Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday was probably the last time I'll ever shoot a load up the hole of a boy named Chris who I've spent a lot of time with these past few weeks.  It might even be the last time I shoot a load up the hole of a boy on my campus, or even in this area (depending on how busy I get with packing/partying with my fellow graduating classmates).  In honor of that note of finality, this blog post is dedicated to all the sexy guys and girls I've been with since moving to Ohio.

A few weeks ago Chris found me on Adam4Adam and chatted me up, not aware that he and I went to the same school.  I quickly told him and we decided to meet up and fuck.  I took his cherry and helped introduce him to a lot of the things two men can do to each other sexually, but that's all a story for another blog post.

Since we first hooked up, Chris has been the only student on campus I've had sex with.  Sure, we were only together for a little more than three weeks, and I did have an encounter with Rob of A Breeder's Journal fame during that time, but for the most part Chris was my sex life.  We weren't romantically together, but we were very intimate in ways I think only men who passionately share fluids can be.

Yesterday I finished the final I had at 11:50 and excitedly left the classroom I was taking it in.  I knew that Chris had scheduled with his RA to check out at 1:15, which meant that by the time I got to his room we would only have an hour before she showed up.  Both he and I wanted to make the most out of the short time we had left and get down to a goodbye fuck.

I walked into his room as he shut the door and we both quickly started taking our clothes off.  I quickly snapped on my leather cock strap I bought recently and we started pulling on each other's dicks while he worked over my nipple piercings with his tongue and lips.  Finally I was feeling really good and got down on my knees, taking him fully into my mouth and throat as I shoved a finger up his ass.  We stayed like that for a while while I worked a second and then third finger into his hole, opening him up and really stretching his ass.  I knew he liked to be fingered, so even though we only had a short time together, I made sure to really grind my fingers in up to the knuckle.  I felt his legs shaking and his balls pull up tight before he pulled my head back and said, "I want your cock in me."

I didn't need any more encouragement.  I love this kid's ass, and sliding in always is the perfect combination of tight, but loose enough that I'm not hurting him at all.  So far, I'm the only cock that has been in his ass, but he has a hole made for taking loads, and I hope that he continues to take them as much as possible in the future.  But at that moment I could only think about my load and shooting it into him.  I fucked him standing, bent over his bed for a while before he had us move so he was on his back with his legs on my shoulders.  We both like this position because it seems the perfect angle to pound his prostate, and it gives him access to my nipples, which he pulled and pinched, sending shockwaves to my cock.

I began to really pound him good while he increased his pressure on my nipples.  Finally I grunted out, "I'm going to cum soon."  He responded with, "Me too!" which surprised me as nothing had touched his cock since I stopped blowing him.  Finally I said, "Here it is, baby!  Take my cum!" and fired my load deep into his ass.  I heard him grunt and sigh as cum began to shoot out of his cock and onto his chest.  Seeing him shoot and feeling his ass clenching my dick made my orgasm last a lot longer than usual, and his continued pulling on my nipples helped too.  I kept pumping my dick in and out of him slowly, mixing my cum around and making sure he was filled with everything I had to give him.

All too soon his phone alarm went off, telling us that he had thirty minutes to clean up and get the last few things he had left into his car before the RA came.  Sadly I pulled out of his ass and bent down to lick my load from his hole, but his hand on my head stopped me.  "I want to feel your cum inside of me while I drive home," he said.  I smiled up at him and began licking his cum off his chest, swallowing some and kissing him with the rest to snowball it to him.  Chris doesn't like kissing very much, but he does like cum, so snowballing is a perfect way to get him to kiss me.

Once we were cleaned up and dressed I walked him to his car as he finished up his final loading.  We were both cheerful, but also both knew that there was little chance either of us would see each other again.  So with promises to keep in touch (which I'm sure we will, he and I texted back and forth for an hour last night) we parted.  I went to study and nap, and he went home to rest before he starts Pharmacy rotations next week.  It was then that I realized I may have just shot my last load in Ohio.  True, I may still have some opportunities to get with a cute boy before my family arrives, but there also may not be.

With that thought I was both happy and a little sad as I waved to Chris, walking away through the rain.  I really hope he and all the other guys and girls I've been with these past four years live very full and happy lives.  I'll miss almost every single one of them.


  1. I always hated moving out of the dorms at the end of the school year and it's the one thing I absolutely hate about living in a college town. You never know who is going to leave you at the end of the year. It could be your favorite waiter or the cute, funny girl who scoops ice cream at the shop near campus. It could be that the guy you've had a secret crush on for the last four (or 5) years is finally graduating and you'll never see him again. I'm getting emotional as I write this...I don't envy you one bit, Ace...except for that whole fucking the hot boy part. That was rather well-written, I must say.

  2. Thank you very much! It is always hard to leave at the end of the year, and I am looking forward to moving to an apartment I won't be leaving every summer, and living where I don't have to worry about meeting people too late in the year. Both Chris and I regret that we didn't find each other earlier in the year, but I feel like we both made the most out of our time together. Sometimes we felt like we were fighting time, but we really did everything we could.


  3. Hi Ace, I'm sad too that you didn't know him before yhat. You would have had more time with him and enjoy it more but like you said, it was a great time spent with him aven if it wasn't for long. Love that post man, it was hot and you describe it so very well. Keep it going young man.


  4. Yves,

    Thanks for your support. I'm glad you liked it. He and I did get together a few other times and I did really care about him and his future. Thanks for understanding.


  5. Hey Ace. I likewise discovered your patch here courtesy of the estimable Mr. Steed. I am enjoying your writing a great deal. (And the hard ons it provokes, too, needless to say.)

    You wrote, "Sometimes we felt like we were fighting time, but we really did everything we could." We are all of us fighting time, all the time, in one sense or another. The fortunate learn to live the moment flowing into the next, or re-learn it as needs be. If coming to a pause in the story one can honestly say one did everything one could, then that is as good an ending as we have cause to hope for.

    So, Maine, huh? CT isn't all that far, so maybe we can jointly welcome The Breeder to New England?

  6. Probably the worst thing about academia is that brief span of time at the end of each academic year when you have to say goodbye to people who have become a part of you. Some of them you'll see again - but you know that most of them you won't - or at least not very much - and that "things will be different" when you meet again. It's wonderfully bittersweet. But I can say from experience that these moments somehow "fold in on" themselves. You never lose them - and 40 years from now this day will cross your mind and you will still be "you" and he will still be "him" and time can never take that away. Once we have it, it's ours forever, at least in a certain way. Congratulations on completing this part of your professional journey - and good luck on the chapter that starts now.

    And by the way - INCREDIBLY hot!

  7. RedPhillip,

    I was planning on finding some time to welcome Rob to my neck of the woods, but a threesome welcome would be VERY hot, and I think he would agree with that.


  8. Jonking,

    Thank you very much! I hope that in the future Chris and I can find a time to get together again, but for now all I can do is remember his face as we said good-bye and smile.