Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meeting the Breeder Again Part 1: Reunion

This is the first of three posts on my second time with Rob the Breeder. Why three posts? Well, I stayed overnight for one thing, so more stuff happened. Another reason is that I have so much emotion about my time with him that I want to make this perfect. I see this memory from multiple angles and I want to write about it from that same multi-angled approach. I hope you enjoy these three posts.

My second meeting with Rob the Breeder started out with me driving past his house. In all fairness, all the houses on his street are close together and far enough from the road to make seeing the numbers hard. And I had just driven for over two hours. And I was texting him to tell him I was almost there while driving. Don't text and drive kids. You end up missing the sexy man's house.

After I circled around the block and slowly drove past an old man in an old car who looked at me with some confusion (is it the long hair?), I was parked on the street and practically running to where he stood in the doorway. It was as if we had never left each other. We stood just inside his house holding each other and kissing and smiling at each other. I was in heaven having this great man in my arms, wrapped around me. It was nice to be the short person for a change, the one who has to look up to kiss, the one who is covered.

Remembering that day is like a constant barrage of moments each struggling to be at the forefront of my mind. He pulled me up the steps to his room and jumped on his bed as I put my things down. I had brought gifts for him, clothes for the next day, lube, and nothing else. I quickly joined him on his bed as we continued to kiss and touch and rub. I don't know how long we went before I started pulling our clothes off, impatient to see Rob in all his glory. But we took things slow.

In a moment of tenderness, I sat on the edge of his bed and read to him the poem I had written about him and our first encounter. I looked up when I was finished and first saw his smile and my spirit rose. Then I saw a tear leak out of his eye, followed by many more. Seeing this man cry tears of joy over a poem I had written to him shattered every wall I had built around my heart as I flew into his arms, kissing him and wiping his tears.

"Sweet man," I said to him, "You're crying."

"That was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me," he replied, eyes still wet, but his smile so big and happy. I responded in the only way I could: I kissed him and let him know with my mouth and my body how important to me those tears had been.

He took me out to dinner at a steak house I had never been to. The funny part was we were eating almost directly across the highway from the Red Roof Inn I had stayed at for our previous meeting. The meal was great, but the company and the conversation was even better. Rob and I talked about everything. About each other, about writing, about my choice to go to grad school, about music. I felt perfectly safe with him, able to tell him anything he wanted to ask me. Then we returned to his house to watch the lastest Doctor Who while we curled up with each other on the couch. I was closing my eyes at one point and he asked, "Are you falling asleep?"

"No," I replied, "I just feel perfectly at peace and I want to remember this moment so that I can feel it over and over again."

We moved back up to his room where we both fell into a fit of giggling while I tried to show him how I top for boys. But there is something about Rob that turns off the aggressive side of me that I need to be a top. With Rob I would much rather cuddle and kiss and be enveloped inside of him, even if I have to bottom for him (which is such a wonderful experience that I'd do it whenever he asked).

"I trust you so much it is scary," I said to him in his dark bedroom. "I know you would never hurt me, but even if you did, I would let you. As long as you were happy." I felt no shame saying this to him. I was surprised at the words that came out of my mouth, but it was true. I know it to be true.

We fooled around more. I remember the first time that night I pulled his underwear off I smiled at his large cock. "I missed you," I said before plunging my mouth down, taking as much of him into my throat as I could, loving the flavor and smell of him. He went over every part of my body with his mouth, licking the inside of my legs, my balls, my asshole while I thrashed above him at every feeling. "Are you ok?" he asked me at one point.

"I'm amazing! No one ever treats me so well." With a smile he went back to his work.

At one point I was eating him out while he lay on his stomach and I felt and intense wave of lust come over me while I tasted the metalic tang of his hole. I lifted my body up and rubbed my hard cock into his crack, letting him feel me above him. "Oh, baby," I said, "Your hole makes me so hard. I wish I could just push inside and fill you with my cum." I pushed my dick head up to his hole and he lay, passive, not doing anything. There was a moment where I had to fight the urge to stick it in and just fuck him hard. This was my aggression, finally showing up. But I looked at the side of his face and I faltered. I didn't want to take this man without permission. I didn't want to rape him. If I were to fuck him, I'd need him to tell me it was ok. I pulled back and kissed his ass again.

Finally we were both exhausted and fell asleep in the bed. I had no plans the next day other than the tell my friends I was skipping class because I was sick and to drive back to my college. As we lay together in the bed, I felt that the day had been perfect. I'd made the best of my time with this wonderful, sexy, loving man.


  1. Where's the part where I took you out to dinner and you left all your leftovers in my fridge?

  2. Rob,

    It is a three part post, dude. Give me a chance to get around to it.


  3. LOL
    children behave...
    now, now... don't start an argument... ;-)


  4. Ace my friend,
    That is an amazing post, i had tears coming out of my eyes the hole time that i read it. Love the way you describe everything. Glad that you felt safe in his arms and who wouldn't, he is such a kind and loving man. Hope that one day, i will have a moment like that in my life. I never felt love by anybody and i miss that a lot. Always been the black sheep and left apart in almost everything so i wish that someday, something good will happens to me.


  5. Esteban,

    Ha! I could never be mad at Rob. He's too wonderful for that. I'd much rather lick him and stroke him all over than yell at him.


  6. Yves,

    Thanks for your comment. If you cried with today's post, you'll be crying tomorrow too. I cried after I wrote it.


  7. Reading both your blogs, it gives me such happiness to know that the two of you have formed this connection. So many men right now are envying and loving you for having him - and envying and loving him for knowing you. Though I'm not sure it's really "envy" - more like a specialized form of yearning to know what it feels like from both sides of your mutual investment. You are both so amazing, both individually and together.

  8. Jonking,

    Thanks dude! I get that vibe too from the people who comment on our blogs and on twitter. Honestly, I think what Rob and I have is special, but also a lot more common than guys think. But that you for reminding me of it.


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