Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Toy Chest

In his closet, Paul had a footlocker that I came to think of as his toy chest. As you may have guessed, it was where he kept all of his sex toys. I never knew if he used any of them on himself, but he frequently enjoyed using them on me and some of his other boys.

The first time I ever saw him open the trunk was late-Fall of the first year I knew him. He pulled out a pair of chained nipple clamps and a butt plug that was shorter than his cock, but much wider at the widest part. He pulled on my nipples until they were erect and then put the clamps on. They hurt at first, but my cock hardened almost immediately, even before the pain stopped. The butt plug he simply put on the bedside table for later.

Some days Paul liked to be a little more rough while fucking me than others. He would use less spit and spend less time fingering me, making sure that when he entered me I was tight. It wasn't something that hurt me badly, but it was enough to let me know who was in power.

This was one of Paul's rougher days. He pushed me onto all fours on his bed and lined his cock up with my hole. Before entering he told me not to touch myself and not to cum until he told me. These directions were pretty much standard for me. Paul liked being the one in control of my pleasure, and I really enjoyed submitting to him. After a sharp entrance he was pounding me fairly hard, causing the chain to swing and tug on my nipples with each movement he made.

He came in me fairly quickly, not drawing it out like he normally would. Most Monday and Tuesday afternoons I was at his house for an hour and a half at least, and we played for a lot of that time. This time, however, Paul pulled out and pushed the butt plug in gently, but firmly. I had never had one in me before, but I immediately loved the full feeling I got from it (eventually I bought some for myself Freshman year of college). He pulled me into the living room, leading me with the chains attached to my nipples, and sat me on his couch. He then had me do some of my homework while he watched TV.

When I had finished most of my homework he pulled me by the chain back into his bedroom. I had lost my hard-on while doing math and Spanish exercises, but the stimulation on my nipples and moving with the plug inside of me made my dick start to grow again. When I was on the bed, Paul pulled the plug out briefly to look at my hole, still filled with his cum. Satisfied, he put the plug back in and began to give me a blow job. When I came my hole twitched and the plug just sort of fell out, making me laugh but also leaving me feeling somewhat empty. I had only been plugged for maybe forty-five minutes but I had gotten very used to the feeling. It was the beginning of my love for extended ass play.

The nipple clamps became a regular thing for me to wear when I was with him. I would come in, take my shirt off, and he would clamp them on to me. Even if we were fucking more passionately and slowly I would still have the nipple clamps on, and he would love to lead me with them. I became used to feeling the weight of the chain and the coolness of the metal on my chest while getting fucked. Even now, thinking back on my times with Paul, I still can feel the chain as it moved with every thrust or hung as I stood, waiting. I recently pierced both of my nipples, and while I love the feeling I get, I miss being able to clamp them hard like that. I hope to someday find clamps that work with piercings. For now, however, I'm saving up my money for the Hog Nips you can get at Fort Troff (a wonderful online fetish store I would gladly sink a small fortune into). I get hard just thinking about those stuck to me like glue.


  1. Ace, the Breeder has a "wish list" set up for his blog. Have you thought about setting up a wish list here that could enable your readers to help you build up your own toy chest (or provide for other items as you "set up housekeeping" in the East)? If you do, I'll volunteer to be the admirer who helps you secure these tit-toys....

  2. Wow Ace, that was another hot post my friend. I'm not into toy play very much put enjoy reading it a lot, i find that very arousing.
    Had another boner reading it si that tell's you that i loved it. Thank you for telling us that side of you man.


  3. Jonking,

    Do you really think readers would actually buy me stuff if I set up a wishlist? Maybe I should look into that...


  4. Yves,

    I loved toy play and I still love it now. I really do need to start saving for my own toy chest so I can get some hot nights going.


  5. Ace, I for one guarantee that if you set up a wishlist you'll have at least one guy purchasing something as a way of saying "thanks for your work."

  6. Jonking,

    I should look into doing that then. Maybe once I land on my feet and get my post-grad life going I'll set up an account to send to me.

    Even if you're the only person who ever buys me a gift, it would be worth it. Thank you very much.


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