Friday, June 3, 2011

Kissing Cousins

Those who follow me on Twitter may recall a series of posts detailing the family party I was at last Sunday. The tweets ranged from criticizing the drinking habits of some of my family to the exciting conclusion of the event which was me finally having sex with someone I'm related to.

If I were to guess at why it took me so long to finally do the deed in the family, I would probably point to the fact that I am so very young compared to everyone else in my mom's family (on my dad's family I'm the only child in a generation and I have no close relatives). And I don't mean to say I'm the only one under 30. I really mean that I'm one of six under 60. One of seven if I count my mom. And of those seven, three are recent additions in the form of children.

The cousin I made it with last weekend is related to me through marriage. My cousin married his sister. He is married himself, to a wonderfully nice man who I think looks a bit like Cole from Maverickmen. Both of them are gay, a fact I knew before I ever met them. It isn't that they are flaming out loud gays, but my gaydar pinged the moment I saw them, something it had never done before in my mom's family. It isn't that they aren't accepting of gays, her family is actually very open with that, there just are none to be had. Until recently, that is.

I've always thought he was cute, but never thought I would hook up with him. He is the kind of guy I go for the most: glasses, thin but not sickly, nice facial hair, great smile. But the only time I ever see him is at family functions, hardly the time to be slipping away for some play time, or so I thought.

On Sunday my mom and I arrived around 11am, and some members of my family were already working on the alcohol. I come from a long line of lushes, and frequently work to control my own alcohol intake because of this. My fellow clan members, however, are less in control. This cousin is usually quiet and doesn't drink much, but for some reason he was really letting go this time. I think it was a combination of not having work the next day, and not driving home that night, as he and his husband were staying in the guest room.

After the lunch BBQ he and a group of my intoxicated family began to pester me to take of my shirt and jump in the pool, ignoring the fact that I did not have a swim suit. They tried to get me to drink something to loosen me up in the hopes that I would comply, but I resisted. I don't like to take my shirt off in front of some of my family because of my tattoo and nipple piercings. The older of my family would not like that at all.

In order to escape, I went inside the house and was put in charge of watching the children there during nap time. So I put in the DVD of Toy Story and rubbed backs, enjoying the quiet time the duty granted to me. Finally, my stint was up and I was replaced by one of the mothers.

I remained in the kitchen, however, helping to cook for dinner. I love cooking and helping out was a total blast for me. I think I'm the only male in the family that has any desire to cook, so the women loved having me in the kitchen with them. When the cooking was winding down, however, my cute cousin stumbled in the empty kitchen and walked right up to me. "Have you ever been in porn?" he asked.

"Uh, no."

"Oh. I thought maybe you had been." I quickly tried to change the subject, but he wouldn't let it go. "You should look into it. I would really enjoy seeing you."

I'm not sure what got into me, but I suddenly had the urge to tease this man. I unbottoned one of the buttons on my shirt, exposing my chest hair more. "You like looking at me?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah."

I opened another button which allowed me to pull the shirt far enough over to show him my pierced nipple. I flicked it a few times before covering back up. Some more of my family walked in, disrupting the show. "I'll be right back," my cousin said, "I've got to ask my husband something."

I laughed a bit as he went outside and found his husband who was sunbathing by the pool. They spoke and then my cousin came back in to tell me, "He says you can fuck me, if you want. We can do it in the guest bedroom."

I was actually really excited, but tried not to let it show. I followed him into the room and shut the door, slowly unbuttoning my shirt when I did. "Like what you see?" I asked. He nodded as I came closer. "You want me to fuck you?" He nodded again. "Want me to shoot my cum in that hot ass of yours?" He shuddered as I pressed my naked chest to him and wrapped my arms around him. He moved in for a sloppy kiss that tasted too much of the beer he had been drinking for me to enjoy it much. Fortunately he didn't make out for long.

Soon he was on his knees with my cock slapping his face as I pushed two fingers in and out of his mouth. When I pulled them out he attacked my dick with his mouth, taking me all in down his throat. Not sure if it was practice or the alcohol, but this guy hardly gagged at all as I face-fucked him.

He got on the bed on his hands and knees and I licked his ass, which tasted like the pool water he had spent a lot of the day in. He moaned quietly as I rimmed him, trying not to make too much noise. I pushed a finger in and found him pretty loose already, taking two of my fingers with little problem. I kept eating him until I was satisfied he had a lot of my spit in him then I lined my dick up to his hole and pressed in.

He cried out once at first and I held still, worried he had attracted attention. When no one knocked I pushed my way in, feeling him sigh under me. In no time I was pumping him quickly, he moaning softly and whispering how great it felt. I could feel him jerking off and reached around to give him a hand. When he shot his load I felt his ass flexing around my cock, which made me pump him even harder. Soon I was cumming in his ass and trying to hold my groans back.

I pumped him a bit more to make sure he had everything I had to give him, then pulled out and whiped my hand on his back. He rolled over and panted, "That was great. I would love to do it again sometime." I smiled and agreed, but I was also worried that we had been gone more than twenty minutes and that someone might start to wonder where we were. I quickly dressed and crossed the hall to the bathroom and cleaned up a bit before returning downstairs. No one in my family ever knew.

Later that night I got a text from my cousin which said, "Husband just fucked me. Wish you were fucking me again too. We need to hook up sometime."

I texted him back: "That would be hot."
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  1. This post had my dick surging as soon as I saw the title. The first sexual contact I ever had with a man was with one of my cousins (in my case, related by blood). I was only 16 and he was 20 when he seduced me in his bed while one of his brothers was asleep in the same bed on the other side of him. For the next week, we played every night as I struggled to reconcile my conflicting feelings of guilt, hunger, excitement, and confusing ignorance. We lived far enough apart that we didn't see each other much after that, though we did manage to hook up a handfull of times after he got married (in his case, to a woman). The times I had with him - and the times I wish I'd been able to have with him - are still my strongest memory-bsed fantasy material. I'm hope you enjoy every bit of this new experience, and definitely look forward to every possible detail you're willing and able to share in future entries!!

  2. Jonking,

    Glad you enjoyed. I've wanted to play in my family for a while now, but as I said, there are just not that many opportunities to do so. I will keep everyone posted on where this leads to, however.


  3. Ace, That was a great post. I remember when you said it on twitter and now reading it is even hotter. You got me boning up again young man, as usual. I don't know if you remember what i told you in the beginning of that week-end, to enjoy yourself and you did it pretty good man. Hope you will see him again and maybe his husband too, who knows what will happens. Another great post and very well written my friend.


  4. Well, I think this is a good post to finally comment on your blog (and very nice it is, by the way!) I feel so "left out" since I've never played with anyone related to me....Now, let me think gay older brother??? No, though on the night we came out to each other, I felt him up after he was asleep. My gay Uncle? Nope. My Bi-sexual Dad? Not even close. Now, my partner once played with my brother's partner--does that count?

    (Oh, and my bro IS as hung as I am....and we've now agreed that if we were at the same sex party--there would be no problem...except we're both tops!!)

  5. Ace: Another instant hardon ... I remember your tweets, too -- remember I teased you about losing your shirt -- but had no idea how hot this turned out to be. It's an incredible feeling when you can feel the bottom clench your cock as he cums, isn't it? You need to do a 3-way with the husband. It sounds like they have a healthy, open relationship and my guess is he would more than welcome you for a weekend of hot man sex. Luv ya .... rjd

  6. Yves,

    I do remember you saying that to me, my friend, and I'm glad everything worked out well for me. Thank you for reading.


  7. FelchingPisser,

    First of all, thank you for gracing my blog with your amazingly sexy self. I'm truly humbled to hear you like it. And while I'm sorry you have never played in the family, I am glad to hear I'm not the only one who made it to adulthood without. It seems like everyone's got a story of an older family member starting them along, so I felt left out too.

    And for the record, I would love to see you and your brother together.


  8. RJD,

    I would LOVE to do a three-way with his husband. Like I said in the post, the husband kinda looks like Cole from Maverickmen, who I have more than a slight crush on. And it seems like they are both open to play.


  9. First time commenter here. Really hot story. Reminded me of the time I fucked my cousin at the age of 16. Boy oh boy! The memories came flooding back and I do believe that I will need to go rub one out now! Thanks!

  10. Drew,

    Thanks so much for commenting and I'm glad I was able to bring back good memories for you. Hope your time with your cousin was hot.


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