Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meeting the Breeder part 1

This post is dedicated to Rob the Breeder, not just because he is featured in it, but because he has been a great friend to me and an amazing lover. I wish him all the joys of a safe, quick trip and a happy reunion with his family.

If I was nervous or worried at all, I forgot it the moment I opened the door and saw his smiling face in the pale false-light of the Red Roof Inn. I couldn't make out all of his features in the shadows before he shut the door, turning the room almost totally dark except for where light creeped through the edges of the curtains. But I had seen everything I needed to see to know that I wanted this man inside of me and I was going to do whatever it took to get as much of his cum in my ass as possible.

It had been roughly two and a half years since I had last been fucked, something I let him know clearly multiple times. I am not just a bottom playing top. I had been soley a top for those years and had been practicing pretty regularly. This was not going to be a simple flip for me. I wanted a man who would take care but also give me what I needed: cum. So I scoured A4A and BBRT looking for the perfect man. Somewhere around this time I also found Rob's blog on iblastinside's page and became a swift fan, commenting pretty regularly. It took me two weeks to realize where I had seen his cock before, and then it hit me. A quick click on his side link gave me all the proof I needed. I had seen his profile on BBRT.

Now, I didn't live that close to him (though not that far away either). How I wound up in his area of BBRT was because I was planning a trip the weekend before Easter to just get off my campus and get away from everything that was stressing me out at the time. Living an 18 hour drive from home made it hard to go back over breaks, so by the spring I was fed up with the small town I was in. Then I learned that the Detroit Zoo has penguins (I'm a HUGE fan of penguins) and all the pieces fell into place. I would go to Detroit for the weekend and get a guy from around there to breed me. I just had to pick the right one.

Rob was the right one. He was so right.

We were making out before I knew what I was doing, and his kisses were like small shocks to my body. I felt that, even if he stopped and left after just two minutes of kissing me, that it would still have made the trip worth it. But he didn't stop there. His hands found my ass in moments and he grunted in contentment, groping me through the tight sweat pants I wore knowing he'd find them sexy. Under I was wearing a black jock, fully expecting to get it messy with our cum.

I was hard in moments and he grabbed my hand and brought me to the bed where we slowly undressed. I was incredibly excited as I saw his body emerge. He is just as hung as he looks in his pics, maybe even more so. But his cock wasn't all I was interested in. His body is wonderful, a true testiment to the power of sex to simply ooze out of a person. I wanted to touch, taste, smell, lick every part of him.

I let him pull me close, while I was still in my jock. I felt him over me and around me and I felt perfectly safe. His first try to enter me met a lot of resistence, though I tried my best. I found myself repeating, "I'm sorry," over and over again, even after he assured me it was alright. In his arms again, he worked my ass open with the Vaseline I had brought just in case. I was sighing at his every move, exhaling into his mouth, inhaling him into me. When he rolled me back onto my stomach, I knew it was time.

My hole still resisted him, but with effort from both of us, he pushed all the way into me, breaking open my regrown hymen, so to speak. Waves of pleasure broke over me as I let him enter. I fully felt every inch of him, wishing silently that he would never exit. He asked me how it felt, and after searching for a word I could actually say, I replied, "Wonderful."

What I wanted to say was, "Like coming home."

As he brought me pleasure with every thrust I wondered how I had lived without this cock. If I had a time machine I would have forced him back in time to Paul's living room or any of the restrooms and parks I had gone to in search of men to breed me. I wished I had found Rob online earlier.

These thoughts came in bursts of pleasure as I was reduced to what can only be called "whimpering" for more of Rob's dick. He wanted to be gentle with me, I could tell, and I felt more safe for knowing that. But when he got close to his first cum of the night, I began thrusting my ass back at him to get his cum.

What did it feel like when he shot in me? Well, my first thought was, "Wow, what a huge load." My second thought was much more philosophical. "He is inside me now. He is mixed inside of me, in my blood." It was a few blissful moments before I realized he was vocalizing exactly what I was thinking, telling me that he was in me and that my ass was made for taking his cum. I said the only thing I could say at the time: "Thank you."

Still inside of me, he rolled back so I was somewhat on top, but he was still thrusting in and out. I was still saying "Thank you," or maybe just whispering it. I was so happy that I didn't really know what I was saying. As I came down from my high we started talking, telling each other dirty stories. I told him of my first time with a man and the scars I still have from my first time with a woman. He told me about some of the men he had fucked. I told him about some of the boys on my campus. We went back and forth like that, with him reaching into my pouch and feeling up my cock.

While he jerked me off, I told him something I had been dying to tell him the entire night. I said, "I want to run my tongue all over your body. I want to taste every inch of you. I want you all over my tongue." He sighed and said, "That would be great." I was reaching my own climax at the time and I pushed his hand out of the way, wanting to speed up the process so I could get to the task of cleaning this amazing man off. Feeling my load shoot with him still inside of me was incredible. I was seeing stars in that dark room. He rolled me back over and picked up the pace of his thrusting again, groaning as he filled me up and I begged him for the load. I'm sure our neighbors were impressed my my cries of, "Give me that daddy cum. I want it in me so bad," and I think Rob was too because he was soon shooting a second load into me.

We talked for a very long time after that, giving both of us time to rest. Then I began my happy task of licking him from head to foot. I missed no space on his body. Ears, check. Eyes, check. Elbow, check. Back of the knee, check. Each and every toe, check. Wedding band, check. Cock ring, check. I moved slowly, taking in every moment like it was the last one I had with him. I pressed my body to him, slithering around on top of him. I traced invisible lines of war paint on his body with my finger tips and he jumped and spasmed at my touch. He kept sighing and groaning in so much pleasure. At one point I stopped touching him, simply brushing my long hair over his body.

"You're so pretty," he said while I lay beside him during a moment of rest. "You look like a pre-Raphaelite painting."

We alternated between aggressive make-out and long, sensual touching. I fingered his ass hard, drilling into his hole, making his say, "I wish I could give you more. I wish I could do more." As if he hadn't done enough for me already that night. When he slid into me the third time I was open and needing more cum. He pumped harder than the first two times, but I was getting more used to his size and to being fucked. When he finished, we talked more. Not just about our sex lives, but about ourselves. I felt a deep connection to him, deeper than I ever would have thought possible with a man I had met just hours before.

Unable to hold back my emotions, I told him. I told him how deeply I cared for him and how I felt this need to crawl inside of him so that I was always covered by him. I was amazed at my own level of emotion telling him this. And I was worried that I would scare him away, make him leave my bed.

Instead, he kissed me. We were both instantly hard and he was pressing back into my ass. "I'm sorry," he said right before entering, "You make me need to do this. I'm sorry." There was a sharp pain when he entered, but I was still fully erect. He fucked me the hardest he had all night, but I wanted it. I fucked him back, even when the pain almost was more than the pleasure, I still wanted him in me. We were kissing as he came and he breathed out my name as he shot deep into me. Soon after I was shooting my load into his hand and licking my cum off his fingers.

"I'm sorry," he said again, "I just really wanted to rape you in that moment."

"You could never rape me," I said, holding his face in my hands. "I will always want you."

In the early hours of the morning I attempted to impress him with some of my poetry. I would look away while reading so as not to be distracted by the now limp but still huge dick between his legs. And every time I looked back he had a smile on his face that told me he liked what he heard. He got up and pissed, and I had a moment of sorrow that I was not being showered in his piss, and then he left, with both of us promising to meet again before we moved East. I sent him a picture of my ass hair soaked by his cum and then fell into my bed, my hole throbbing in bliss, and my soul happier than it had been in a long time.

Thank you, Rob, for being such a great man and for helping reindroduce me to the art of getting fucked. Safe travels, my friend. I'll see you soon.


  1. This is so erotic, Ace. So passionate and tender, and yes, loving. So many men are afraid of the "L" word but it's clear that the connection you made goes far beyond the physical pleasure you shared with Rob. "Knowing" both of you makes it even hotter to read your memoir -- and, yes, I'm jealous of the passion you shared. rjd

  2. RJD,

    Thank you so much for your comment. I'm glad that you found the love in this post. That's what I wanted to really share, more than the sex, more than the fuck, I wanted to share my love for a wonderful man.


  3. Ace,

    That was truly lovely. Thank you. I wish I'd written it.

  4. Rob,

    All I had to do was close my eyes and all the feelings came flooding back to me from that night. I don't know what you did, but you really changed me, for the better I think. I'm glad you enjoyed this post. I was a little worried that you would read it and not like it. But I guess I need not have worried at all.


  5. Ace,
    I am so happy to read of this beautiful night between you and Rob. I would love to experience a night like this. Now I know what is truly possible with the the right man in my arms.

  6. Ace, You have a wonderful way of writing that makes us feel the excitement and wonder you experience.

  7. Ace,
    That is The best post you ever written my friend. Love every words you said and all the feelings that you put in there look so real.
    You are lucky to have the chance to meet him and i hope to meet both of you one day. That would be the greatest day of my entire life. I'm sure you will change my life forever.
    As usual, i was boned hard the whole time i read it and i even had some tears while reading it so that means that i loved it very much cause it gets me real good. I never felt like that in my entire life and hope to have that moment one day. Keep writing like that my friend and you will go very far.


  8. Bigdog_J,

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, my friend. I hope that you will soon find a man who will give you a similar night of pleasure. And when he does, don't let him go.


  9. Mark,

    Thank you so much for the compliment. I worked extra hard on this post and I think it has come across in the reading of it. I'm glad to share my feelings with you all.


  10. Yves,

    Again, I'm glad I was able to share with you all my emotions about that night. I honestly cried when I told Rob how I felt and he kissed me and I knew I had done the right thing. Thank you, my friend, for experiencing it with me.


  11. Thank you Ace for writing this post about meeting Rob the Breeder. I felt like I knew him and have met him after reading his blog and now with the reading of your post it gave me a great insight to who Rob the Breeder truly is and makes me feel that more strongly about him.

    Glad you started blogging your sexual experiences.

  12. Bravo, buddy. Brilliant (and boner-inducing)!

  13. VRPB,

    Thank you so much, and I'm very glad you enjoyed my post. Rob is a great man both in and out of the bed (or wherever you're fucking) and I'm glad to share that with others. And I'm sure he enjoys me painting his praise on billboards too.


  14. RedPhillip,

    Always happy to make a fellow man hard.


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