Friday, June 10, 2011

Royally Finger-Fucked

Yesterday I was feeling horny and caught up in the heat outside. While where I'm staying is cool and in the shade most of the day, it is also pretty boring with no cable and shoddy internet (Netflix rarely works for a whole movie here). So I strolled online for a bit to see who was looking. Quickly I got hit up by a man about my age. We're both twenty-one, but I'm at the end and he is at the start of that year. He wanted to do just oral, a quick blow-and-go. He said that he didn't need me to reciprocate, but I assured him I'd be more than happy to suck him dry.

When I got to his place which was a good twenty minute drive thanks to busy roads, I was happy to see that I lucked out. This guy was one of those men who look better than their pictures, not worse. He was bulky with muscle, but not ripped. This was a man who could actually do things with his muscles besides show off and look hungry. But what really attracted me to him right away was the chest hair that curled up out of the tight t-shirt he was wearing and framed his cut jaw. This man had a perfect body from chest to mouth. Perfect. His hair was slightly silly in a short faux-hawk and his eyes darted around nervously, as if afraid of who might see me go into his house.

Once in the door, however, he lost all hesitency and attacked my mouth, opening his and letting our tongues mix. He was a hot kisser and his lips told tales of many satisfied cocks. While we kissed I chewed on his lower lip and thought, "This is the lip of a true cocksucker." I pulled his lip as far from his mouth, stretching it to the point where I could tell it hurt and bit, then brought it back in, caressing his whole body.

My hands drifted to his bulging shorts, he was clearly not wearing underwear. I pulled them down as he took his shirt off and smiled at what I saw. A strong, hairy, young man with a beautiful cock pointing right at me. I quickly joined him in getting naked and began kissing everything I could on his body while he rubbed my chest and tweeked my nipples. I stopped kissing him long enough to say, "Harder." He began pulling on my nipples, making me moan loudly.

I felt his pre-cum on my thigh and I couldn't stop myself from getting on my knees and sucking him deep in me. He didn't have a long cock, but it was long enough to poke my throat open. He moaned and leaked pre-cum the whole time leading up to his orgasm. His hands were running through my hair when he clutched tightly and groaned, "I'm cumming."

He shot in my mouth and I savored the warmth before swallowing a bit of it. I kept some in my mouth though so that when I stood up to kiss him I could feed it to him. He was more than willing and taking his own cum seemed to make him more excited. He quickly kissed his way down my body and sucked my hard cock all the way to the base in one quick go.

I had been right. This boy was born to suck. He knew everything to do: pulling my balls lightly with one hand while the other creeped back to stroke my hole. I'm a guy that likes to get fingered while I'm being blown, so I spread my legs a bit. Taking the cue, he got his finger wet and pushed in. It hurt a bit, but once he was in and rubbing me just right I was all good.

It takes me a while to cum from a blow job, and cumming isn't always guaranteed. In fact, most of the time I have to jerk myself to climax. I much prefer fucking for this reason. So this boy had to work for my cum. After going at it for a while, he snuck a second finger to my hole and pushed in. He had been fingering me open with the first one for a while, so it wasn't so bad going in. Soon I was moaning with his working my cock and ass, slowly building up to my climax.

Then a third finger pushed in. It hurt, but I was so close to cumming that I couldn't force him off, I was too busy grabbing his head and trying to stand. His fingers moved in and out and felt like they were ripping me a new asshole, but I moaned and shot my load into his mouth. He pressed his fingers deep in while my sore ass twitched around them.

When he pulled his fingers out and his mouth off my dick I sort of slumped into the wall. He stood and we shared a kiss covered in my cum and made out a bit more before I put my clothes back on and left without stepping any farther into his house than the entryway.

At first I was still too high from my orgasm to notice the burning feeling in my hole. When I sat down in my car, however, it screamed at me in pain. The pain lessened as I drove home. It wasn't until a good hour of walking gingerly and sitting down gently had passed that the paian finally stopped. I checked, but I wasn't bleeding. I had just been fingered really good.

I had to take a moment and laugh at my pain. There was a time when I was younger that a day didn't go by without me sticking at least three fingers (or something else) into my ass. I loved stretching and even got fisted once. Now here I am, a grown man and a top, suffering because a cocksucker was just a little too hard on my hole. Funny.
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  1. An aggressive finger fucking can be a profoundly erotic experience, especially while your cock is being sucked, because it engages a separate pleasure center. The "pain" afterward heightens the sensation of pleasure. I can cum from a great finger fuck. Rjd

  2. RJD,

    I like to finger guys when I blow them, and I certainly like to be fingered. And I'm no stranger to the pleasant pain of anal play. But the only time this guy lubed was that first wet finger. So by the time he put the third one in I was pretty dry and it just ripped me up. Under better circumstances, I bet that would have just felt amazing.


  3. Ace my friend,
    That was the best post that i read from you. I am so boned up that my wood want's to get out of my boxer all by itself. That was one amazing time you got there man. Glad you enjoy it that much and i hope that you will see him again, maybe for more than just some fingers, who knows. I know that my friend would love me to do that to him so maybe this sunday it will happens or he will get something else in there.
    I will tell you all about it when that will happens. Don't stop writing some hot adventures that you had my friend


  4. Thanks for sharing the specific details of this encounter. It definitely "comes alive." My own hole is nicely tingling at the moment in empathy with yours...

  5. Yves,

    I want a full report when you get back from seeing him on Sunday. I really hope you get to go far with him.


  6. Jonking,

    You are always very welcome. I'm glad your hole is tingling. That always is a good sign. I must say that, while writing this, my own hole snapped shut remembering what had happened.


  7. It's a shame he didn't use that talented mouth to rim you first -- that may have helped. Hot post.

  8. Seems like he's had plenty of cocksucking experience (or is a preternaturally talented novice), but probably hasn't much experience with ass play of any kind. If he'd had the experience of three dry fingers shoved in and out of his hole he might have thought better of doing it to you. This is the sort of situation that makes me want to undertake a training project, for the benefit of all the men I trust will follow me...

  9. Loki,

    I think it would ahve helped A LOT. And I love being rimmed so there's pluses on all sides.


  10. RedPhillip,

    I agree, this kid has been giving blow jobs for a while now, but he certainly doesn't understand how to seduce an ass to open for him. I wish you would start a training program. The more men that grant pleasure over pain, the better. Plus, I have a feeling you'd be a great teacher.