Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July Weekend Part 1: Boston and Provincetown

I was gone the entirety of the weekend of the Fourth, mostly dealing with my family which can be both fun and just really, really stressful. Normally my mom's side of the family is much better and more sane than my father's, but both sides are in a desperate bid to get me in a relationship with whoever they think would be the perfect girl for me. Not wanting to explain to my family that 1) I like guys and 2) I like having a ton of sex, makes these conversations hard. About as hard as they are to avoid. I was, however, still very happy at having broken my dry streak and I was ready to have a good time down Boston-way. I love that city and just cannot wait to be living there once I get an apartment.

Because this was to be a totally fun and worry-free weekend, I started it off by playing Mini Golf, something I haven't done in years. The last game of Mini Golf I played was with Niki during my Sophomore year of college. I played this game as a course on Route 1 which I have gone by hundreds of times but never played at. It features a large orange dinosaur out front. Apparently my mother and father played a game there once before I was born. In any case, I had a hard time playing as I was looking at the sexy and scruffy young father playing with his wife and daughter ahead of me.

18 holes of fun and I could only think about his hole
After that I went into Boston and had a great time walking around Cambridge and checking out all the hot college-age girls and guys. Sorry, no pictures. Anyway, I spent about an hour in a poetry book store that is really smaller than most living rooms. It is called Grolier and I really recommend anyone interested in poetry go there. They have oldies, new poets, translations, and poetry from all over the globe. This store is only one of two stores in America dedicated to selling poetry and it almost had to close recently. It is a great store and everyone should check it out.

The next morning I got up early and began a long drive from Boston to the Cape where Provincetown is. The plan was for my mother (who was with me) and I to go there, have some lunch, then split up and explore before a late dinner and heading back. That's not exactly what happened, but I'll get to that in a bit. The first thing I did when I got to Ptown was climb the Pilgrim's Monument, which is a lot taller on the inside than it is on the outside. At least, that's what it feels like. Honestly, from the bottom, it didn't seem so TALL. But as I raced up the steps, I realized that I had set a pace way to fast to be sustained the whole trip up. By the time I got to the top, I was winded and my calves were killing me. But the view from the top was more than worth it.

We had lunch at Blondie's Burgers, which was an amazing yet greasy burger joint. I loved it, but couldn't even get through a full burger. At this place, when they say a half pound, they mean it. After lunch I went out to do some exploring and ended up walking all the way out past the end of the tourist area and into the residential zone. I may have even walked out of Ptown. I watched a group of fishermen launch a boat and got mistaken for a native by someone else walking by. Apparently I look like someone's son.

The guy on the bike made it hard to get a good shot of his friend's ass in those red shorts

When I got back to the party area of Ptown I started going into stores. I hit up a used book store, but didn't buy anything even though I seriously considered a copy of "The Satanic Verses" by Salmon Rushdie for just four dollars. I went into a few stores that were just amazingly overpriced for a guy with my financial situation. Shirts for $40, leather jocks for $100. Don't even ask what the chaps were priced at. I saw a double headed dildo with a fist on either end and was tempted to ask the guy running the store to take me in the back room and give me a demonstration, but he was busy telling a couple of lesbians where they could go in town to get their clits pierced. In the streets I flirted with a drag queen dressed up as Beyonce from the Telephone music video. I told her she looked GOOD and she told me I was a cutie and we hit it off. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a sexy lady--even if she's a man.

After a while of going in and out of stores and checking out the guys walking around in pretty much nothing, I took a break and went down to the beach in just a pair of tight, white trunks. I was laying around for a while when I decided that it was time to hit up the dick dock and see what kind of trouble I could find under there. For those of you who are new to gay areas, a dick dock is basically a pier where you go and you are pretty much guaranteed to get your dick sucked. With the number of guys around and the real lack of families on the beach, I figured there would be no problem finding some play.

Sadly, it was not meant to be. As I was walking to the dock, I got a phone call. I won't bore you with the details, but the result was I had to make an emergency exit from Ptown. I met up with my mom outside Governor Bradley's and we made our way back to the car. As we were walking I was hit in the eye by either a small pebble or a large grain of sand. I practically curled into a fetal position with the pain my eye was in. I ran into a restaurant's bathroom to rinse my eye out but it was still killing me, and continued to hurt over the entire ride home and the rest of the night.

In spite of the sudden and unpleasant end of my trip to Ptown, I still had an amazing time there. The last time I was out on the Cape, I was with my homophobic father and he pretty much makes any trip not fun. Him and Ptown simply do not mix. So this trip was much better. I'm already planning to go back. I won't be able to go for Bear Week, sadly (I'd love to show off my otter fur there), but I may be able to go to Carnival Week in August. It all depends on how my apartment hunting goes.


  1. Otters are perhaps my very favorite Sexy Beasts ;-)

  2. Even after dark the local gendarmes will bust you for sucking cock at the Dick Dock. Doing it during the day is suicidal. That kind of thing is reserved for the dunes during the day. I speak as one who has been going to Ptown every summer since 1970.

  3. Ace my friend,
    Glad that you had some good time over there. To bad that you didn't have some fun and also that you had to leave earlier. I never went to Ptown by would love one day to go there. I know that my best friend went there once. Maybe i could ask them both if they want to go for a week-end, if so, i will tell you man.


  4. I know that mini golf Saugus! I used to live right by there.

  5. RedPhillip,

    I'm glad to hear that, as I happen to enjoy the otters too. Wolfs, bears, and cubs hold a special place in my heart too.


  6. Rahinpa,

    See, I was told that there wasn't a lot of policing of the dock and that it was a sure thing. And there was certainly no one patrolling the beach that day. There was hardly anyone on the beach at all.


  7. Yves,

    I enjoyed myself, but it is also like any other gay resort area. If you want the experience of going to one, I would recommend you go to a closer one first. They aren't for everyone.


  8. Anon 6:42pm,

    Yep! That's where it is! I've driven by hundreds of times and only just got to go.