a condom.  I gave the same answer I always give when I’m asked that question: “I’ll fuck you with a condom, but I don’t buy them.  If you want me to wear one, you’ll have to supply it.”  As I lined my dick up to his hole I looked at the box of condoms on his bedside table, unopened and unmentioned, and pushed my way into him.  He alternated groaning and sighing as I worked my entire length into him and started moving back and forth.  His ass was nice a loose from my lengthy fingering and I felt like he would be ok with me going a bit harder than I normally would with a virgin.  He took it with a wince, but he never complained.

“You’re made for this,” I whispered in his ear.  “This is what you are meant to do: get fucked.  Do you like it?”  He groaned loud enough that his neighbor pounded on the wall for a moment.

This is a picture I took as I took his cherry.
I felt my orgasm coming and began pushing my whole dick in and out of his ass rapidly, building up more and more.  Finally, I said to him, “I’m gonna cum in you.  I’m gonna load you up with my daddy dick.  You ready to take my cum, boy?”  He had asked me to call him boy even though he is almost three years older than me.  He moaned an “uh-huh” between grunts as I picked up the pace.  “Good boy,” I said and then shot my load in his ass.

“Oh!  I feel it!  I never thought that I would be able to feel it!” he cried out.

I didn’t stop fucking him except once to reposition him on his back with his legs on my shoulders.  I pushed back into his ass and felt my own cum push out along my cock.  He worked his cock while I fucked him and quickly shot his second load of the night.  His tight, no-longer virgin ass clenched my dick hard and I picked up my pace.  Soon I was loading him up and second time, falling on top of him, feeling us both covered in sweat.

As we both lay on the bed recovering, we heard his door open and his roommate enter the apartment.  We got very quiet and waited for his roommate to enter his own dorm and turn the music on loudly.  Giggling we both snuck into his bathroom to shower together, scrubbing each other and getting clean.

“Did you like that?” I asked him in the shower.

“Oh yeah!” he said eagerly.  “I really hope we can do it again.”

And we did do it again, and again, and again, until he left on Tuesday.  We made the most of the time we had, not letting anything get between the two of us while we were so close to each other.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday was probably the last time I'll ever shoot a load up the hole of a boy named Chris who I've spent a lot of time with these past few weeks.  It might even be the last time I shoot a load up the hole of a boy on my campus, or even in this area (depending on how busy I get with packing/partying with my fellow graduating classmates).  In honor of that note of finality, this blog post is dedicated to all the sexy guys and girls I've been with since moving to Ohio.

A few weeks ago Chris found me on Adam4Adam and chatted me up, not aware that he and I went to the same school.  I quickly told him and we decided to meet up and fuck.  I took his cherry and helped introduce him to a lot of the things two men can do to each other sexually, but that's all a story for another blog post.

Since we first hooked up, Chris has been the only student on campus I've had sex with.  Sure, we were only together for a little more than three weeks, and I did have an encounter with Rob of A Breeder's Journal fame during that time, but for the most part Chris was my sex life.  We weren't romantically together, but we were very intimate in ways I think only men who passionately share fluids can be.

Yesterday I finished the final I had at 11:50 and excitedly left the classroom I was taking it in.  I knew that Chris had scheduled with his RA to check out at 1:15, which meant that by the time I got to his room we would only have an hour before she showed up.  Both he and I wanted to make the most out of the short time we had left and get down to a goodbye fuck.

I walked into his room as he shut the door and we both quickly started taking our clothes off.  I quickly snapped on my leather cock strap I bought recently and we started pulling on each other's dicks while he worked over my nipple piercings with his tongue and lips.  Finally I was feeling really good and got down on my knees, taking him fully into my mouth and throat as I shoved a finger up his ass.  We stayed like that for a while while I worked a second and then third finger into his hole, opening him up and really stretching his ass.  I knew he liked to be fingered, so even though we only had a short time together, I made sure to really grind my fingers in up to the knuckle.  I felt his legs shaking and his balls pull up tight before he pulled my head back and said, "I want your cock in me."

I didn't need any more encouragement.  I love this kid's ass, and sliding in always is the perfect combination of tight, but loose enough that I'm not hurting him at all.  So far, I'm the only cock that has been in his ass, but he has a hole made for taking loads, and I hope that he continues to take them as much as possible in the future.  But at that moment I could only think about my load and shooting it into him.  I fucked him standing, bent over his bed for a while before he had us move so he was on his back with his legs on my shoulders.  We both like this position because it seems the perfect angle to pound his prostate, and it gives him access to my nipples, which he pulled and pinched, sending shockwaves to my cock.

I began to really pound him good while he increased his pressure on my nipples.  Finally I grunted out, "I'm going to cum soon."  He responded with, "Me too!" which surprised me as nothing had touched his cock since I stopped blowing him.  Finally I said, "Here it is, baby!  Take my cum!" and fired my load deep into his ass.  I heard him grunt and sigh as cum began to shoot out of his cock and onto his chest.  Seeing him shoot and feeling his ass clenching my dick made my orgasm last a lot longer than usual, and his continued pulling on my nipples helped too.  I kept pumping my dick in and out of him slowly, mixing my cum around and making sure he was filled with everything I had to give him.

All too soon his phone alarm went off, telling us that he had thirty minutes to clean up and get the last few things he had left into his car before the RA came.  Sadly I pulled out of his ass and bent down to lick my load from his hole, but his hand on my head stopped me.  "I want to feel your cum inside of me while I drive home," he said.  I smiled up at him and began licking his cum off his chest, swallowing some and kissing him with the rest to snowball it to him.  Chris doesn't like kissing very much, but he does like cum, so snowballing is a perfect way to get him to kiss me.

Once we were cleaned up and dressed I walked him to his car as he finished up his final loading.  We were both cheerful, but also both knew that there was little chance either of us would see each other again.  So with promises to keep in touch (which I'm sure we will, he and I texted back and forth for an hour last night) we parted.  I went to study and nap, and he went home to rest before he starts Pharmacy rotations next week.  It was then that I realized I may have just shot my last load in Ohio.  True, I may still have some opportunities to get with a cute boy before my family arrives, but there also may not be.

With that thought I was both happy and a little sad as I waved to Chris, walking away through the rain.  I really hope he and all the other guys and girls I've been with these past four years live very full and happy lives.  I'll miss almost every single one of them.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting Married

I’m about to make a great generalization, so bear with me for a moment and try not to get offended.  Ready?  Ok.

Men and women in the Midwest are all looking to get married.

Still with me?  Let me explain why I think this.

First of all, I should probably explain that I come from Maine and lived there almost all my life.  I moved out to Ohio for college, looking to get a good education far enough away from my family to discourage them driving out for a weekend.  When I was 18, I was naïve and thought that all areas of the United States were essentially similar.  I’m not sure why I had this idea, my mom’s family all live in the South and I know they act differently from my dad’s Northern family.  Also, my college is basically out in the middle of nowhere, whereas I had grown up near/in Portland with frequent (almost weekly) trips to Boston.  I was in for a major culture shock.

But it was more than just learning to say “Pop” instead of “Soda” and “Cart” instead of “Carriage.”  Hookups took on a new form.  People on my campus viewed hooking up as a way to find a long-term boyfriend.  A hookup is how I started dating my ex-girlfriend, essentially.  But it wasn’t just the good, Christian women that viewed sex in this way.  The guys all were interested in long-lasting, meaningful, monogamous relationships.  And they want them BADLY.  It got to the point in my Junior year that I was so pissed off by all the drama involved in fucking a guy on my campus, that I started playing with older men exclusively.

That didn’t really change the nature of the game, though.  All the guys I was hooking up with were falling deeply in love with me after one night.  I had a guy ask me barely a half hour after I shot my load in his ass if I would want to move in with him, saying he would leave his girlfriend for me and we could live together while I finished college and that his family would love me.  I had to tell him to put on the brakes, I had only just met him that day.  He didn’t stop though, and eventually I had to block him and ignore him all over the place.

Even worse was a guy I was talking to on Adam4Adam who, before he had ever met me, was telling me that he cared about me very much and maybe even loved me.  He couldn’t have even known I was who I said I was, and he was talking like we were already boyfriends.  I told him that I was going to be at a grad program this coming fall and that there was no way our relationship would last past the school year.  That didn’t stop him from telling me that he would always care for me and that we could work something out.  That relationship ended pretty badly.  I might write about it sometime.

Though I haven’t talked about them much, women are just as bad out here.  If you read the W4M page on Craigslist in my area, it is all women saying they are looking for something serious.  Girls at parties on my campus would expect you to start dating them after a drunkin hookup.  A large number of the girls on my campus, including ones not even old enough to drink yet, are engaged to the first man they have ever dated.
When I’m home in the Maine/Mass area, this NEVER happens.  Guys will meet with you in the park, bust a load, and move on.  If you get a bit more serious with a guy, you might become fuck buddies, but unless you both are very much in love and already single, rapid dating never happens.  I never had a guy ask me to be monogamous with him while I was in Maine, and I’ve never had guys chatting with me online want me to move in with them.  I was totally unprepared for this strange attitude.

I’m going to be leaving the Midwest for good in a few days, but if there were any advice I could leave for the people out here, it would be to live your life for yourself, not some idea of marriage and family that you have.  Family can wait until you’re out of college.  It can wait until you’re in your 30s, for heaven’s sake.  Just please, please, PLEASE, don’t try to get me to marry you.  I won’t do it.

And that is the end of my little rant.  Thank you for listening.

Hot Night with a Hernia Patient

This fuck happened back in early April and is one of the hottest I've had.

We had been chatting on A4A since Christmas and we wanted to hook up almost immediately after we got back from our respective family celebrations. Sadly we both kept missing each other and we were never online at the same time except for a few times very late at night when neither of us was awake enough to make the hour drive between us.  Finally, almost 4 months later, we were finally able to figure out a time to meet. He lives in St. Marys and I would be driving to his apartment.

I think what made me so willing to wait that long for him was how every time I saw a picture of his ass I would immediately drool and my dick would get rock hard. His hole was so inviting and his cheeks had the perfect amount of bubble to them while still being very spreadable.

He hadn’t had a dick in his ass for about 2 months because he had developed a hernia after a surgery. He was scheduled to have it removed, but until then he had to wear an abdominal band to stop from looking like he was pregnant. He was really self conscious about the band too, and wouldn’t take off his shirt the entire time I was there. I was totally ok with this, a little extra belly never stopped me before, and I was only a little sad he kept the shirt on. It meant I wouldn’t be able to suck his nipples, which is one of my favorite things to do.

He told me the night before to come wearing a jock strap so I put on my Priape jock that has a really soft pouch and straps that hug the ass really nicely.

He looked pretty much like his pics when I got there. Obviously he had the hernia bump, and his hair was dyed a strange color that might have been blonde at one point, but was now kind of a washed out brown. I loved his lips. They pouted out in a way that made them so kissable.

We stood in his kitchen for a bit and while I asked him questions about his hernia (I know, a guy wanted my dick and I wanted to hear about his HERNIA first…what is wrong with me?). After maybe 15min of talking he pulled my pants down and snapped my jock’s straps. Perfect. After a little foreplay on his couch we made our way to his bedroom where I left my jock on and he took off his pants. He was wearing Captain America briefs that had the Captain’s shield right on the pouch. As a nerd who has two pair of Green Latern briefs, this made me smile a lot.

He went at my cock like it was his job. This guy was a great sucker. I maybe felt his teeth four or five times as he deep throated me. The whole time my jock was still on and he would alternate between scratching my ass and snapping it with the straps. Finally I bent over to make out with him and taste my pre-cum in his mouth. He was a great kisser, and I could barely pull my lips away from his to make my way to his neck and ears, but I’m glad I did. When I licked and sucked his left ear it got a few moans out of him, but when I switched to his right ear it turned him into a bitch in heat. Just moving my tongue over his piercing made him shudder in my arms and groan in my ear. He would bite my shoulder when it felt really good. His reaction turned me on so much I had to move down to take his thick cock in my mouth.

I licked all over it, around his cock ring, sucked his balls, and worked my way to his ass.  When I drove my tongue in, he thrashed above me, grabbing my hair and pushing my head in more.  He tasted great too, and I could tell he was really cleaned out and ready for a fuck.  I started fingering him and pushing my spit in.  His ass opened up quickly and it wasn’t long before I had three fingers moving freely in and out of his hole.  I had become so caught up in fingering and licking his hole that I forgot the real reason I was there.  So I stood up and grabbed his head, pulling it to my cock and said, “Get it wet for me so I can fuck you good.”

He slobbered on my cock and got it rock hard again.  I then moved behind him, brought him up on his hands and knees, and pushed my head in.  He inhaled sharply and I had a moment to wonder how I was hurting him when I’d been rapidly fingering him just moments before, but I quickly forgot about that as he pushed himself back on my dick.

This guy was a pro with getting fucked.  He knew all the ways to flex and gyrate to really work a dick over.  For a while I was just kneeling over him while he worked me and moaned into his sheets.  Now, I have moments where I’m willing to just let a guy work me over and lay back, but this guy had asked to be pounded and I was going to give it to him.  I pushed him down on the bed and started punching his hole with my cock.  He got the idea and became very still, letting me do all the work.  In my sweaty frenzy I soon shot my first load of cum deep in his hole, slamming my entire body into his as I did.  He was begging me for it, saying, “Give me that cum Daddy!  Give it to me!”  What I loved then was his ability to overlook the fact that I was 6 years younger than him while calling me “Daddy.”

I was still for a moment, recovering from what had been an amazing orgasm, while he used his ass to milk my dick and keep me hard.  In no time I was pumping him again, alternating slow and fast, soft and hard, reveling in churning my cum inside of him.  When I was getting close to my second orgasm, which took a while to build to, I turned sideways so that I was fucking his ass with our bodied perpendicular.  He loved that and started to moan loudly as I picked up the pace.  Once again he begged me for my cum as I shot into his ass.

I eventually pulled out after making sure he got every last drop and pulled him up in doggie style so I could eat my cum out of his ass.  We both really got into that and I started fingering him again, eventually working all five of my fingers into his hole without telling him.  Finally, when all five fingers were pressed into his ass up to the knuckles, I said, “How many fingers are in your ass right now?”

“I don’t know,” he groaned.

“Five.  You have five fingers in your ass up to the knuckles.  And boy, you are so hot right now.”

That was all it took for him to shoot his load out onto the bed, his ass convulsing around my hand rapidly.  I stuck my head under him to try to get as much of his cum as possible in my mouth, loving the taste of it as it mixed with the scent of his ass that was still around my mouth.  He cooed as I pulled my hand out of his ass and plopped down on his bed, exhausted.

I had to leave shortly after because he had family coming over, but I promised to come back again before his surgery.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Post

Welcome to my blog! It is still brand new and under construction, but I thought it might be a good idea to have a post up so people will know what to expect.

Primarily this blog will contain true stories (and sometimes poetry relating to those stories) of my sex life. These are stories that I strongly feel would not be published or I would not feel comfortable publishing. This is not because I am ashamed or regret my actions (I rarely regret anything I do), it is more because I understand that publications and publishing houses are not very interested in a man writing about having unprotected sex with other men and women. Some of the subject matter that comes out in these stories are not very mainstream. I like kink, but not everyone does.

My hope is that here, in this blog, I will be able to share these stories and not worry about deeply offending too many people.

There is a second, lesser goal I have for this blog. I hope that by sharing my experiences and encounters I can maybe give other guys an idea of new and exciting things they can do sexually. I'm always up for a little experimenting and I love sharing what I learn from my experiences with others. I love sex and I love making those I'm with feel very good, so I've worked hard to learn just how to do that. Now I want to share it with others and maybe pick up some more pointers along the way.

Thank you for reading. I don't know where this blog will take me, or for how long it will travel, but I hope that it is a fun ride.