Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Steve Courting

You might remember my recent entry on how I met my first boyfriend, Steve. We had both felt some sort of connection the first time we fucked and decided to explore it. Obviously this isn't a fairy tale, and Steve was certainly not my one true love. But we did like each other very much and had youthful hormones pushing us along. Though, it did take a while for us to gather up the courage to start dating.

I saw Steve at school later that week after we had sex for the first time. It was one of the days that I didn't go to Paul's place and I was by my locker on the Freshman hallway when Steve walked up to me. He had clearly planned on coming to see me, as the Freshman hallway was on an entirely different floor from all the others. He came up to me and acted very casual, giving me a "Yo" and a "What's up?" as he leaned against a locker near mine. We talked about nothing for a few minutes before he asked me if I wanted a ride home.

I won't lie to you, I blushed. I really wanted him to give me a ride home. I really wanted to spend more time with him. Some of my attraction was to him, but some of it was also to the thought of spending time with a guy near my age who had the same feelings and yearnings I did. I knew he spent time with Paul and clearly had been for a while. I had questions that I wanted to ask him. But a large part of me also just wanted his dick in my ass again. I told him sure.

In the short time it took us to get to my place he had made it clear that he had some time to kill before the wrestling team had practice. I had time too, as the swim team practice usually didn't start until 7pm. When he pulled into my drive way he parked the car and looked at me for a moment before leaning over and giving me another one of his chaste kisses. The one thing I think I will always remember about my time with Steven is the soft way he would give me those little kisses. Though they weren't forceful or open, they still somehow conveyed the feelings he had for me.

He asked if he could come in for a bit. I let him in.

I gave him a tour of my small house that ended upstairs where the guest room and my bedroom were. Once in my bedroom it didn't take Steve long to pull me into a deeper kiss, one that was less chaste, but just as full of passion. We stripped each other and he fucked me on my bed, the first guy that ever fucked me on that bed. We made love for the better part of an hour, with him shooting multiple loads into me and sucking down my cum more than once as well. He was amazing with his mouth and in my ass. I could tell that he had learned a lot from experience. His muscles were built, but also very lean, and moved beautifully as he pushed into me, my legs pulling him in over and over.

As we lay in my bed, feeling a post-orgasm bliss, he would not stop looking me in the eyes. I love making eye contact so I did not move away from his gaze even though every part of me wanted to shyly glance away. Finally he told me how he was feeling. He opened up and told me that he wanted to be more with me than just two guys who met and fucked. He wanted me to be his boyfriend.

We talked about it a while. Neither of us had dated a man before, and both of us were dating girls at the time. We decided that we would stay in the closet, neither one of us wanted to come out then. Besides, at the time I wasn't even thinking about my sexuality, I was just doing what came naturally. So to everyone else, we would just be friends. But we could go out to movies and other places where no one would see us together. And we would still be able to have sex with each other, something we both wanted.

And that is how I started dating my first boyfriend. While we weren't a long-lasting couple, we cared for each other very much, and we parted on great terms, something that I haven't done very often with men.


  1. Ace,

    You were lucky to have experienced love at such an early age. Nice story.

  2. Loki,

    Thanks, man. I know I was lucky to have Steve. He made a good enough impression that I still miss him from time to time.


  3. Ace my friend,
    Thank you for letting us know how you encounter your first boyfriend. You started very young man. I start looking at men very young but didn't start having sex with men only two years ago. Why cause my thought were always of what my father tolm me and it was still making me scared of things. I want to experiment a lot of things but don't always have the time to do it or still scared a bit. Maybe because i don't find myself attractive enough even though people told me differently. I'm getting there.


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