Sunday, July 31, 2011

Formspring and Catching Up

Well, you guys are getting a treat today: way more Formspring answers than I normally post. What's the occasion? I have so many that I was having to stretch the page to find where the last one I posted was. It was annoying. So I decided to make that not happen. Catching up with the Formspring got me thinking that I kind of want to catch up with you all.

I'm starting to really do better as far as the mono is concerned. I'm no longer experiencing symptoms like a fever, sore throat, or anything like that. I'm still too tired to do much during the day, but that's not a big issue. I'm supposed to be getting a lot of rest anyway. I'm just glad to be at the point where I can start fucking again and not worry about if I'm going to relapse or not after. That's only kind of a joke.

Sadly, though, I'm having trouble hooking up. It isn't the same problems I was having back during my dry spell. It is a new, almost worse, problem: My dad took the car away. Now, the car is technically his, so he does have the right to take it away from me, but it still sucks as far as our relationship goes. Those of you who read my blog entry titled "You're Stupid" will know that my father hasn't always been the greatest man in my life. Every year or two since I've become an adult, he feels the need to play power games with me to try and assert his control over our relationship. Since he was a dead beat (not paying child support for at least two years) when I was younger and since I had already begun weaning myself of my dependence on my parents, the only thing he actually has that he can control me with is the car I drive. And apparently he has recently been feeling neglected by me, claiming I don't call him or meet up with him anymore. He never really thought that it might have to do with my grad school summer manuscript being due around the same time that I had a bad hit of mono and was trying to find a job/apartment in Boston. The fact that I might have been stressed beyond belief didn't really cross his mind. To him, I was simply being disrespectful.

Of course, taking my car away doesn't really make me any more inclined to respect him or talk to him. Still, in the interest of getting my god damn car back, I went over to his place to have dinner with him, my stepmom (who hates me), and my stepbrother (who I am actually pretty good friends with). I played nice and I pretended like nothing was wrong. I basically lied through my teeth to get the car back. I don't have it yet: it actually needed repairs anyway. But hopefully my brown-nosing went a long way to getting it back sooner.

Anyway, here are my Formspring answers for the week. As usual, you can ask me more by clicking the box on the right, or by clicking here. Thanks guys!

Do you think emotional cheating is worse than physical cheating?

I would have to say that it really depends on the relationship you are in. My ideal relationship would be an open one, where I would not be punished for outside relationships. And I don't think it is fair to tell someone not to get emotionally involved outside of their primary relationship. I have fallen in love with many people who I still love and am loved by. I could never stop loving them simply because I'm in a relationship. That's not how love works. You can't monopolize someone's love.

What song can move you to tears?

I guess that would sort of depend on the time/place I heard it. I've cried at musicals before, but that is a mixture of the music and the acting and that FEELING one gets from live performance. I do remember crying to Puff the Magic Dragon as a child because I was convinced that Puff was dead at the end. I was a bit morbid, I guess.

Can you ever trust a friend who betrayed you? Or is one strike and he/she is kicked to the pavement?

It would really depend on the level of betrayal. Did they simply lie to me about why they couldn't see a movie? Did they spread terrible rumors about me? Did they attack me behind my back? Either way, for a very important and close friend, I generally give them a second chance. However, that being said, if you fuck me over a second time, your gone. I have no qualms cutting toxic friends out of my life. I have done it in the past and I make no secret that I will do it in the future, if forced.

What the hell is organic water?!?!?!?!

I believe that would be water that was not put through the complex filter systems most bottling plants have, as well as not containing any of the purification chemicals we commonly use. Oh, and it won't be full of any of the shit they put in things like Vitamin Water.

Where were you when SPICE WORLD came out?

I was seven years old and didn't really go to the movies much back then, so probably at home. I didn't see it until I was in High School and rediscovered it on Cinemax.

How often do you remember your dreams?

Most of the time. I have waking dreams a lot and can kind of control my dreams, so usually I can make them worth remembering. But I also know that I am a light sleeper so sometimes I never get to the point of dreaming. Being a light sleeper is hard.

What are the top 3 places you want to visit in the world?

Goa, India; London, England; and Monaco.

Do you like smoking hookah?

I've smoked from a hookah before, but not much. I don't actually do a lot of smoking other than on rare occasions. I have also heard that the metal can cause real issues in your lungs. Not sure if that is true, but it is something to think of.

Are you devastated by Amy Winehouse's death?

I didn't know her personally, so I'm not huddled in a corner trying to wrap my rational mind around it or anything. But I am sad. She had a real talent and a great voice and now it is gone. She was addicted to some terrible things, and there wasn't much anyone could do. So while I'm sad, I also was prepared for it to happen eventually. I am, however, interested in the toxicology reports and whether or not she was alone at the time.

What celebrity would play you in the movie version of your life?

For me at this moment I would say Garrett Hedlund, the guy from Tron: Legacy. He'd have to grow out his hair, but that would just add to the sexy. LOL For me when I was younger (I assume my life's movie would include my time whoring around as a 13-14 year old) I would say Kenny Wormald who is a dancer from some music videos, some dance films, and who will soon star in (shudder) the Footloose remake. I hate the idea of that remake, but he would be a good person to play a younger me.

Does it bother you that Amy Winehouse's death will get more attention than the terrorist attack in Norway? Do you blame Rupert Murdoch for this?

I don't really think it will get that much more press. It really depends on where you read your news. I actually found out about the Norway massacre before I found out about Amy and I frankly find it more heart breaking. Over 80 dead and he was shooting children in the water who were just trying to swim away? I wanted to cry reading about it.

In other news they recently unburried a man convicted during the Nuremburg trials because the cemetery he was in was being used for parties by Neo Nazi groups. D:

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