Saturday, June 11, 2011

Taking a Break

Those of you who follow me on Twitter got an earful yesterday about my shoulders hurting me. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I was kept awake Thursday night into early Friday morning by a bad pain in my shoulders. I had thought that maybe the pain would go away if I just fell asleep, but it didn't, and it was sharp and constant. Finally I got up, took some Advil, put a very hot heating pad on my shoulders, threw the pillows off my bed, and passed out.

Sadly my shoulders haven't recovered all the way yet, and they kind of hurt me even now as I just sit and type. And the pain makes it a bit hard to focus on writing and writing well, so I'm not really able to make a normal longer post today. Also, I'm probably going to be taking a break from the blog, at least for a day, so there won't be a post tomorrow.

I do, however, have three things I want to give you today: A new feature (sorta), a recommendation, and a quick sexy blurb.

I was told by a few readers recently that they thought I should make a wishlist on Amazon like the one Rob the Breeder has on his blog. The idea being that my fans can then buy me items. Honestly, I was surprised to hear that. I really had no expectations of being read, much less enjoyed by you all when I started writing. So, while I'm not going to ask you for anything (I don't need payment to share my stories with you, I like doing it), the wishlist is there if you want it. Thanks in advance to anyone who uses it. My mind can hardly understand someone doing that for me.

Check out this Porn!
Ok, so I know some of you guys are into kinky porn like me, and I have to admit that there is one studio I need to be kept away from so I don't loose all my money to them. Berlinstar Film is full of great kink from skaters to rubber to watersports to fisting. A lot of it is bareback, though there are scenes with condoms. Regardless, these scenes are hot. Extreme and not for the more vanilla of us, but an amazing series for those into kink.

Chili's Bathroom
And now for your sexy story.

My mother took me on a surprise shopping trip to Massachusetts yesterday evening and we had a blast (though the shopping sort of never happened). For dinner we stopped at a Chili's to have that 2 for $20 deal and catch some of the Bruins game which they lost so we move to game six. At one point I stood up to use the bathroom which was strangely hidden behind the bar. Inside I was faced with the task of finding the urinals. There was a small section to the left that was stalls, a row of sinks, another section to the left with the handicap stall, and way in the back was a section with the urinals. There were only two and there was a dude at one, so I stood near him and began to piss.

I became very aware that he was not peeing and was in fact jerking his cock. I looked over and down and then up at his smiling face. He had to be in his late twenties to early thirties, Asian, and in a dress shirt and pants. Probably came right from the office. He spoke first, asking, "Do you like what you see?"

What I saw was cock. I like cock. I told him so. "Why don't you suck it, then?"

I needed no further prompting to get on my knees and blow him. He enjoyed holding my head and fucking my mouth, and I let him do that, rubbing him with my tongue to add to his pleasure. He also enjoyed pulling out and slapping my face. It didn't take long for his pace to speed up and then he pushed me all the way down, shooting his cum in my mouth. I swallowed and stood, letting him dutifully kneel as I did.

He wasn't a very good cocksucker. I gave him a bit to work me up, but honestly I was starting to loose my erection. He used teeth and gripped way to hard. Finally I pulled his head back and lifted him up, jerking my cock while making out with him and then shooting my load into the urinal. We both washed up and I let him leave first. It wasn't a great ending to dinner, but it was nice to have my belly full of cum.

Thanks for reading you guys. I'll be sure to have something hot ready for Monday.


  1. You neglected to specify a size for the underwear on your wishlist.

  2. Don't feel like you have to maintain a daily publishing schedule, unless you want to set yourself that writerly discipline. I'm sure I speak for many: your stories are a gift to us, whenever you are motivated to share them.

  3. Glad to hear the wishlist is available now - and I second what RedPhillip said. While I appreciate your work greatly, I hope this blog will remain a pleasant venue for you to express yourself and share your experiences when - and not start to feel like a burdensome obligation or job.

    I have eaten at many Chili's and their ilk. Never have found a businessman waiting for a mutual blow job at the next urinal at any of them. Ace, you clearly attract men like flies - they emerge from the woodwork to savor the pleasure of being with you! Somehow, knowing that you are having fun out there, I feel like it's sorta happening to me as well!

  4. Rahinpa,

    I'm sorry about that! I'm kind of new to the wishlist thing. I fixed that now so you guys know.


  5. RedPhillip,

    I don't feel like I have to keep a daily schedule, but for the time being, I'm not being inspired to write much of anything else. I'm sure once I get to grad school the posts will be a bit more spaced out, but for now, I really enjoy writing about my sex life daily.


  6. Anon 10:55AM,

    Don't worry guys, I don't feel like this is a job for me. I just don't want to leave you guys hanging with no post and not warn you first.

    I think you need to go to more Chili's then. Kidding. I was actually very surprised. I've never had that happen in one of those restaurants before.


  7. I remember you saying that yesterday and i'm also glad to know how and what happens. To bad that the guy didn't know how to give good head so that the evening would have end up nicely, at least you had your desert. I'm sad a little bit that you wont post tomorrow but i have to agree with you, take the time to get well first and come back to us strong my friend. Like i told you before, always nice to read you sexy.


  8. Hey Ace

    Take it easy and rest up those shoulders. I was going to say something about which sexual position you were in to cause that pain, but I'll cut you a break and give you shit after you feel better.

  9. Yves,

    Thanks for your sympathy. I promise that when I'm back I'll be fully healed up and ready to enchant you with tales of my sexual adventures.


  10. Loki,

    No joke, I've had shoulder injuries before that made certain sexual situations hard or painful. I thank you for your willingness to wait until I'm better to give me the business.


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