Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seduced with Food

(This is another post that I am writing pre-trip so that I will still have content up while I am gone. I promise to get to any comments made on this and yesterday's post as soon as possible and comment back just as quickly. Thanks.)

I have always felt like the poster boy for the phrase "the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Seriously, I love food. And as anyone who has ever bought me a nice steak dinner knows, good food can make me really appreciative.

Turns out I am by far not the only man who is like this. It seems a well-cooked meal can have the power to totally woo a man with ease.

To give a personal example, I'll tell the story of when my friend Greg came to visit me over Thanksgiving break. At my school the break is for the full week, not just a few days. Don't get jealous, we only have two weeks for Christmas. So Greg, who had graduated the year before, decided to stop by on his drive home for the holiday. Greg and I had fucked three times the previous year, but for the most part we were just friends who had hooked up, not fuck buddies or boyfriends.

At the time I was still really excited about having a kitchen to myself (the bonus of being a senior is an amazing suit that costs roughly $600 more than a dorm). You make up the cost in not being on the meal plan. When Greg came over I had an amazing meal prepared. I fried up sausages in garlic pepper and mixed them in with some white rice. I served the meal with a loaf of garlic bread, and for desert I made chocolate dough balls (basically those munchkins from Dunkin Donuts only not terrible for you).

When we finished the meal, Greg smiled at me and said, "Wow. I'm impressed with your cooking skills."

I had removed the plates and stood behind Greg, gently giving him a shoulder rub. "Thanks," I said, "Do I get any kind of tip?"

I wrapped my arms around him and he sighed back into me before springing up and saying, "No, I can't do this, I have a boyfriend."

Playfully I grabbed his left hand and said, "Well, I don't see a ring here." Not that a wedding band has ever stopped me before. "Looks like you're off the hook."

I could tell he really wanted to give in, he hardly resisted my advances at all. I kept rubbing his shoulder and chest, whispering compliments to him. Finally he turned his head to me and said, "I have missed that dick."

Before he could say more, I kissed him deeply, tasting the meal we had just eaten in his mouth. He reached a hand up and roughly grabbed my hardening dick through my jeans. I wasted no time in lifting him up and pulling his shirt over his head. I've always liked that Greg's nipples seem constantly hard, like they are always cold. I began to lick and nibble them, bringing his own cock to full hardness. He began undoing his pants and I scrambled to take off my own clothes. Soon we were both naked and I had Greg bent over the table and was licking his ass hard. He moaned loudly, and I returned his moans with quick passes of my fingers over his hole. I didn't care that he was being loud, all my neighbors were gone for break.

He grabbed the opposite end of the table as I pushed my cock in. I vividly remember him spread out like that, his legs planted, and my cock pressing deeper and deeper into him. He was not very tight, but I was still able to work myself up to a powerful orgasm, shooting my cum inside of him.

"Do you still like eating your cum out of an ass?" he asked after I pulled out.

Instead of answering him, I turned him over and lifted his legs so he was lying on the table on his back. I knelt down and began sucking on his ass, tasting the cum I had recently left behind. He jerked his cock rapidly as I ate him out, moaning as my beard scratched his cheeks. When he finally told me he was cumming and that he wanted me to eat it, I lifted up and took his cock fully in my mouth. He soon was shooting a large load in my mouth which I gobbled up eagerly.

He had been planning to spend the night on my couch, but instead he wound up in my small dorm bed, cuddled up against me. In the morning I gave him another blowjob and then shot my own load over his face and in his mouth. He cleaned up and left to continue home, kissing me deeply in thanks before leaving.
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  1. That is another amazing post man. Like you said, great meals sometimes get you some good deserts. As usual i'm boned up, what can i say. When it's hot you can't do nothing about it.
    Thank you and keep up the good writing my friend.


  2. Yves,

    Well, I sure hope that you take care of your cock every time I make it hard for you. Otherwise he might feel neglected and run away.


  3. The images in the last third of this entry seem particularly strong to me (and as a result, particularly effective at arousing both my sexual appetite and my intellectual appreciation!). From the moment that you start to play with his nipples onward, the heat is palpable. And when I stare at that incredible picture of your cock, and imagine it shooting all over your buddy's face, the effect is.....extremely satisfying! Thanks, Ace, for a great read!

  4. Jonking,

    I'm glad I was able to arouse you in more ways than one. And I've yet to get a complaint when I shoot my load all over a partner. In fact, they all seem to like it.