Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Road Trip

Those of you who have been reading my blog recently know that for the past three days I have been packing up and moving myself halfway accross the country. While I was busy packing, driving, unpacking, and recovering, I pre-posted three blog entries to keep you all entertained during my travels. I also was keeping my followers up to date on my trip with my Twitter account. Those of you who follow me may remember a post from Tuesday at 11:23am:

Guys, guys, guys! I just sucked 2 men off in the rest stop. Totally unexpected. I was actually here to go to the bathroom!
Many of you told me I should blog about the encounter, so today's post will be the story behind that tweet.

I left my apartment Monday afternoon, after checking out with my RA and learning that my roommate had left more crap behind that I had to throw away. I was leaving just in time too, as a rather large storm hit the area my college is in when I was only an hour and a half away.  And when I say "big storm" I don't mean a lot of rain. I mean golfball sized hail and tornado warnings. I was safely east of the storm and heading for the hotel I was staying at that night.

Unfortunately the storm still found me in my travels and I was quickly dealing with not only the construction going on every few miles, but now flash-flooding and my vision being obscured. Multiple times I pulled over to wait out a particularly bad part of the storm, enjoying refuge in rest stops and parking areas. Sadly, very few other people were around and, though I tried my best, I just could not get any dick action. Finally I made it safely to my hotel, having driven through a section of the storm where the lightening lit the sky in a white-blue daylight every few minutes, and I saw 5 different ground strikes. It was a few hours later than I wanted to arrive, but I was glad to be safe.

The next day I slept in a bit and had to jump in my car. I was roughly 12 hours away from my destination and did not want to arrive very late, so I left the hotel a bit before 9am. Before getting on the highway I stopped at a McDonald's for breakfast and checked the internet on my phone to see what was up. Honestly, I was touched by how many guys were concerned about me and wished me a safe trip. Thanks, you guys.

About an hour later, my insides were growling and doing flip-flops and I was beginning to wonder if McDonald's had been such a good idea. I was in the middle of a construction zone and there was a small rest stop ahead, but I hate exiting and entering in construction, so I almost didn't go for it. But my guts were letting me know that if I didn't stop then and there, I would regret it later. So I pulled off the road and into the rest stop.

There were not a lot of people stopped there, probably because of the construction and it was early on a weekday. When I parked, I put the total number of cars up to nine, and some people were leaving as I went in. Wanting to be discreet about my bowl movement, I quickly went to the stall in the row farthest back from the entrance. The problem resolved itself rather quickly, but after wiping and flushing I sat for a bit longer, just to be safe.

I'll speed up the story, in the interest of not over-sharing on a slightly gross topic. I was on the internet on my phone, reading blogs that I had missed that morning, when the stall next to mine opened and a man sat down. I didn't think much of it at first, I was still preoccupied on whether or not I was finished in there. But then I heard the tell-tail foot tap. Unsure whether or not I had actually heard the tap (I certainly hadn't seen it) I tapped my foot back. I got a second tap from him and my heart jumped in excitement. An unexpected hook up!

Not wanting to be stuck in the stall which still smelled kinda bad, I stood up and pulled up my pants. There was no one else in the restroom, so I figured out in the open wouldn't be so bad. He exited his stall too and we both stood between the stalls and the urinals. He wasn't a built, hot guy, but he wasn't ugly either. He was kinda short and had clearly been thinner when he was younger, but now had a bit of a belly. He was tan on his arms and I thought he might have been a trucker.

All that didn't really matter to me, though. I wanted that cock. He had left his pants unzipped and I got on my knees to suck his dick as it poked through. He was a good size, small enough to take him all the way, but long enough that I still had to work. He smelled of sweat as I sucked him, and inhaling filled my nostrils, making me horny.

Suddenly we heard the door open. Quickly we both stood at the two back urinals, side-by-side and waited. Footsteps came closer and closer until an older man came around the corner. The three of us looked at each other and the older man smiled and took up a post watching the door. Taking our cue, the first guy dropped his pants and I went back to sucking him, pulling on my cock as I did. It didn't take long before he was running his fingers in my hair and telling me he was going to cum soon. I flicked my tongue under his tip to help him along. He pushed all the way in and sighed as his cum shot to the back of my mouth. I swallowed it all, and loved how it tasted. It was different than most cum, but in a good way. Definitely A+ stuff.

When I was finished sucking down every last drop, he pulled out and switched places with the older man. This guy I would call hot in the way that distiguished gentlemen and professors can be hot. His grey hair was neat and his khaki pants were open at the crotch, showing me a hard dick already dripping with pre-cum. In moments I was lapping it up as I sucked him off. I was getting really turned on by this man as he grabbed my head and facefucked me. I moaned around his cock as he picked up the pace. The first guy I had blown came back over and was watching us. He would say things like, "Yeah, suck that dick," and "Fucking shoot in his mouth," in a whispered tone while he watched.

The older man finally came and shot a pretty big load into my mouth. After I swallowed his load and cleaned off his cock I felt myself getting closer to my own orgasm. I stood up, hoping one of the two men would return the favor and suck me off. Instead they both just stood there and watched as I shot my load onto the floor. I felt a little frustrated, but figured it was as good as I was going to get. You can't really complain when you just got surprised into two nice cocks.

Not wanting to loose too much time, I cleaned up and left well after the two men. I didn't see any sign of them outside, so they must have gotten back on the road. That was it for rest stop action for most of the trip home because all the other stops were either too full or ones I had to drive by in the interest of time. Finally, at the last stop I planned to make which was a little more than two hours from my home, I got lucky again. Well, sort of.

I saw immediately that there was already a man in the back stall so I moved in and tapped my foot. Soon after he was sticking his head under the partition and I was on the ground getting sucked off. Then we heard a loud man talking on a cell phone enter, and both of us jumped back up before he came too close. He was yelling at whoever was on the other line in a mix of English and Spanish. He kept shouting, "God damnit, I'm your father!" and I believe, "Jotate!" the Spanish word for "Fuck you!" He stood at the sinks near the stalls for over five minutes while I went online to pass the time. Finally it was clear to me that I was not gonna get sucked anytime soon, so I coughed to let my neighbor know I was leaving and opened the stall door. I tried to quietly move past the angry man, and he barely even looked at me as I did.

I hit contruction again, and then another large thunderstorm, and then about 3 hours later (thanks to bad traffic where I was actually parked on the highway) I was finally at my mom's new place. She showed me in and around, and then my dad came over and took me out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. By the end of the night I was passed-out on my bed, and I didn't get up until somewhat late yesterday morning. All-in-all, with the horrible weather, the messy construction, the long-ass drive, and sucking two dicks, it was a pretty eventful trip for me. I hope you all enjoy it too.


  1. lol texting on the toilet...I do that too.

    Straight girl here with a request: can you write a post about how to give a good blowjob? What feels good and where? Gentle sucking or vigorous sucking? How do I use my hands?

  2. I liked the part about flicking the tip to help him along. And I would have sucked your cock if you had done me like you did them. rjd

  3. Anon 10:05

    Yay! I love having straight girls read my blog.

    I think a lot more people text on the toilet than would like to admit it. Man, I could probably do a giant blog post on my technique for blow jobs...In fact, I just might do that. Thanks for commenting!


  4. RJD,

    I wish you had been there then. I was a little pissed that neither of them went for it, but some guys are just that way. I'm not too pissed off though. You can't really be picky when you're blowing guys at a rest stop.


  5. Wow man, that was very hot. As usual, all boned up again. Thank you for letting us know how your raod trip went alomg and the little good time that you had. Too bad you didn't have a lot of them but i enjoy following you during that time on the road. Like RJD said, to bad i wasn't there cause you would have arrived at your mom's place more later than you did.
    Thank you again for that great post my friend.


  6. Yves,

    I know you would have taken good care of me had you been there. And I'm sure I would have appreciated it regardless of how late I got here.


  7. I'm a new reader here and am enjoying it - thanks for your posts.

    The entire concept of rest stop action has me so turned on. I live just minutes from rest stops off I-35 south of San Antonio and often stop on my way home from work to pee (even though I could really wait the extra thee minutes to get to my house). I think I must be there at the wrong time of day because I have never seen anything that would give me a hint people are willing to play. Perhaps it is the fact that they have contract cleaning people there all the time.

    Anyway, I very much enjoyed reading your encounter!

  8. JFBreak,

    Glad you're enjoying my blog so far! I would say that a normal time for rest stop action is (at least in my limited experience) 8-midnight. You get a lot of truckers and guys traveling that way. But I do know that some stops are do-not-cruise-zones because of police trolling or cleaning staff. I know one rest stop in Maine is a no-cruise-zone because of the number of families that stop in at all hours of the day or night.

    I hope that helps you get your own encounters sometime!


  9. I don't think that anything excites me more than restroom and/or rest-stop experiences. This one almost pulled me through the screen, I wanted to be there in that room with you so badly. I have a really vivid mental picture of you kneeling there while those two men pleasure themselves in your mouth. If only I could have been lying on the floor, sucking you off as you worked for the gift of their sperm. Loved this one, Ace!

  10. Just gotta add one more thing to my preceding comment just above. The way you describe the two men - older, not "standard issue attractive," but hot as MEN - perfectly fits my image of you, makes me feel still more drawn to you, and definitely increases the heat in this experience. I love those "real average men"....

  11. Jonking,

    Thank you very much. I find that "average" men can often be hotter than the muscle studs in the movies, and frequently are less self-involved. Glad you enjoyed the post.