Sunday, July 31, 2011

Formspring and Catching Up

Well, you guys are getting a treat today: way more Formspring answers than I normally post. What's the occasion? I have so many that I was having to stretch the page to find where the last one I posted was. It was annoying. So I decided to make that not happen. Catching up with the Formspring got me thinking that I kind of want to catch up with you all.

I'm starting to really do better as far as the mono is concerned. I'm no longer experiencing symptoms like a fever, sore throat, or anything like that. I'm still too tired to do much during the day, but that's not a big issue. I'm supposed to be getting a lot of rest anyway. I'm just glad to be at the point where I can start fucking again and not worry about if I'm going to relapse or not after. That's only kind of a joke.

Sadly, though, I'm having trouble hooking up. It isn't the same problems I was having back during my dry spell. It is a new, almost worse, problem: My dad took the car away. Now, the car is technically his, so he does have the right to take it away from me, but it still sucks as far as our relationship goes. Those of you who read my blog entry titled "You're Stupid" will know that my father hasn't always been the greatest man in my life. Every year or two since I've become an adult, he feels the need to play power games with me to try and assert his control over our relationship. Since he was a dead beat (not paying child support for at least two years) when I was younger and since I had already begun weaning myself of my dependence on my parents, the only thing he actually has that he can control me with is the car I drive. And apparently he has recently been feeling neglected by me, claiming I don't call him or meet up with him anymore. He never really thought that it might have to do with my grad school summer manuscript being due around the same time that I had a bad hit of mono and was trying to find a job/apartment in Boston. The fact that I might have been stressed beyond belief didn't really cross his mind. To him, I was simply being disrespectful.

Of course, taking my car away doesn't really make me any more inclined to respect him or talk to him. Still, in the interest of getting my god damn car back, I went over to his place to have dinner with him, my stepmom (who hates me), and my stepbrother (who I am actually pretty good friends with). I played nice and I pretended like nothing was wrong. I basically lied through my teeth to get the car back. I don't have it yet: it actually needed repairs anyway. But hopefully my brown-nosing went a long way to getting it back sooner.

Anyway, here are my Formspring answers for the week. As usual, you can ask me more by clicking the box on the right, or by clicking here. Thanks guys!

Do you think emotional cheating is worse than physical cheating?

I would have to say that it really depends on the relationship you are in. My ideal relationship would be an open one, where I would not be punished for outside relationships. And I don't think it is fair to tell someone not to get emotionally involved outside of their primary relationship. I have fallen in love with many people who I still love and am loved by. I could never stop loving them simply because I'm in a relationship. That's not how love works. You can't monopolize someone's love.

What song can move you to tears?

I guess that would sort of depend on the time/place I heard it. I've cried at musicals before, but that is a mixture of the music and the acting and that FEELING one gets from live performance. I do remember crying to Puff the Magic Dragon as a child because I was convinced that Puff was dead at the end. I was a bit morbid, I guess.

Can you ever trust a friend who betrayed you? Or is one strike and he/she is kicked to the pavement?

It would really depend on the level of betrayal. Did they simply lie to me about why they couldn't see a movie? Did they spread terrible rumors about me? Did they attack me behind my back? Either way, for a very important and close friend, I generally give them a second chance. However, that being said, if you fuck me over a second time, your gone. I have no qualms cutting toxic friends out of my life. I have done it in the past and I make no secret that I will do it in the future, if forced.

What the hell is organic water?!?!?!?!

I believe that would be water that was not put through the complex filter systems most bottling plants have, as well as not containing any of the purification chemicals we commonly use. Oh, and it won't be full of any of the shit they put in things like Vitamin Water.

Where were you when SPICE WORLD came out?

I was seven years old and didn't really go to the movies much back then, so probably at home. I didn't see it until I was in High School and rediscovered it on Cinemax.

How often do you remember your dreams?

Most of the time. I have waking dreams a lot and can kind of control my dreams, so usually I can make them worth remembering. But I also know that I am a light sleeper so sometimes I never get to the point of dreaming. Being a light sleeper is hard.

What are the top 3 places you want to visit in the world?

Goa, India; London, England; and Monaco.

Do you like smoking hookah?

I've smoked from a hookah before, but not much. I don't actually do a lot of smoking other than on rare occasions. I have also heard that the metal can cause real issues in your lungs. Not sure if that is true, but it is something to think of.

Are you devastated by Amy Winehouse's death?

I didn't know her personally, so I'm not huddled in a corner trying to wrap my rational mind around it or anything. But I am sad. She had a real talent and a great voice and now it is gone. She was addicted to some terrible things, and there wasn't much anyone could do. So while I'm sad, I also was prepared for it to happen eventually. I am, however, interested in the toxicology reports and whether or not she was alone at the time.

What celebrity would play you in the movie version of your life?

For me at this moment I would say Garrett Hedlund, the guy from Tron: Legacy. He'd have to grow out his hair, but that would just add to the sexy. LOL For me when I was younger (I assume my life's movie would include my time whoring around as a 13-14 year old) I would say Kenny Wormald who is a dancer from some music videos, some dance films, and who will soon star in (shudder) the Footloose remake. I hate the idea of that remake, but he would be a good person to play a younger me.

Does it bother you that Amy Winehouse's death will get more attention than the terrorist attack in Norway? Do you blame Rupert Murdoch for this?

I don't really think it will get that much more press. It really depends on where you read your news. I actually found out about the Norway massacre before I found out about Amy and I frankly find it more heart breaking. Over 80 dead and he was shooting children in the water who were just trying to swim away? I wanted to cry reading about it.

In other news they recently unburried a man convicted during the Nuremburg trials because the cemetery he was in was being used for parties by Neo Nazi groups. D:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Porn Fantasies of a 14 Year Old

It is no secret that porn is a lot easier to get these days than it ever used to be. We can all thank the internet for that. But for a long time growing up, I did not have the internet. In fact, I did not even have a computer in my house until middle school, but that one was only good for playing old games and typing on the very poor word processor. While all my friends were excited about Windows 95 and 98, I was still back with DOS. But back then I didn't really care about the internet. I was more of a recluse, reading and writing to  my heart's content.

Besides, I had found my own source for getting porn long before my mom finally hooked us up to the internet when I was fourteen. But that is a story for a different post. It falls under an early beginning.

Paul liked porn. He had a lot of it. Some days it would just be playing in the background even if we weren't fucking. Or it would be playing on his bedroom TV while he fucked me on the couch. After I had been coming over for a while, he began to ask me what porn I would like to watch. By that time in my life I had already stumbled on Treasure Island Media and been loving and devouring the videos they had put out so far. I had found ways of watching them online back before websites started to really crack down on that sort of thing. I loved the gritty reality of the films and I had begun to imagine that I was a star in them. I even went so far as to fill out the model forms on the TIM site and a few other porn sites. I just never hit send. But it was always my wish to do something like that.

I also found some videos by Tom Ropes McGurk, a studio that featured hardcore bondage and punishment videos filmed in an actual dungeon. I found some of them very hot, especially any where a submissive was tied onto a table and fucked or tied to a chair and face fucked. I was young enough that the pain was a bit of a turn off for me, but I still found the movies incredibly fascinating.

I picked out various porn films to watch with Paul. He bought ones I showed him online and we would watch them together. I remember it was while we were lying on his bed watching one of the first two What I Can't See films that I finally revealed my secret about signing up for porn sites to Paul. I had a little bit of regret that I wasn't older and on my own. But there was just no way a fourteen year old was going to star in a porn. But Paul didn't let me mope about it. He simply said, "Let's figure out how to do it."

The next time I was over at Paul's place he had me strip down at the door, which was pretty usual, but then he put a eyeless hood on me so I was blind and led me into his bedroom. Once I was in there he grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back. He held them both tight behind me even though I wasn't really struggling. He moved them until I felt a twinge of pain, enough to cry out, and then he cuffed me. Then he threw me on the bed. I felt him roughly finger lube into my hole and then heard him walk out.

The front door opened and I heard Paul and another man exchange greetings. I thought I recognized the voice of one of the men Paul regularly had over to use me, but couldn't be sure. I heard him walk into the bedroom and strip. In no time he was on the bed with his cock at my hole, pushing in roughly. Just like in the porn I had watched with Paul, the man did not give me any time to adjust to his cock before he started fucking me at a rapid pace. I was moaning loudly in pain and pleasure and so caught up in the moment that I was surprised when I felt the bed shift and another cock at my mouth. I did my best to suck it with my arms held behind me while still being fucked.

The man who was fucking me came and I heard other voices in the room, alerting me that there were more people than I had thought. One cock left and another entered. I found my self moved all over the bed. At one point I was flipped on my back so that my arms were pinned painfully behind me. Still I never complained. I just moaned and licked whatever body part was put at my mouth. When the pounding and shooting was over, I had the cum of five men leaking out of my ass.

I was left on the bed face down for a while, enjoying a rest from the abuse I had just taken. I felt Paul as he crawled on to the bed and unlocked the cuffs. My arms and wrists exploded in relief as he gently moved them and then began rubbing me down. He massaged my shoulders, working out the kinks and pains from the fuck, and he slid his cock up to my hole. I was so stretched out from the pounding and so full of cum that he just pushed in with no trouble. He fucked me slowly and gently, caressing me, kissing me, and whispering softly in my ear. It was so relaxing that I half worried I would fall asleep while he was thrusting in and out. When he finally came I felt the sixth load of cum joining the others and just smiled as he pulled out and let me rest.

Paul drove me home that day because I was having some trouble walking. As we got my stuff together and got into his car we were both smiling. I was so happy and he was very proud of how well I had done. He asked me, "Would you like to do that again some time?"

"Oh, hell yes," I replied.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paul's Field Trip

This entry takes place before the first date Steve and I had. This is part of me catching up with Paul.

When I got to Paul's house he had me drop my school stuff inside but then told me to get in the car. I got in, feeling excited. We had never gone on a trip before. He wouldn't tell me where we were going. Instead he told me that I was to do exactly what he said when we arrived, and that if I did, I would have a great time. I trusted him and kept getting more an more excited the further away from home.

Finally he pulled into a small parking lot near some woods. Directly off the parking lot were a few paths. Paul lead me down one that went way back and was lined with trees and bushes that were still green in the early stages of fall. When we reached a certain part of the trail Paul pulled me off into the woods and took me to a small clearing and had me kneel on the ground near a tree.

"Stay right here and don't move," he said, "I'll be back in a little while."

I stayed where he had left me, kneeling on the ground, for what felt like a really long time. I wasn't worried that he had left me. I had my cell phone with me so that, even if he had left, I wouldn't have trouble getting help. But at the time I knew he was coming back and that I would be very happy when he did.

Paul came back with two men in tow. He presented me to them with a, "There he is," and stepped back. He watched as the two men unzipped their flies and stepped forward. At first I played with both their cocks at the same time, rubbing them all over my face, taking them both in my mouth at the same time. But eventually one of them took over and began to force his cock in my mouth while the other one stood watching. I was enjoying my time being used by the men, with Paul watching from the side and sometimes telling the men to do things like slap my face with their cocks or hold my head down and gag me.

After the two men had traded off on my mouth for a while, Paul pulled me up and had me bend over. He pulled my jeans down roughly and started fucking me while I was sucking on the other guys. He would use his thrusts to force my head down on their cocks. The man who was more aggressive pulled his wet dick out of my mouth and came around the back to watch Paul fuck me. "Oh, man," he said, "You've got to give me a turn on that hole."

Paul pulled out and the man stuck his cock in. Paul resumed his role as an observer while the two men used me. I remember enjoying that moment, the feeling of being just the tool the men were using to get off. I wanted them to get off too. I was a boy who loved cum, and I wanted to take it from these men, if I could. For me anonymous sex wasn't about receiving; it was about taking.

The man fucking me shot his load into my ass and I moaned at the warmth of his cum filling me. Shortly after the man I was sucking off came too. By the time I had finished milking him dry and swallowed all his cum, the other man had retreated back to the path. The second man soon followed. When they were both gone, Paul walked over to me and brushed some of the dirt of my clothes.

"Did you enjoy yourself?"

I think my smiling face and the taste of cum still in my mouth was enough to answer the question for me.

"Good. Now it is my turn."

He had me lean against a tree while he pushed his cock back into my hole. While he fucked me he let out a string of dirty phrases, loudly saying, "Yeah, you like that cock. You like getting fucked out here in the open, don't you, boy? You like knowing that anyone could walk by and see us. You like it, don't you?"

To his comments I could only cry a repeated, "Yes," as I held on to the tree. I was getting off on his dirty talk, and he was right, I did like getting fucked outside. It was exhilarating and the feeling of the bark, the cool air, and the forest sounds all added to the great fuck Paul was giving me. He came in me and we both fixed ourselves up and walked back to the path.

On the way back to the path, we passed a man who clearly cruised us. "He's up for some more fun," Paul said, gesturing to me.

"Maybe next time," the guy said. I was a little off-put by the fact that he didn't want to go back into the woods with me. I wondered if there was something wrong with me. I wondered if I wasn't attractive enough for him, or not good enough. It was a creeping doubt I have had most of my life, and it bugged me for the entire car ride home. Paul noticed I was not my usual cheerful self. He offered to stop and get me some food, but I didn't want any. Even having been filled with the cum that earlier I had so craved, I could not be happy.

My mood didn't go away until we got back to his house and he took me into the bedroom and had me strip. He gave me a great blow job that shook the thoughts from my mind. But later on that night I began to focus on the man who had rejected me. I wrote about the experience in my journal and a lot of the entry was filled with the constant question of whether I was good enough or not. I was finally able to rationalize that maybe he had just been waling, not looking for sex. I pushed the thoughts away, lest they ruin my amazing first experience with outdoor sex. But they would come back eventually. They always do.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All the Wrong Reasons

Note: There is straight sex in this blog entry. If you are offended by breasts and vagina, I suggest you just skip this one. For those of you that can push through, enjoy.

Ann was a girl I had known for a long time in school, but we had never talked much. She and I were on totally different levels for most of my young life. I don't think we even had a direct conversation until my Sophomore year of high school. It was in the spring and for some reason a friend of mine and I were at Burger King. I say "for some reason" because it was really a pit in the form of a Burger King. No one ever cleaned the dining room, and people had pretty much stopped eating there regularly. And yet, here we were, eating there.

Ann was eating there too. She was in line in front of me. I can't remember who she was there with, but it may have been her brother. It isn't that important other than to say that she and her brother were both very attractive in that older Hollywood way: large lashes, not a lot of make-up, curled hair styled perfectly, crisp lines in the clothes. She was a glamorous girl, and it always made her stand out over the other girls who just wore short skirts and tight tops. It was her style that probably elevated her to the top of the popularity food chain.

I had already begun moving up the popularity ranks myself, having already fucked my way in to the popular crowd. But Ann and I still didn't connect. So I wasn't too surprised when we got in line behind her and she turned, looked us up and down, and then turned away. What surprised me was that she turned around again and looked directly at me, then smiled and said, "Hey, how have you been?"

I was more than a little confused, but I said, "Ok. How about you?"

"I'm doing great," she said, "But we never hang out anymore." She almost sounded like she was sad about it.

I didn't reply We never hung out to begin with, like I wanted to. Instead I said, "Yeah, I know. I'm sure we've just been busy with school and sports."

"Yeah, well hey, why don't we hang out after school tomorrow? My dad can bring us over to my place and you can get a ride home from there."

We figured our plans out and a quick phone call to our parents sealed the deal on both ends. The next day saw me standing outside of the school with her while her father pulled up in a car that screamed money. She got in the passenger seat and I slid in the back. I gave her father a friendly smile and handshake, but I could tell he didn't like my look. At the time I was a jeans and hoodie guy and my hair was bleached to hell from swimming every day. I didn't look that unusual, but then again, I didn't look like the right class to be seeing his daughter. We poorer folk often get the shaft.

Her father dropped us off at the house and drove off on some errand. I got the vibe that he didn't want to be around but also wanted us to know that he was coming back soon. This didn't discourage Ann. Once we were in the door she was making out with me, working her hands up my shirt.

"Hey," I said, having been caught off guard, "Slow down a bit, ok?"

"No way," she said, "We're doing this now."

She lead me up stairs and into what was clearly her parents' bedroom. There was still a part of me that was hesitant about what we were doing, but the kinky nature of what we were about to do got me turned on. I became more forceful and grabbed her, pushing her to the bed. She leaned back on it seductively while I stripped out of my clothes. Fully naked and fully hard, I climbed up over her and began grabbing her breasts, feeling then through her shirt, and then cupping them from under the fabric. I amazed her with my ability to unhook a bra with one hand and then worked my way down.

"Man, this is crazy," I said once we were both naked.

"Yeah," she agreed. The smile she flashed me was one full of naughty fun. I couldn't believe that this glamour girl was in my hands, covering my face with her breasts, her hips, her pussy. Before she was unattainable, but now she and I were on the same level. We were sluts and we were going to fuck.

I got her going with a good oral work over. I pushed my cock near her face, hoping she'd blow me, but she didn't seem interested. Finally I decided I needed to channel all the dominant men I had been with in the recent years and take control. "Suck my cock," I said to her with force, "Suck it you bitch." Her eyes opened wide, but she stopped resisting me when I pushed her head down.

The main event was quick but still very excited. She unrolled a condom on to my cock (I know, disappointing for a bare lover like myself) and I pushed in. She took me with ease, and I began fucking her with passion. She met my thrusts with a sharp jab of her hips, dragging her nails into my back and scowling with the effort of fucking me hard. And she was very vocal with me. "Fuck me hard," she would say. "Fuck me on my parents bed. Fuck me harder."

While watching her angry face and feeling her nails scratching my arms, I realized what was going on here. She wasn't fucking me because she was attracted to me, though that may have been part of it. I wasn't even really there for her. I was just someone she was using to get back at her parents. I was a tool. I was meaningless.

While that might have pissed off some people, it just got me more into the sex. I didn't need it to be meaningful. I was perfectly fine being used. I was just going to make sure that I got as much pleasure as possible from her before it was over.

When she finally came it was like a huge expulsion of a held breath. She didn't put on a performed, "Oh, oh, oh," like the porn stars do. It was just one, long note that she held as her body shuddered around me. I didn't stop fucking her. I pounded until I finally came in the condom and filled it up with my cum. I pulled out and started to take it off.

"Go do that in the bathroom," she said. She was lying on the bed still, pretty worn out.

By the time I was back from cleaning up, she was downstairs watching TV as if nothing had happened. She smiled as I came into the living room and thanked me for a good time. "You should know," she said, "This doesn't mean we're a couple."

"I know," I said.

"I just needed to have some fun."

"Don't worry, I get it."

She stopped making excuses and smiled again. We watched TV for a while before my mom picked me up. Ann and I never became friends or anything, but we did share one thing: we both had a drive to have sex. While my sexual adventures were from a sense of joy and fun, hers seemed to come from a very angry place. Our paths crossed and out sex was great, but it didn't mean anything. We had fucked, but there was no connection. We were just two people using each other.

It was great.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just A Look

Late last week I was sitting in a brewery/bar that I had never been to before with my mother who assured me that the food was great there. I was really getting into the place and the dark, rustic mood when I glanced at a passing body and a set of eyes that made me stop. The recognition took time and I finally remembered him right as the host lead him and the girl he was with through a door and onto the patio. He looked much older, but roughly the same as I remembered. His face was shaped the same and his eyes were still bright, brown lamps.

His eyes had first swept across me as I stepped out onto the deck in just a small suit for swim practice in 8th grade. He was the assistant coach, which, at my school system, simply meant that he was one of the better high school swimmers who had just graduated college and was now living back at home and didn't have a job. My school tended to hire on old champions to help keep a sense of continuity with the younger boys. Yes, I said boys. As much as my school system liked to pretend, our teams were around for the boys. If the girls did good, that was fine, but the boys were who we cheered for at every game/match/tournament.

Being on the swim team got me a lot of sex over the years from men and women, but the assistant coach was the first. It took a while for us to build up to anything serious. Back in 8th grade the most I had done with a man was make out and a few sessions of mutual masturbation (stories for another post) and I had been through a bad experience the previous summer that made me put my sexual explorations on hold. For a while he and I were just very good friends. We were close in a way that I never thought I could be close with an older guy. He was like an idol to me, someone who had been swimming much longer and was much faster than I was. He was someone to look up to. But he also watched out for me and took care of me. He made sure I learned proper stroke technique and got a lot of attention at practice.

Once the middle school swim season was over, he and I still would hang out every so often. I was involved with a year-round swim club and I also did some lap swimming of my own on the side. About once a week I would see him at lap swim and we would share a lane. His speed usually helped keep our lane free of other swimmers so we would split a lane. I would try to keep pace with him, but back then, there was no way.

Because I was seeing him out of the school zone, I also was able to see him out of his clothes in the shower. It wasn't a hugely erotic situation for me. At least, not at first. I had already seen him in his speedo anyway, and those don't leave much to the imagination. And guys on swim teams don't worry about nudity that much. It was a bonding thing between us. We were a man and a boy showering together after a hard workout. We were just two guys relaxing together. It was nothing.

But it became something my freshman year of high school. He was still the assistant coach and we had been having our once a week (sometimes more) lap swims for almost a year. I don't know what changed in our relationship. Maybe I was growing into more of a man, and he started to see me as more than just the scrawny kid who idolized him. Maybe it was the added confidence I had gained from overcoming a bad situation. Maybe it was my new experience with male sexuality. Or a combination of all three. Whatever the cause, he started to notice me.

It started out in small ways. Earlier, if I had sprung a boner in the shower (as a thirteen year old is bound to do), he would just act as if nothing was happening. But at age fourteen I noticed that he was staring at my hard cock. I could tell that he was trying to hide his glances, but in the gang shower that was a difficult thing to do. At the time I was growing more bold in my sexual advances to others and I began showing off for him. I would soap my body slower, spending extra time on my genitals, coaxing my slightly chubbed cock even harder in front of him. He was always looking too. I think I would have just left it alone if his eyes had not wandered so much. But I started yearning for his attention, and for some play.

It took me a while to coax him into action. I finally was able to get him to play with me a bit when one day in the shower I was finishing my usual show for him and I saw him looking. I turned, pretending I didn't see him staring, and said, "Hey, let me scrub your back down. You look like you have some really dry skin there." It may sound like a strange come-on, but swimmers get really dry skin, especially on their backs where they can't reach.

He hesitated for a moment, but relented with what looked like relief. I knew I had him. He turned his back on me and I began to scrub him down with soap. As I scrubbed, I moved closer and closer, pretending that I was shifting to get a better angle. He was enjoying my attentions enough to not notice me. When my hard cock brushed against him, however, he noticed. His breathing skipped but he didn't say anything. I kept moving closer, pressing my cock to him. Finally I was pressing my chest to his soapy back and wrapping my arms around him.

Then the door to the locker room opened and we pulled apart quicker than taking off a band-aid. But as we rinsed off he said to me, "Meet me at my car." That wasn't going to be an issue. My mom was still about twnety minutes away from picking me up.

Our horseplay in the locker area was a bit more sexually charged than usual. It was also much shorter as we were both in a hurry to get out. He was quicker than me because was wearing clothes more appropriate for the winter. When I got to his car, he was in it, with the heat on, and his cock hard in his sweat pants.

"Do you like this?" he asked in a voice that was somewhat unsure. He was nervous of how to proceed.


"Do you want to touch it?" Instead of answering I reached over and grabbed. I felt his hard cock through his pants and I began to rub it.

"Kiss me," he said quietly.

"What?" I said. I had heard him, but I wanted him to be more forceful with me. Or at least be louder with what he wanted.

"Kiss me quick before somebody comes!"

I kissed him and kept rubbing him in his pants. Finally I just pulled his cock out and said to him, "Let me show you something fun that I can do," before sucking him into my mouth.

He moaned and grabbed my head, pushing me down while his hips bucked up into my mouth. He was rough, and not the good rough that I was used to with experienced men. He didn't know when to fuck my throat and when to let me recover from his pounding. But that didn't matter to me. At that point I just wanted his cum. He gave it to me soon, flooding my mouth and throat with his sperm. I swallowed as best as I could, but he was still pushing roughly in and out of my throat, causing me to gag on his cum.

When he stopped and settled back into the car I finished slurping down the cum I could find and then pulled off his dick. I looked around to make sure no one was in the parking lot before lifting up and settling back in the passenger seat. "That was amazing," he said to me, "Do you do that often?"

"I've only done it a couple of times with some friends," I lied.

"I used to have friends like that," he said. Then he paused. "Do you want to be friends like that with me?"

"Yes," I replied, "That would be cool." A part of me was happy to be getting more dick, but there was another part of me that was amazed that I had just sucked down the cum of a man I idolized. His sperm was in my stomach, inside of me. At the time I was sure that it would help me be a better swimmer. Even if I knew there was no way for him to transfer his swimming power to me, there are a lot of things athletes do that are simple superstition. For me, taking my assistant coach's cum was one of those things.

Soon my mom had arrived to pick me up. She thanked him profusely for letting me stay warm in his car while I waited and then drove me home. My throat was sore and raw from his face fucking, and my mom was worried that I was coming down with a cold. I laughed a bit on the inside, knowing the real reason was my assistant coach's overexcited hips. It was my first time hooking up with someone through swimming, but not the last time by far, and certainly not the last time I hooked up with him.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Formspring and The Orgy that Never Was

First of all, sorry for no post yesterday. The heat drove me to make a sudden trip to New Hampshire where I could stay in a hotel that has the precious air conditioning my current home lacks, but where I could also have some fun. But annoyingly the internet was down Friday night and the people weren't going to be in to fix it until Saturday morning. So nothing got done. I did, however, have a fun day exploring 4000 year old ruins and then going to an amusement park.

To explain the title of this post, I'll have to give a little history of the past week. It all started when I got an email about an orgy for 8pm Sunday the 24th. The idea was that it would be a totally blacked out, bareback party in a hotel room and the idea really turned me (and a few of the guys who were coming that I started emailing with) on a lot. After talking and getting some info, I found out that this guy was none other than the same man who organized the party in Rob Breeder's Two Twenties post from August 25, 2010. I was pretty excited as I had never been to an orgy before. Gangbangs are something I'm an old hat at, having been the bottom in them since I was 14 and I've topped in a bunch too. I guess some of my early bathroom exploits could be considered "bukkakes" too. But while I'm very experienced on the sexual field, I've missed out on orgies.

And it looks like I still have to wait to bust that cherry because I got an email at midnight today, the 24th, the day of the orgy, saying that it had been cancelled. The guys I had been emailing with and I were all pretty much pissed off about that, so we are thinking we might just host our own party and just say, "Fuck you," to the guy who was organizing it. From what Rob posted, it doesn't seem like he has energy for much anyway. But that also means I'm freed up for tonight. Too bad there aren't a ton of bottoms jumping for the chance to take my cum. Which confuses me, because I used to get plenty of play. Oh well, on to the Formsprings!

Twitter is down, everyone! I am freaking out. What are we going to do?!?!?

I read a book and talked with some friends. LOL Wasn't a big deal for me.

Do you like having blood pudding for breakfast?

I have never had blood pudding. But I would like to add that this is not because I worry about the name. It is more because I don't have the means of making my own sausage in my kitchen, and that I suspect it is hard to come by pigs/cows/chickens blood unless you work as a butcher. And you can't really go out and buy blood pudding in America, though I gather that you can in other countries. I would love to try some, some time. I am a big fan of various forms of sausage.

How much masturbation is too much?

I would have to say that when your skin is cracked and bleeding, you've probably done it too much. Realistically, I think that if it is getting in the way of your work and the natural rhythms of your life, then there is a problem.

I am 18-years-old, sexually active & I've become interested in masturbating. I feel that if I am going to be having sex, I should become more familiar with my body. However, the few times that I have masturbated I have not cum. Advice for me?

Well, if you want to learn anything about sex, one of the first things you should learn is that sex is about a lot more than just the orgasm. One of my most memorable sex sessions was four hours long, and by the end of it we were both totally exhausted and neither one of us had cum. But that was ok, we still both were very satisfied with the night and the session, and were both very deeply and emotionally happy. That's what sex is really about. The emotional connection between two people, even if that connection is fleeting and never explored again. So I would say not to worry about not having an orgasm. It will come.

However, if, when you start having sex, you still find that you cannot reach an orgasm, I would ask for advice from your doctor who is better equipped than I am to answer these kinds of questions.

What's the bravest thing you've ever done?

've done a lot of stupid things thinking that they were brave. But I would say that bravest thing I have done was when my raft flipped over on a white water rafting trip and my friend was stuck under it, I went after her and pulled her out, helping to make sure that she was ok and hadn't hit any of the large rocks below us.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

I do, very much. I'm a pagan and the idea of reincarnation fits right in with my personal belief system. Though I would also say that I don't believe that you have to get reincarnated and I don't believe in the idea of souls paying for past misdeeds by being reincarnated in a worse place in their next life. I believe in a clean slate.

Thanks again for the questions! As always, send me more!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Steve: Telling Paul

I've noticed that my Steve posts are coming close to getting ahead of my Paul posts, which I don't really want to have happen because for a while they mix and mingle together, sharing the same timeline. I'm going to work to keep everything in a loose temporal order, but I apologize in advance if I mess it up. I already am going to have to back up a bit with Paul before going forward.

The day after Steve and I had our first date, he came with me to my usual session with Paul. We had decided that, even though we weren't going to be out as boyfriends to anyone else, we still wanted to let Paul know. We figured he had a right to know, being the man who had introduced us.

When he saw Steve was with me, Paul wasn't really sure what was up, but once we told him why we both had come, he was very excited for us both. He said something that I will always remember, even though I'm fairly sure time has butchered the words in my memory: "Love between people should always be celebrated because it is a rare thing to find." Steve and I were both very happy with his reaction, though we hadn't expected him to be angry. We told him that we weren't going public and that we were both going to keep our girlfriends and keep having sex with him. This made him even happier.

When Steve went to leave, Paul had other ideas. He had us both come into his bedroom and get naked with him. I was tied up on my back and Steve was tied above me, facing me. We kissed each other as Paul fucked Steve hard. When Paul finished filling Steve's ass, he untied us both and we were left alone to make love to each other on his bed.

The next day when I was working on some homework after Paul fucked me, he sat down next to me and said, "I have a very serious question to ask you." His tone was one I had come to associate with times when he was about to take me to a new place sexually and wanted to remind me that he would never do anything to hurt me, but that he expected good things from me.

"I want you to come here Saturday afternoon, if you can get away, and stay here as long as you can. At least until after dinner. Can you try to do that for me?"

I promised I would do my best, and that night I asked my mother if it would be OK for me to go to a friend's house after lunch and come back after dinner. Fortunately I had a friend who lived a similar distance/walk in the same direction, and my mother didn't have a problem with me walking to his house. The Winter had not hit hard enough yet to prohibit such short treks. I claimed we were going to spend the time playing video games and then he would feed me dinner. My mom was cool with it as long as I finished my homework and called her when I got there and when I was leaving. I called Paul to tell him that I was on for Saturday.

It was the first weekend adventure I would have at Paul's but it would not be the last.

I showed up on time and called my mom from the porch to tell her I had arrived. When Paul opened the door naked, he pulled me inside quickly and had me take off my clothes. He showed me a place to put them in a closet shelf where he said they would be safe.

"You're the last to arrive, everyone is waiting," he told me.

"Sorry," I replied, worried that he was mad at me. When my parents were kept waiting, they usually weren't happy and I had come to expect anger from being tardy.

"Don't be," he said to me, "I wanted you to be last so that everything would be ready. Now come see the surprise." He brought me into the bedroom.

The surprise turned out to be three men and and Steve, all as naked as Paul and I, standing around the bed. It was the most men I had seen in that room so far and things were a little crowded. Paul pushed me from behind and I got up on the bed. Steve soon followed suit and began to touch me and fondle me. He leaned in to me a whispered, "We're going to put on a show for them."

I'm not sure why, but knowing what was going to be happening loosened me up. I became less nervous as Steve and I began kissing each other and rolling around on the bed. This was something I knew how to do, and if I had to do it in front of these strange men, well that turned me on all the more. It was like the porn I had been watching recently: ones with gangbangs and orgies. I was getting to be the center of the sexual tension and I loved it.

When Steve entered me I moaned loudly and got appreciative grunts from the men watching. When I looked away from my lover on top of me, I could see them watching with hard dicks. Some times they were jerking and some times they were just watching. But knowing that they were watching was what got me going. I had known since my days sucking dick in the bathroom that I liked to be watched at what I do. I liked people witnessing. It made me want to do more, to get more people excited.

Steve held off for a very long time, but I came quickly, covering my chest in my cum. The men watching cheered me on and it made me more excited. They reached in to smear the cum around, to taste it, to feed it to Steve and I. All the while Paul looked on and I felt that he was very proud of me. When Steve came he filled me up, and then pulled out quicker than I was used to. I realized how little lube he had used and how sore my ass was, but I didn't care. The men all crowded in to see my hole with some of Steve's cum leaking out.

"I want the sloppy hole," one of the men said and he pulled me over to the side of the bed. The other men laughed as he licked and fingered my hole. Another pushed Steve down and began working on his hole. Soon I was being fucked again by the new man. I was feeling great, lying back and letting this man fuck me. Soon he was shooting in me too and a new cock was thrust inside.

I know that Steve and I were shared between the four men many times that afternoon and I can't remember how many times I had someone cum in me. By the time Paul was able to get all the men to leave, I think I had lost count. I had not even been there very long, but the sex had been very intense and I was tired and hungry. Paul left Steve and I in the bedroom while he went to order pizza. Steve wrapped his arms around me and held me close.

"Was this your first time coming to one of his parties?" Steve asked.

"Yes," I said, wishing I could sleep.

"Did you like it?"


"Me too. I've been to better though."

I tried to hold my question back, but I couldn't, and I was unsure of how to phrase it. "Steve," I said, "Do you like doing things like this?"

"Sure," he said, "Don't you?"

"Yeah, but I mean, is this what you're going to do for the rest of your life?"

He paused for a long time and looked away from me. Finally he said, "I don't really think about the rest of my life."

I stopped asking him questions, even though they were the questions I was asking myself. I was still only fourteen and coming to terms with the fact that I had been having sex with men for a while, and was currently dating a Junior boy. What did that mean for me?

Paul made sure that Steve and I were well fed before I put my clothes on to leave. I asked if Steve could give me a ride home. "Wish I could," he said, "But I'm staying the night with Paul. I don't want to get dressed."

Paul offered me a ride but I decided not to take it. I wanted to walk home and think anyway. I didn't care that much about the cold.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Teaching "Daddy" How To Take Dick

He contacted me online because I'm one of the only guys my age who openly states his willingness to fuck with older men in his profile. Still, every time we spoke to each other over the Fourth of July weekend, he asked me if his age was an issue. I sort of became sick of his constant questioning and replied curtly, "You're forty-eight. I just fucked a guy who was sixty-two. Clearly this isn't an issue. So why bring it up?" Honestly, I think he was lying about his age (he looked over fifty and never sent me a recent picture) and was trying to figure out how angry I would be. I figured him out quickly but honestly don't care about age, so I brushed it off.

Another thing he harped on a lot in emails was this role-play fantasy he had of me playing his son and greeting him at the door wearing only a thong. I didn't have any problem with that, and he was hardly the first older man who wanted to be my "Daddy" and probably won't be the last. But he kept going on and on about the fantasy. We went back and forth on it so much that I pretty much had the entire encounter scripted out in my head before we got a chance to even work with it. I like knowing what is expected of me, but I also like to improvise with my role-play. It makes it more fun.

On top of that, the guy was a little worried about bottoming for me. Apparently he had only bottomed once before and the guy had not warmed his ass up enough before pushing in, making for a very bad experience. I did my best to calm his worries via email, telling him of all the other guys I've broken in before. But he didn't seem to be very sure. He also kept bugging me about taking my load, and being worried about contracting an HIV. I never forced him to take it, just told him my usual, "If you won't go bare, than bring your own condom." At first I figured it was because he was married (a lot of married bottoms fret about HIV exposure being what outs them to their wives), but he told me that his wife doesn't fuck him any more. Not sure why he told me that, I didn't ask and I didn't care. But it went beyond simply asking and accepting my answer. I finally had to promise him to show my papers proving my status as negative. I had no intention of doing that, but I said I would.

And finally, I wasn't getting a feeling that he was committed to actually showing up. So I sent him an email saying, "Tomorrow or never" and, to my surprise, he said he'd be there. We talked on the phone and made arrangements and the next day he was at my door. I dutifully answered in nothing but a thong.

He didn't disappoint me with his looks, though he was a bit more pasty-looking than I had anticipated (kind of like someone had painted on his skin and not let it dry well). No, this "Daddy" wannabee disappointed me in so many other ways.

The first was his kissing. I love kissing, and when he asked if I was OK with making out, I told him I was fine. I pride myself on how good of a kisser I am. This man has no idea how to kiss. None. His idea of hot making out was to shove his wide tongue fully into my mouth and wiggle it around a bit so that it felt like I was gagging. His breath wasn't great and the taste of his tongue and skin bugged me. So much that I was worried it would stink up my sheets. And he wouldn't kiss any other part of me except my ear. It got to the point where I would try to kiss other parts of his body simply so that I wouldn't have to make out with him, but he would attempt some sort of power play and say, "Give Daddy a kiss."

Now, I'm not sure about any experiences other people may have had, but I have to say that it was hard to play this man's son when I was clearly more sexually experienced than him, and clearly more dominant, and clearly going to be shooting my load of cum up his ass. It just felt awkward. There were moments where I caught myself about to call him "boy," which is the term I favor for submissive bottoms, and I had to stop myself. It was honestly an effort to call this man, "Daddy." It isn't a father issue thing either. I've called plenty men "Daddy" before with no problem. I called Rob "Daddy" one of the times he came in me. I've been calling guys "Daddy" since my days with Paul. This man simply didn't deserve the title.

Finally, after what felt like hours of him trying to cuddle me when I didn't want to, it was time to fuck him. I worked his ass and he opened like a flower, making me stop and ask if it was really only his second time. I know I'm good with asses, but I'm not usually THAT good. Annoyingly he told me that he had taken a pill the night before to make him have a bowel movement to clean out. Really not something you should say to a man who is currently licking your ass. His hole had the same off taste as the rest of him so I didn't spend much time before I began really fingering, eventually getting five fingers in. He made me keep going because he was worried about my cock being too big, but the way he took my stretching, he needn't have worried much.

Then came time to press in. I went slowly, but firmly. Not giving him time to chicken out or ask me to put a condom on. To his credit, he didn't bring the condom up at all, though at times he had mentioned making sure I was clean (what an ass). I decided that I didn't want to have him stay much longer so I fucked him a bit harder than I would have liked. Even then, there were a few times that I started to go soft in his ass. I just was not really into this fuck. Not as much as him. He was getting off on his "son" fucking his ass and was loving every moment I was in him.

When I came it was like a religious moment for him. His head whipped up and I could see from behind him that his eyes were wide open as he felt me fire load after load of cum in him. "Do you feel that cum?" I asked him savagely. "Do you feel your son's cum in you? Do you feel that DNA mixing inside of you, filling you up?" He only moaned in reply as I kept fucking his sloppy hole. In spite of my lack of interest, I had really shot a lot of cum into him. And I was angrily pounding it deep into him. Letting his body absorb my negative cum, hoping he felt it.

He finished off in a lack-luster performance, shooting his load over my chest and face like he had asked for in the fantasy. He leaned over me after, as if to kiss me, and scooped up some of his cum. For a moment I thought he was going to feed me, or himself, but he just wiped it off and we both went to the bathroom to clean off. Once again, leaving me disappointed.

Once he was clean he started talking about STDs again. I couldn't hold my tongue any longer and said, "You know, I'm really only a top at this point in my life, haven't bottomed in more than two years except for with a man who tested negative as well." Yeah, I left off the part about taking Rob's cum, but he didn't need to know. "And the thing is, as a top I really can't get HIV. So stop worrying and start living a bit." He stopped talking about my status but still didn't seem convinced on bareback sex, though he did say he'd always take my load bare. Well, he said his "son's" load, but we know what he meant.

When he was finally out my door and driving away, I stripped my bed and threw my sheets in the washer. Then I took a very long and warm shower. It wasn't that I felt gross after having sex with him. I just didn't feel like I had done anything worth while. And honestly, I'm not sure that it was so bad I'd never fuck him again. But I am sure that I don't want to kiss him much any more. And the next time he brings up the subject of HIV, I'm kicking him out whether I've come or not.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Massage Guy

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to hook up with a somewhat-local guy who I had been talking to on Adam4Adam for almost a month. His initial offer had been for just a massage, giving me compliments about my body and how he just wanted to touch it and make it feel good. That, of course, made me really interested. It had been years since I got a full body rub down; my senior year of high school, to be exact. And that guy had ended up fucking me. So I knew there was a good chance of getting some play from this sexy older guy, especially since he was messaging me on a sex site. In his pictures he looked amazing: a goatee on his face, and a full, furry pelt on his chest. The hair on his head was a shorter cut and gray, making him look sexy and distinguished. He had muscles and clearly took care of his body.

I was hooked. From the first moment I looked at his pictures, I wanted this sexy older man to put his hands all over my body.

We finally found a time that worked for both of us during the day Tuesday. His house was somewhere between a 45min to 1hr drive from me, so I left shortly after lunch. It was a hot day and my car is old and has no air conditioning, so the drive was a little uncomfortable. But Massage Guy had promised me that when I got to his place I could take a dip in his pool. So I had packed a bag with some swim suits, looking forward to cooling off.

When I got there, he was already in his pool, lying on a float. I noticed children's toys in the yard behind the pool, but didn't think anything of it as the yard was pretty open and shared with the building next to it. He waved me over as I got out of my car and the first thing I noticed was that his hair was black and he actually looked younger and healthier than he did in his pictures. I was impressed. Guys who tan like this guy did usually look wrinkled and leathery when they reach their older years, but he just looked GOOD. He was also missing his goatee which he explained by saying that he'd had to shave it to play Batman in the 4th of July parade. He's apparently been playing Batman in it since before I was born, and he still fits the costume.

I changed into a pair of white trunks that hug my ass and form around my crotch and got into his pool. I had put my hair up so that it would stay dry so I don't go underwater no matter how refreshing I knew it would feel. We swam to one side and talked for a while, getting comfortable with each other. At one point a door upstairs opened up and a man and a woman with a young girl walked down the side steps and got into a car. They were Massage Guy's son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. Apparently his family has no problem with him being gay and having sex with 21 year olds. They just waved.

After a while we started to make out in the pool and touch each other all over. I had told him about my sensitive nipples and he began to play with them, making me moan into his mouth and getting my a hard on quickly. Finally we separated and he led me downstairs to where the massage room was.

He left while I dried off and got up onto the table naked. When he came back in, he was wearing a small pair of shorts. He turned on some soft music, lit some candles which were the only light in the dark room, and began the massage. It was great. His hands were skilled at finding the places on me that ached for relief and working them open. In no time I was moaning as he gave me all the pleasureful pain that comes with a truly skilled massage. This guy was a pro.

As He moved down the table I began to feel up his legs and reach up into his shorts, grabbing his growing cock in them. Eventually he just dropped the shorts and resumed giving me the massage, only now he was frequently putting his cock where my hand could find it. He was thick and full of blood, already very hard. He finished up my legs and ass and then did something that felt really amazing. He climbed up on the table and began massaging my back with his entire body, pressing into me and moving around on top of me. I was in heaven. I knew what he was doing and was so happy he was doing it to me as I had only ever given this kind of attention to my lovers, never received it.

He got off of me and came to the front of the table and I began to eagerly suck his cock, taking it down my throat. It was long enough that the thick head could pulse in my throat while I licked his balls with my tongue. He moaned approvingly and kept making surprised noises as I gripped his lower body hard, reaching back and feeling his puckered hole with my finger. I felt his ass lips open a bit at my finger tip, but I didn't play with it that much. He had told me multiple times that he was a top and neither of us were really expecting much ass play, though he'd fingered me a bit during the massage.

He had me flip over onto my back so that he could start on my chest, but first he bent down and made out with me while he played with my nipples. I don't know what he was doing to them, but I was moaning and melting in his mouth. Every slight movement he made caused my already hard cock to throb. He took it into his mouth and blew me for a while before he apologized and began to massage me again. He hadn't intended to start fooling around before he finished.

He spent a fairly good amount of time on my shoulders and chest before he leaned down to work my lower belly and we started kissing again. He apparently decided to forget about the massage because he got up on the table over me, making out with me while I gripped his back and ass. I once again felt his hole around my finger and figured I'd take a risk and pushed it in. He didn't try to stop me. Instead he kept making out with me and playing with my nipples while I began to finger him. It didn't take me long to open him up enough to take two fingers, rapidly fucking him with them while he moaned and looked down at me. My dick was slick with his spit, the massage oil, and my own precum and I started pressing it into his hole.

It took some work, but soon he was sitting on my cock, a little uncomfortable, but managing. I was patient, but also really into it. Every time he seemed like he was going to lift all the way off my cock I lifted my hips to push more in and gently soothed him, rubbing his legs with my hands. Eventually he bottomed out on me and I was up in his hole. "How long has it been since someone fucked you?" I asked him.

"A very long time."

He began to ride my cock in earnest with me slamming my hips up every so often to help out. We were pinching each other's nipples and moaning loudly. I was wondering which one of us was going to cum first. He beat me by a short time, but he also popped off my cock as he came so my build up immediately stopped. I pulled his cock to my mouth so that I could suck and swallow his load, enjoying the thickness and sweetness of his cum. When He was finish we switched positions so that he was on his back and I was above him, his legs on my shoulders, pushing my cock back into him. It didn't take me long to build back up and start cumming, moaning as I shuddered my orgasm and then fell on top of him.

We stayed pressed together, me on top of him, on the massage table for a long time. We simply rested and talked and learned a lot about each other. We talked about our respective backgrounds. Both recent and far. I told him about the long dry spell I had suffered between Rob and Chris and the previous Friday when I finally got laid, and he told me about the last relationship he was in. I told him how young I had been when I started having sex and how old some of the men who fucked me had been, and he told me that when he was thirty-five he had started a long relationship with a nineteen year old. It was a beautiful story that ended not well.

"Did I tell you online how old I am?" he asked.

"Um, I don't remember," I said. It was true. I couldn't remember if the subject of age ever came up between us. So I decided to take a guess: "Are you, like, fifty-something?"

"I'm sixty-two."

"Told you I didn't remember," I said as I rested my head back on his chest. I think he was expecting me to say something mean about his age. Instead I said, "You wear it well. You don't look close to sixty-two." I could feel him smiling.

Before we got off the table he brought me to another amazing orgasm simply by pinching and playing with my nipples. I could tell that they were getting worked over pretty hard, harder than normal, but I couldn't feel any pain. I knew that they would be swollen and sore later, but at the time every brush, every soft movement sent shivers through my body and made me moan and whimper loudly. As I shot my second load over his chest he smiled and then made out with me passionately, covering us both in my cum.

"Seriously, how long has it been since you were fucked?" I asked him as we once more lay together.

"Jeez," he said, "It must have been more than twenty, twenty-five years ago."

"Wow," I said. "You took it really well for a guy so unused. I'm proud of you." We smiled.

We showered together before we messed around some more. I ate his ass out hard and long, loving the soft, sweet taste of him. We moved up on the bed and I shot yet another load of cum which we both shared, licking each other clean of it. We then grabbed some food and drink and I put on the tight black speedos from the Fourth of July post to get back in the pool. He put on a pair of tight trunks that had a zipper in the front. we spent more time floating and talking and he kept asking me to come with him to dinner.

I kept avoiding the dinner issue. It isn't a rule or anything, but I just normally don't go out to dinner with a guy after we hook up unless there are more relationship-y feelings there. I don't really have a better way of explaining it. When Rob took me to dinner, I didn't feel uncomfortable at all, it felt right. When Chris and I ate or watched TV after fucking, it wasn't strange. But a guy I had just met and just fucked usually didn't get that kind of comfort from me.

Then I realized what was really making me avoid the dinner topic. It wasn't because I was uncomfortable with Massage Guy. It was the exact opposite. I was worried about the fact that I didn't feel uncomfortable enough with this man to make an excuse to skip dinner and go home. When I realized that was my problem I decided to face it head-on and agreed to let him buy me dinner. We got out of the pool and dried off in his room, which naturally lead to more fooling around and another load being shot by both of us. Once we were clean of cum, we dressed and went out for pizza at one of the many, many pizza places in the town which were all within a mile of each other on the same road. Seriously, I don't know how they stay open.

After dinner we went back to his house one last time and I grabbed my things to leave. But it was clear that neither one of us really wanted me to go. After cuddling for a bit on his bed and then having to force my way out of his playful grip and plentiful kisses, I finally and sadly got in my car after having been at his house for almost six hours and drove home.

Of course I'm going back as soon as I get over the mono.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Formspring and Guess Who Has Mono

That's right. I went to see my doctor last Wednesday and he drew some blood from me. The next day I got the call stating that I have Mononucleosis and that it is the mysterious illness I've been fighting on and off since early May, before my second meeting with Rob. I had that relapse after meeting with him too. It's funny, because Rob was the first person to suggest that I might have mono, and he was right. But I never got tested because my symptoms went away and I felt better. Of course, that was before I went out to Colorado and was in class from 9am-10pm and up until 2am every night with homework. And then the stress of the money issues and having to leave early, all the travel...I'm not surprised I haven't gotten rid of the mono yet. Well, you never get rid of it. You always carry the virus with you, it just goes dormant and you never get the symptoms again (you all probably know this). So recently I've been staying in bed as much as possible, which hasn't been so easy. And unfortunately I don't have wireless internet here, so I'm somewhat stuck offline if I'm in bed. I'm still going to try to post as much as possible, and I'm sure the posting will pick up once I'm feeling better, but for the time being I'm just too tired all the time to do much else.

But today I thought it would be fun to do some more Formspring questions. Don't forget to send me more questions, because I'm starting to run out and I love answering them. And I don't want to have to make up my own.

Who are some of your favorite contemporary authors, and why?

Ah, good question, one I have to think about a bit. I used to really like Stephan King as a child, but recently I just can't get into his books. In fact, a lot of his newer stuff just doesn't have what I liked about his older classics. I read Laurell K. Hamilton, but to say I love her writing would be a lie, she's a terrible writer. I just enjoy her books as a way to not think (I sometimes need a break from thinking after all my school work). Sadly I have not actually answered your question yet. I really like Brett Easton Ellis, though his style can be hard to swallow for some readers (I love it). Erik Larson is great for historical novels. Neil Gaiman is great, what I've read of him, at least. I like Jim Butcher, though, again, I read him to not think. He's just also a great writer. I love Gabriel Garcia Marquez and would recommend 100 Years of Solitude to anyone who can stand a long and difficult book (I'm trying to get a copy of it in Spanish). Other than that, I've been stuck reading older writers for so long thanks to college, that I can't really give more favorites.

Ace, I LOVE the photo of yourself posted at the top of your blog!! I have two questions; are you going to post more photos of yourself (especially your ass) and how big is that beautiful cock of yours? Thanks, Eric

I can post more pictures of myself, if that is what people want. I don't have a particularly good mirror at this moment, so I'll have to talk a partner into taking pictures of me. Probably won't be too hard to do.

As for my cock size, the length is a bit hard to measure because of the curve, but if I push it straight it comes in over 7in but under 7.5. It's probably a good 7.2 inches. And it is pretty thick, but not ass-ripping huge. It gets the job done, and you'll know the job is being done well.

I'd hate to see you do it (please don't!), but I'm curious about whether anybody has encouraged you to shave your body hair - and whether you've thought about it. Given the way shaved bodies seem so popular, what's your take on the issue of hairyness?

I used to shave my body hair pretty regularly as a swimmer, and if I were still competing in the sport (which I would love to do again sometime in a masters club or something) I would likely shave for championship meets. However, I hate regular shaving for a couple of reasons. 1) Nature has blessed me with so much testosterone that the hair actually starts to grow back within half a day, so it takes daily shaving all over to keep me smooth. Now look at how much hair I have and see if you have time to shave that every morning and to a touch up later in the day. 2) I have come to like my hair and men who have hair. I used to think it made me ugly, but now I wear it as a badge of pride and I have fucked many men who love my hair.

What's the worst physical injury you ever had?

As far as one-time events go, I once got hairline fractures from my wrist to my elbow on my left arm in a roller skating accident. I do have a more permanent injury in the form of tendinitis in both my shoulders that makes movement hard, not moving them hard, and means I'll probably have arthritis by the time I'm 30. I got it when I was 14 because I was swimming in a pool with lanes too small and adjusted my stroke to not hit people. Big mistake.

What are you looking for in a man and what kind of man are you mostly attracted too?

That's somewhat of a complex question to answer other than this: I don't really have a type of guy I'm attracted to. Generally good looking guys are great for me, but there is a kind of sexuality that goes beyond appearance that I'm truly interested in seeing. I think in some ways I have that sexuality too. I mean, I'm not the ideal gay man we see on TV and in movies who always eats healthy and works out 4 hours a day and always wears designer clothes, but I'm still attractive. There is something beyond looks that I need.

Generally, how long do you wait before you give up on a trick showing up? And have you ever flaked on someone and not shown up?

I'll give a trick about 30min, figuring that allows for traffic and getting lost. If I've been with the guy before and he has been reliable, I'll give an hour and maybe a bit more. But otherwise I'll email/text/call--whatever method we used to talk--and say not to bother.

I used to get pissed off, but now I tend to get multiple tricks scheduled around the same time just to be safe. That way I'll get at least someone to come over. Though, this actually has backfired a lot and I've had no one show up. I once had four guys planning to come over at once and no one showed. That was annoying.

And I've never flaked. I did skip out on meeting a guy once, but I emailed him the day before to tell him I was sick and probably wouldn't show up. I've never just not gone. When I tell someone I'm coming for sex, sex will be had.

I tried watching Doctor Who and I just can't get into it, but I really want to. What's a good epi for me to watch and get hooked?

Hmm...Well, that may depend on a lot of things. First of all: If you aren't interested in kooky sci-fi/mystery/fantasy/comedy stuff then probably no episode will work. Assuming, however, that you are into that, then you ahve to decide if you like old-school, low-tech stuff that is much like the original Star Trek, or if you like modern, action stuff. If you're more of a modern, action guy, the 2005 season has many good episodes, but I'd say the 6th episode, "Dalek" is a good starter if you can't get into it from the first episode. That's when the series really picks up speed (and missing the earlier episodes won't cost you much). If you like the older stuff, I'd recommend the 4th Doctor and tell you to look at something like "Genesis of the Daleks" or "The Masque of Mandragora."

As a huge Doctor Who fan, I can't help but add that you should really watch ALL of the episodes (except the ones that were lost when BBC burned the tapes, of course). But I realize that's a lot to ask of you.

That's all the questions I have, so I'll need more from you all to keep these kinds of posts up. I liked this session too. There were a wide variety of questions, and I love to answer any and all to the best of my ability. I'll try and get back to posting and back to my healthy self soon.