Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saying Hello

On Wednesday I wrote a blog entry about saying goodbye to a boy I’ve spent the past few weeks with named Chris.  Today I’m going to tell you guys about saying hello.

As I said before, he and I talked for a bit on Adam4Adam before we revealed to each other that we went to the same college.  It didn’t take us long to decide that we needed to hook up.  His dorm was a short walk from mine, not even a full three minutes away.  What really intrigued me about him was that he told me that he was very new to sex with guys.  He had just broken up with a long-time girlfriend and was enjoying experimenting when he could, but I’ll be the first to admit that my campus is not full of experienced guys.  I’ve made my rounds and most of the boys around here learned what they know from me.  That may sound immodest, of me, but it is also true.  Guys around here just don’t experiment as much when they’re younger as I did.

Because of the lack of experienced men in my area, Chris’ sexual exploration had been restricted to a total of four blow jobs with two other guys.  He warned me that he came really quickly and that he wanted to get fucked, but never had had so much as a finger up his ass.  But he was really interested in trying anal, and really wanted me to work him open.  He also said that he wasn’t very interested in making out, but would try it if I really wanted to.

We both took a quick shower at our respective dorms and then I was on my way over to meet him.  We sat on his bed and talked for about a half hour about classes and how we both had to move soon: me to New England, and him to where his pharmacy rotations were going to take him.  As he and I talked I kept getting closer and closer to him until I had him pressed back on the bed and propped up against the wall.

“How are you feeling?” I asked him while I gently rubbed my hand up his shirt.


“You want to get naked now?”


We both slowly undressed each other, taking time to explore each other’s bodies.  I tried making out with him a bit, but he was almost completely unresponsive to that, so I eventually worked my way to sucking him off.  When he said that he came quickly, he wasn’t kidding.  I was a little shocked when he let out a groan and then began shooting his load in my mouth.  He was very sweet and I have to say I really enjoyed sucking down everything he had to give me.

“So,” I said from where I was at his softening cock, “What do you feel like doing now?”

“Can you start fingering me?”

I was impressed by how direct he was with what he wanted.  I wasted no time in getting him on his hands and knees.  I spread his hairy ass cheeks and began to lick at his hole, loving the clean, metallic taste of him.  I got him soaked with my spit and then pulled back and blew cool air on his hole, one of my favorite things to do.  He groaned and the groaning didn’t stop.

I put my greased up finger in his hole and it slid in with ease.  He inhaled deeply, causing me to pause, but he didn’t try to force me out and he didn’t complain about any burning.  “Let me know if it becomes too much, let me know and I’ll slow down,” I said to him.

“Don’t stop now,” was all he said in reply.

I worked a second and then a third finger into him, slowly stretching him open.  He finally started to feel some pain while I was grinding my third finger into him, but he still wanted my dick.  His ass was so hot that I had to oblige him.

On Adam4Adam he had noted that he saw “anything goes” in my status, and asked if I would be willing to fuck with a condom.  I gave the same answer I always give when I’m asked that question: “I’ll fuck you with a condom, but I don’t buy them.  If you want me to wear one, you’ll have to supply it.”  As I lined my dick up to his hole I looked at the box of condoms on his bedside table, unopened and unmentioned, and pushed my way into him.  He alternated groaning and sighing as I worked my entire length into him and started moving back and forth.  His ass was nice a loose from my lengthy fingering and I felt like he would be ok with me going a bit harder than I normally would with a virgin.  He took it with a wince, but he never complained.

“You’re made for this,” I whispered in his ear.  “This is what you are meant to do: get fucked.  Do you like it?”  He groaned loud enough that his neighbor pounded on the wall for a moment.

This is a picture I took as I took his cherry.
I felt my orgasm coming and began pushing my whole dick in and out of his ass rapidly, building up more and more.  Finally, I said to him, “I’m gonna cum in you.  I’m gonna load you up with my daddy dick.  You ready to take my cum, boy?”  He had asked me to call him boy even though he is almost three years older than me.  He moaned an “uh-huh” between grunts as I picked up the pace.  “Good boy,” I said and then shot my load in his ass.

“Oh!  I feel it!  I never thought that I would be able to feel it!” he cried out.

I didn’t stop fucking him except once to reposition him on his back with his legs on my shoulders.  I pushed back into his ass and felt my own cum push out along my cock.  He worked his cock while I fucked him and quickly shot his second load of the night.  His tight, no-longer virgin ass clenched my dick hard and I picked up my pace.  Soon I was loading him up and second time, falling on top of him, feeling us both covered in sweat.

As we both lay on the bed recovering, we heard his door open and his roommate enter the apartment.  We got very quiet and waited for his roommate to enter his own dorm and turn the music on loudly.  Giggling we both snuck into his bathroom to shower together, scrubbing each other and getting clean.

“Did you like that?” I asked him in the shower.

“Oh yeah!” he said eagerly.  “I really hope we can do it again.”

And we did do it again, and again, and again, until he left on Tuesday.  We made the most of the time we had, not letting anything get between the two of us while we were so close to each other.


  1. Congratulations on your new blog, it looks great. (I saw the link on the Breeder's Journal.)

    I liked this story of his first time, and you have a nice touch allowing us to share the bottom's perspective, "Oh! I feel it! I never thought that I would be able to feel it!" This was intimate, and hot.

    Looking forward to many more stories, stud =)

  2. Thank you very much! I hope you continue reading as long as I continue writing.

    I remember thinking it was very hot at the time he said it too. It was a mixture of surprise and joy at the feeling of being loaded up for the first time. At that moment I know I had him hooked for life.


  3. Thanks so much for sharing about his first time, and your first time with him.....I loved the way you handled him with care....and treated him so finely that he was ready for your second load!

    P.S. The pic of you popping his cherry isn't showing up. :-(


  4. BigDog

    It isn't? Crap. Let me see if I can fix that. For some reason I can see it just fine.

    Glad you enjoyed the post. I like to treat guys right their first time. I had a great first fuck and I think all men deserve that.


  5. I reuploaded the picture and I can see it. If anyone else has trouble, please let me know. Thanks!

  6. Ace: Great story. So important that first time be a good experience. You seem to realize that what the receiver is feeling is more important than the giver's pleasure, at least in this instance. Chris was very lucky you were his first. And his hairy hole looks delicious. (I follow you on Twitter and we're recent friends. Keep writing. You're great at it.)

  7. Thanks a lot, and I hope you keep reading. I do believe that one of the best things a top can do for a new bottom is make it a completely enjoyable experience. If I hadn't treated him well, he might have stopped experimenting and then he would have been very unhappy and unfulfilled. Plus, he will never forget his first time, and I want it to be something he enjoys remembering.


  8. Picture is showing up fine now! Thanks for fixing. It is hot!

  9. Man that was hot, loving the way you describe everything that happened that day. I'm glad that you took your time to know each other before going right at it. Love the photo that you put up man, that is very nice and tasty.
    Loving it man.


  10. Yves,

    Thanks man! I went slow because I wanted to make sure he was totally comfortable with me being his first.


  11. For me, the most cock-hardening detail you provide is the fact that you didn't pull out of him after you came the first time, but rather just stayed inside him and continued to feed him. What a lucky boy he was that night. And I agree about the picture - looking at it, knowing that it's a virginal hole being penetrated for the first time, is thrilling. Hope you gave him a copy - and that he knows about and is reading your blog...

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