Friday, June 17, 2011


After I had played with Paul for a few months, he asked me how I would feel if he had other guys fuck me while I was at his place. He told me that none of the men would know me and that they would all be safe for me to be with. I think he was instigating this for two reasons. One was the obvious one: that he wanted to watch other men fuck me. But I think he was also feeling protective of me, and wanted to help me explore my sexuality in a safe place. And with the winter coming soon I would be busy with swimming on the weekends and less able to cruise for guys at the library.

Even if that hadn't been true, though, I still would have said yes.

The next time I went over to Paul's there were two other men there. Small introductions were made (mostly Paul told the men that I was a good boy and would give them a lot of pleasure, I found out little about the men and they learned little about me) and we were moved by our host into the bedroom. I was placed on the bed with one of the men while Paul and the other man watched. This was how Paul shared me. Each of the three men in the room would have a turn with me and would shoot their load in me. Paul always was last. He loved watching other men take me on his bed. It never took him long to shoot after a session of sharing.

Sometimes he wouldn't watch. He and his friends would be busy in the other room while one by one they fucked me. I later learned that Paul was very well known in the gay community and worked very hard to help LGBTQ employees get the right to work in a safe environment. I think that those connections were how he knew most of the men who came over. How many came really depended on the day. Sometimes only one man would be there, and other times many. Somedays I would leave with only a little cum, others I'd be dripping into my briefs on the way home. Sometimes we did it in the bedroom, sometimes in the living room or elsewhere. Sometimes I was tied up and used (more on that in a different post), sometimes I was an active participant.

And sometimes he would have one of the older boys he played with fuck me. That's how I met my first boyfriend.

I had dated girls regularly by this point and had even had sex with a few, but Steve was the first guy I dated. I can remember the day he came over to Paul's house. He was later than me, so I had already taken my clothes off at the time. Steve was seventeen, a Junior, and on the wrestling team. He was a shorter height than Paul, and maybe only an inch taller than I was at the time. But he moved with the attitude of someone strong who could easily beat you if he needed to. I was nervous, not just because of his strength, but because he also went to my high school. The men Paul brought to me never saw me out of his place, but Steve would.

Knowing I was nervous, Paul took the lead, telling us both what to do. As aggressive as Steve was walking around, he was all passion in bed. He kissed me deeply and nibbled on my ears, my lips. With my legs wrapped around him, he fucked me while we kissed and touched each other, exploring our bodies together. After he shot a load in me and I shot one between us, he kissed me lightly and thanked me.

After that I was told by Paul to sit and watch. I then got to see Paul fuck Steve. I had never seen Paul fuck another guy before and I found myself really turned on by it. They fucked doggie style with Paul pulling Steve's head back to kiss him. Steve moaned loudly and I think I may have added my own moans to the sound as I watched. Paul shot his load in Steve's ass and pulled out, looking at me and my hard cock.

He called me over to get a closer look at Steve's recently fucked hole. "Look at that," he said of the cum leaking down to Steve's balls. "Why don't you lick that up for him?" I hesitated. "Go on," Paul prompted, "It is just my cum. You've had it before." He pushed the back of my head closer.

I licked at the cum trail on Steve's taint. It didn't taste bad like I thought it might. Years later, knowing that I now love to lick cum from a hole, I wonder why I didn't just go right in. Instead, I pulled back and looked at Paul. He smiled at me and said, "Good boy."

When Steve and I left he asked me where I lived. I told him basically where my house was and he offered to drive me. We walked to where his car was parked at the high school in silence. When we were finally inside, he spoke to me. "Your ass was great," was all he said.

"Thanks," I replied, aware that his cum was still in me.

"I really enjoyed fucking you," he said. "You are really hot." He seemed unsure of what to say. I just kept saying, "Thanks," back to him.

Finally, when we were at my house and I was about to get out of the car he said, "I really like you. I really want to do this again sometime." Then what he did next surprised me. He leaned over and kissed me, chastely, on my lips.

I smiled at him and said, "Yeah, me too." I felt great as I walked up my driveway. I didn't know at the time that Steve and I were going to start dating, but I knew that what had happened was the start of something great.


  1. Really hot! Reading from your perspective of watching the 2 other men fuck, and not being involved, is so original and exciting. I don't think I've ever read anything from that POV before. And when Paul urges you to lick up his cum and that you'd had it before...oh shit that was hot. Great ending too, He sounds like a good guy.

  2. Anon 12:37pm,

    Thanks for your comment. I actually found it really hot while it happened, and it was not the last time I'd sat back and watched people fuck. I'm glad you thought it was hot too.


  3. Ace my friend,
    Love that post, instant boner here man. Like everything about that post from start to finish. Enjoy all that happens between you and the other men and also how you and Steve met.
    Love it when you said that you enjoy watching two men fucking each other. i would love to see that one day. Thank you again for that amazing post my sexy friend.


  4. My friend ... Your description of your first time with Steve is sexy and, at the same time, touching because it says a lot about the tentative nature of first-time man sex between two teenagers. Even though Steve gave you a good solid fuck and you had rimmed him, he was actually still shy as he took you home. The kiss at the end was what moved me. He probably hadn't had a boyfriend either, had he? I'll look forward to more posts about you and Steve. rjd

  5. Yves,

    Glad you enjoyed it. A boner is always something to be happy for.


  6. RJD,

    Steve and I were both first boyfriends for each other. And, though we were dating girls at the time and both still spending time with Paul, we did share a lot of great moments in our short time together. It was all very new to both of us and I think we were both excited and nervous about the way we felt.


  7. Nice Post! I play in groups enough now, that I sometimes forget the total awe I felt the first time I watched others having sex. I still love the energy given off by more than two in a bed/playroom...

  8. FelchingPisser,

    Maybe it is just the voyeur in me that says this, but there is just something so hot about sitting down and watching while others fuck. Every time I'm in a three-way I always make sure there is a moment when I just sit back and watch the other two. Makes me so horny and can bring a hard-on back in no time.


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