Monday, May 16, 2011

Hot Night with a Hernia Patient

This fuck happened back in early April and is one of the hottest I've had.

We had been chatting on A4A since Christmas and we wanted to hook up almost immediately after we got back from our respective family celebrations. Sadly we both kept missing each other and we were never online at the same time except for a few times very late at night when neither of us was awake enough to make the hour drive between us.  Finally, almost 4 months later, we were finally able to figure out a time to meet. He lives in St. Marys and I would be driving to his apartment.

I think what made me so willing to wait that long for him was how every time I saw a picture of his ass I would immediately drool and my dick would get rock hard. His hole was so inviting and his cheeks had the perfect amount of bubble to them while still being very spreadable.

He hadn’t had a dick in his ass for about 2 months because he had developed a hernia after a surgery. He was scheduled to have it removed, but until then he had to wear an abdominal band to stop from looking like he was pregnant. He was really self conscious about the band too, and wouldn’t take off his shirt the entire time I was there. I was totally ok with this, a little extra belly never stopped me before, and I was only a little sad he kept the shirt on. It meant I wouldn’t be able to suck his nipples, which is one of my favorite things to do.

He told me the night before to come wearing a jock strap so I put on my Priape jock that has a really soft pouch and straps that hug the ass really nicely.

He looked pretty much like his pics when I got there. Obviously he had the hernia bump, and his hair was dyed a strange color that might have been blonde at one point, but was now kind of a washed out brown. I loved his lips. They pouted out in a way that made them so kissable.

We stood in his kitchen for a bit and while I asked him questions about his hernia (I know, a guy wanted my dick and I wanted to hear about his HERNIA first…what is wrong with me?). After maybe 15min of talking he pulled my pants down and snapped my jock’s straps. Perfect. After a little foreplay on his couch we made our way to his bedroom where I left my jock on and he took off his pants. He was wearing Captain America briefs that had the Captain’s shield right on the pouch. As a nerd who has two pair of Green Latern briefs, this made me smile a lot.

He went at my cock like it was his job. This guy was a great sucker. I maybe felt his teeth four or five times as he deep throated me. The whole time my jock was still on and he would alternate between scratching my ass and snapping it with the straps. Finally I bent over to make out with him and taste my pre-cum in his mouth. He was a great kisser, and I could barely pull my lips away from his to make my way to his neck and ears, but I’m glad I did. When I licked and sucked his left ear it got a few moans out of him, but when I switched to his right ear it turned him into a bitch in heat. Just moving my tongue over his piercing made him shudder in my arms and groan in my ear. He would bite my shoulder when it felt really good. His reaction turned me on so much I had to move down to take his thick cock in my mouth.

I licked all over it, around his cock ring, sucked his balls, and worked my way to his ass.  When I drove my tongue in, he thrashed above me, grabbing my hair and pushing my head in more.  He tasted great too, and I could tell he was really cleaned out and ready for a fuck.  I started fingering him and pushing my spit in.  His ass opened up quickly and it wasn’t long before I had three fingers moving freely in and out of his hole.  I had become so caught up in fingering and licking his hole that I forgot the real reason I was there.  So I stood up and grabbed his head, pulling it to my cock and said, “Get it wet for me so I can fuck you good.”

He slobbered on my cock and got it rock hard again.  I then moved behind him, brought him up on his hands and knees, and pushed my head in.  He inhaled sharply and I had a moment to wonder how I was hurting him when I’d been rapidly fingering him just moments before, but I quickly forgot about that as he pushed himself back on my dick.

This guy was a pro with getting fucked.  He knew all the ways to flex and gyrate to really work a dick over.  For a while I was just kneeling over him while he worked me and moaned into his sheets.  Now, I have moments where I’m willing to just let a guy work me over and lay back, but this guy had asked to be pounded and I was going to give it to him.  I pushed him down on the bed and started punching his hole with my cock.  He got the idea and became very still, letting me do all the work.  In my sweaty frenzy I soon shot my first load of cum deep in his hole, slamming my entire body into his as I did.  He was begging me for it, saying, “Give me that cum Daddy!  Give it to me!”  What I loved then was his ability to overlook the fact that I was 6 years younger than him while calling me “Daddy.”

I was still for a moment, recovering from what had been an amazing orgasm, while he used his ass to milk my dick and keep me hard.  In no time I was pumping him again, alternating slow and fast, soft and hard, reveling in churning my cum inside of him.  When I was getting close to my second orgasm, which took a while to build to, I turned sideways so that I was fucking his ass with our bodied perpendicular.  He loved that and started to moan loudly as I picked up the pace.  Once again he begged me for my cum as I shot into his ass.

I eventually pulled out after making sure he got every last drop and pulled him up in doggie style so I could eat my cum out of his ass.  We both really got into that and I started fingering him again, eventually working all five of my fingers into his hole without telling him.  Finally, when all five fingers were pressed into his ass up to the knuckles, I said, “How many fingers are in your ass right now?”

“I don’t know,” he groaned.

“Five.  You have five fingers in your ass up to the knuckles.  And boy, you are so hot right now.”

That was all it took for him to shoot his load out onto the bed, his ass convulsing around my hand rapidly.  I stuck my head under him to try to get as much of his cum as possible in my mouth, loving the taste of it as it mixed with the scent of his ass that was still around my mouth.  He cooed as I pulled my hand out of his ass and plopped down on his bed, exhausted.

I had to leave shortly after because he had family coming over, but I promised to come back again before his surgery.


  1. Ace,
    So hot! Love that you are doing this proud to be your first commenter!
    Love hearing how you took care of your man after he took care of you!


  2. Hey, man! Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked and commented! I hope I keep writing well enough that you stay entertained. :)

  3. Hi Ace, that was one hot and steamy time you had there man. Hoping you're going back soon to have another go at him. Loving your blog so far, keep it cumming man.


  4. @Yves

    I've actually been back already. I plan to write about that soon. The second time was even hotter than the first.


  5. Can't wait to read it man. loving your blog a lot. I'm addicted to it young man.