Thursday, June 16, 2011

Early Beginnings

This is going to be the first of a long series of posts I'll write that take a look back at my very early sexual development. And I mean early. So while this won't be full of hot sex, it should still be a fun and interesting look at my past while I can still remember it. So c'mon Sherman, let's step into the WABAC machine and see what we can learn. (If you don't get that reference and never watched Rocky and Bullwinkle then I am sorry for your childhood)

My first kiss with a girl was in pre-school and my first kiss with a boy was in kindergarten. I know, that's pretty early. And I don't mean kissing my parents or family, and I definitely don't mean a cute peck on the cheek. When I was in pre-school I was friends with two girls named Jo-Jo and Leah, and we decided that we were boyfriend and girlfriends. Yeah. Even in pre-school I was in a polyamorous relationship. To be fair, back then I didn't know that society dictates we marry and love just one. So in my head I was going to grow up and live with my two girls and we'd be happy. Obviously that didn't work out, I moved to a different town and new school district and we never saw each other again. But before and of that happened, Jo-Jo, Leah, and I kissed each other many times. To us it was a way of showing that we were going to be together forever. Again, not something that happened. We were so innocent back then.

The boy I kissed was different. He was a close friend, of course. And, as cliche as it may sound, he and I liked to play doctor with each other. Sort of. Neither of us actually knew what it was a doctor did, so instead we played dentist. We would put on rubber gloves and stick our fingers into each other's mouths. I remember liking the feeling of the rubber on my hands and the sensation of touching, but not coming in contact with, his tongue and mouth. He had seen me kissing the two girls and one day we both decided to try kissing each other. I liked it about as much as I liked kissing the girls, though back then I didn't really understand what was great about kissing. I just knew you did it with people you love. We kissed multiple times after that, but we never claimed to be boyfriends like I did with the girls.

I'll round off this post with the first time I french kissed. It was in second grade with a girl named Courtney. The classrooms in my school had a cubby area where we kept our coats and backpacks and other things. Courtney and I would go back into the cubby area and hide behind the coats and kiss each other. At first we just did normal kissing, but then one day she asked me if I had ever french kissed before. I said no and asked her what that was. She told me that you kissed with your mouth open and put your tongue in each other's mouth. I was unsure, but I went for it. I can still remember that first sensation of tongue touching tongue. It felt great, and I immediately knew why the people in France kissed like that (yes, that's why I thought it was called "french kissing"). Now I wonder if Courtney had tried french kissing before, or if I was her first time too. We practiced with each other a lot, but strangely enough we both saw our relationship as just friends. Courtney was quite possibly my first friend with benefits ever.

Joking aside, I think it is interesting that my early sexual development was actually pretty early. I mean, I was making out in the cubbies back when other guys my age were afraid that girls had germs that could infect us. Keep in mind, I was six years old in second grade. I'm sure there are plenty of people who had done more than that at six, but not the majority. Not even close. I wonder if this was a sign that I was to mature sexually early on. Like a precursor to my early first time and then my time training under Paul and the other men. It is interesting to think about.


  1. I think you absolutely and definitely deserve the appellation "sexually precocious!" I remember when I was in 4th grade and the teachers were exchanging horrified whispers about the 5th graders who had been caught naked together on the couch in the supply room. I never knew which of my schoolmates they were talking about - so in my mind, I plan on envisioning you as one of those early-starting-adventurers from now on! It wasn't until I was 12 or 13 that the fun started - in a tent made of blankets, thrown over my mother's clothesline in our family's backyard. That neighbor boy sure did teach me a lot...

  2. Well Ace, i can say that you start a pretty young age. Glad that you tell us when you started having those urges.
    My fisrt kiss was with a girl that i work and we go out together for 7 years but nothing happens sexually. I kiss my friends on the cheeks but never on the lips. Just one friend that once we french kiss, first time ever, two years ago and i loved it a lot, never did it again maybe soon. He is the only man that i kiss on the lips, maybe my best friend one day, i hope.
    Thank you again my friend.


  3. Jonking,

    Ha! Even though you were behind me, it sounds like you caught up quick. Yes, I was almost insanely active in trying to learn what I could about sex. I have more stories to tell later about things like jerking off to pictures in books about growing up and stuff like that.


  4. Yves,

    Don't worry about not having done a whole lot. There's still plenty of time for you to catch up my friend.


  5. I can't recall for certain that kissing (beyond the dare of kissing cheeks) was involved, but as early as kindergarten neighbor kids and I were showing our junk to one another - and touching.

    It is significant I think that you recognized pleasure from kissing and shared kisses with a boy. By that age, even if I was somewhat precocious, I was already getting the societal signals that boys were with girls, not other boys. I don't think I have ever kissed another guy (though I want to), but the desire to look at and touch their dicks has always been with me.

  6. I didn't show off until a bit later, but part of that was because I didn't live near many other kids. The only time I was with children my own age was at pre-school, school, or day care. I do recall, however, that it took me a bit longer than others to figure out that men were not allowed to love each other. I pretty much had to have it explained to me by another boy, but I didn't put much heart into it. I never really bought in to the hate against gays.


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