Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July Weekend Part 2: Return of the Kissing Cousins

Monday the Fourth was spent enjoying the Boston events with family, which included having a VERY close look at the turning of the Constitution, a very old wooden ship that usually does not set sail. I had a pretty fun time with most of my mother's family by the water and then at my aunt's place. It was a very nice day.

It was also a chance to reunite with my semantically-complicated (he is the brother of my cousin's wife) relative for a little fun. As many of you will recall, he and I had a short and fun adventure over Memorial Day weekend. Both he and his husband were at this event, and they both also made it quite clear that they wanted to try to hook up with me, either that day or when I finally move to Boston. They are both very attractive men, so the idea of having them both really turned me on, and I was thinking about it all day. They, however, seemed unsure. The place we were at was much smaller than the last time the family had been together (though not by a whole lot) and there were less family members around.

Luck was on our side, however, as there came a time when the family decided to walk down the street to get some ice cream. The three of us said that we'd prefer to stay inside with the A/C (which was true for me, that day was hot). Once the rest were gone (a few went back to the water instead of to ice cream) we knew that we had a very short time to get our play in. We moved to a guest room in case someone came back early, and quickly stripped our clothes off. I finally got to look at my cousin's husband totally naked and he has a very large and handsome cock.

We began making out with each other, feeling up all our bodies and really getting into the moment. I felt that large cock and had to bend down and take it into my mouth, just to see if I could. I was able to get him into my throat, but not very comfortably, and not for very long. When I stood back up he kissed me deeply and then said, "I want to watch you fuck him."

I didn't need any more guidance than that. Soon my cousin was on his knees on the bed with me behind him while his husband sat and watched us while jerking his cock. Entering was not much trouble, but judging by the thickness of what he is getting regularly, I shouldn't be surprised his ass opens well. I moaned as I slid in and he gripped me with his ass. "Fuck him," his husband said to me. "Fuck him good."

I did, and it wasn't long until I felt my orgasm building. "I'm getting close," I said. His husband then came up to me and slapped my ass and kissed me deeply, rubbing us both as I finally shot my load. We continued making out while I fucked my cum into the warm hole. Then, when I pulled out the husband lined up and pushed into the hole I had lubed up with my cum. My cousin moaned in pleasure as the couple fucked in front of me. I went around to watch my cousin's face and make out with him a bit. His husband flipped him on his back and I got to watch the two sexy men make love to each other.

They came very close to each other, my cousin spilling out between them right before his husband filled his ass up. When his husband pulled out, I quickly began to lick the mixed cum out of my cousin's hole. He laughed as he sighed and his husband said, "Damn, you're a kinky fucker." I simply enjoyed the flavor of our cum mixed in my cousin's hole.

All-in-all we finished up our play before the rest of the family came back and managed to look and act like nothing had been wrong. We made the bed back up as best we could, but as there were three children there under the age of 4, we weren't too concerned with anyone blaming us. Shortly after the family returned from the ice cream trip, my mom decided that it was time to go. She rarely likes to stay late or stay over for family events, something I'll never understand. So we raced back home through a bad thunderstorm and some heavy rain and spent the night listening to fireworks go off.

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  1. Ace my friend,
    Glad that you had some time with your family during that week-end. Also that you had the chance to reunite with your cousin and his husband and have some good time. By the way you describe what happens look very hot. I think that you'll be seeing them more often when you will be in your new place. Thank you for those two post sexy man.