Sunday, July 17, 2011

Formspring and Guess Who Has Mono

That's right. I went to see my doctor last Wednesday and he drew some blood from me. The next day I got the call stating that I have Mononucleosis and that it is the mysterious illness I've been fighting on and off since early May, before my second meeting with Rob. I had that relapse after meeting with him too. It's funny, because Rob was the first person to suggest that I might have mono, and he was right. But I never got tested because my symptoms went away and I felt better. Of course, that was before I went out to Colorado and was in class from 9am-10pm and up until 2am every night with homework. And then the stress of the money issues and having to leave early, all the travel...I'm not surprised I haven't gotten rid of the mono yet. Well, you never get rid of it. You always carry the virus with you, it just goes dormant and you never get the symptoms again (you all probably know this). So recently I've been staying in bed as much as possible, which hasn't been so easy. And unfortunately I don't have wireless internet here, so I'm somewhat stuck offline if I'm in bed. I'm still going to try to post as much as possible, and I'm sure the posting will pick up once I'm feeling better, but for the time being I'm just too tired all the time to do much else.

But today I thought it would be fun to do some more Formspring questions. Don't forget to send me more questions, because I'm starting to run out and I love answering them. And I don't want to have to make up my own.

Who are some of your favorite contemporary authors, and why?

Ah, good question, one I have to think about a bit. I used to really like Stephan King as a child, but recently I just can't get into his books. In fact, a lot of his newer stuff just doesn't have what I liked about his older classics. I read Laurell K. Hamilton, but to say I love her writing would be a lie, she's a terrible writer. I just enjoy her books as a way to not think (I sometimes need a break from thinking after all my school work). Sadly I have not actually answered your question yet. I really like Brett Easton Ellis, though his style can be hard to swallow for some readers (I love it). Erik Larson is great for historical novels. Neil Gaiman is great, what I've read of him, at least. I like Jim Butcher, though, again, I read him to not think. He's just also a great writer. I love Gabriel Garcia Marquez and would recommend 100 Years of Solitude to anyone who can stand a long and difficult book (I'm trying to get a copy of it in Spanish). Other than that, I've been stuck reading older writers for so long thanks to college, that I can't really give more favorites.

Ace, I LOVE the photo of yourself posted at the top of your blog!! I have two questions; are you going to post more photos of yourself (especially your ass) and how big is that beautiful cock of yours? Thanks, Eric

I can post more pictures of myself, if that is what people want. I don't have a particularly good mirror at this moment, so I'll have to talk a partner into taking pictures of me. Probably won't be too hard to do.

As for my cock size, the length is a bit hard to measure because of the curve, but if I push it straight it comes in over 7in but under 7.5. It's probably a good 7.2 inches. And it is pretty thick, but not ass-ripping huge. It gets the job done, and you'll know the job is being done well.

I'd hate to see you do it (please don't!), but I'm curious about whether anybody has encouraged you to shave your body hair - and whether you've thought about it. Given the way shaved bodies seem so popular, what's your take on the issue of hairyness?

I used to shave my body hair pretty regularly as a swimmer, and if I were still competing in the sport (which I would love to do again sometime in a masters club or something) I would likely shave for championship meets. However, I hate regular shaving for a couple of reasons. 1) Nature has blessed me with so much testosterone that the hair actually starts to grow back within half a day, so it takes daily shaving all over to keep me smooth. Now look at how much hair I have and see if you have time to shave that every morning and to a touch up later in the day. 2) I have come to like my hair and men who have hair. I used to think it made me ugly, but now I wear it as a badge of pride and I have fucked many men who love my hair.

What's the worst physical injury you ever had?

As far as one-time events go, I once got hairline fractures from my wrist to my elbow on my left arm in a roller skating accident. I do have a more permanent injury in the form of tendinitis in both my shoulders that makes movement hard, not moving them hard, and means I'll probably have arthritis by the time I'm 30. I got it when I was 14 because I was swimming in a pool with lanes too small and adjusted my stroke to not hit people. Big mistake.

What are you looking for in a man and what kind of man are you mostly attracted too?

That's somewhat of a complex question to answer other than this: I don't really have a type of guy I'm attracted to. Generally good looking guys are great for me, but there is a kind of sexuality that goes beyond appearance that I'm truly interested in seeing. I think in some ways I have that sexuality too. I mean, I'm not the ideal gay man we see on TV and in movies who always eats healthy and works out 4 hours a day and always wears designer clothes, but I'm still attractive. There is something beyond looks that I need.

Generally, how long do you wait before you give up on a trick showing up? And have you ever flaked on someone and not shown up?

I'll give a trick about 30min, figuring that allows for traffic and getting lost. If I've been with the guy before and he has been reliable, I'll give an hour and maybe a bit more. But otherwise I'll email/text/call--whatever method we used to talk--and say not to bother.

I used to get pissed off, but now I tend to get multiple tricks scheduled around the same time just to be safe. That way I'll get at least someone to come over. Though, this actually has backfired a lot and I've had no one show up. I once had four guys planning to come over at once and no one showed. That was annoying.

And I've never flaked. I did skip out on meeting a guy once, but I emailed him the day before to tell him I was sick and probably wouldn't show up. I've never just not gone. When I tell someone I'm coming for sex, sex will be had.

I tried watching Doctor Who and I just can't get into it, but I really want to. What's a good epi for me to watch and get hooked?

Hmm...Well, that may depend on a lot of things. First of all: If you aren't interested in kooky sci-fi/mystery/fantasy/comedy stuff then probably no episode will work. Assuming, however, that you are into that, then you ahve to decide if you like old-school, low-tech stuff that is much like the original Star Trek, or if you like modern, action stuff. If you're more of a modern, action guy, the 2005 season has many good episodes, but I'd say the 6th episode, "Dalek" is a good starter if you can't get into it from the first episode. That's when the series really picks up speed (and missing the earlier episodes won't cost you much). If you like the older stuff, I'd recommend the 4th Doctor and tell you to look at something like "Genesis of the Daleks" or "The Masque of Mandragora."

As a huge Doctor Who fan, I can't help but add that you should really watch ALL of the episodes (except the ones that were lost when BBC burned the tapes, of course). But I realize that's a lot to ask of you.

That's all the questions I have, so I'll need more from you all to keep these kinds of posts up. I liked this session too. There were a wide variety of questions, and I love to answer any and all to the best of my ability. I'll try and get back to posting and back to my healthy self soon.


  1. Ace

    Sorry to hear about the mono but glad it was diagnosed and you now have a reason to stay in bed and catch up on some reading. And btw, never shave your fur. Thats an order.

  2. Ace, I add my most commanding voice to Loki's, DO NOT SHAVE THAT PELT!

    I happily volunteer for photography duty.

  3. ace need you to get well soon an start writing more. thank god they caught it early. oh and never shave man. it's a pain in the ass for you and disappointing to alot of us. love it man

  4. Loki,

    Thanks man. I'm trying to get as much rest as possible. Fortunately the symptoms are going away fast, so I should at least be more comfortable soon.


  5. RedPhillip,

    Then grab that camera and come on over! I've lost a lot of weight from mono but not enough to look like I have anorexia yet. Now would be the opportune time.


  6. Anon 9:11 AM,

    Seems like the general conscensus is that I should not shave my chest. Glad everyone else likes it too.


  7. Sorry to be so difficult, buddy, but I am carless. Trust me, were I transport-capable I'd find my way to you as fast as possible. I've no doubt that whenever my camera and I find you, you will look amazing.

  8. RedPhillip,

    Buddy, if you and your camera come up for a visit some time, I'll be sure to reward you very nicely...If you know what I mean.


  9. Ace, I do! You'll reward me with all manner of demanding and artistic poses, under hot lights. Then we'll start taking pictures.

  10. RedPhillip,

    It seems you've seen through my secret plans to get my dick up your ass. ;)


  11. Ace, those plans were secret? Oh. Promise, I won't tell a soul.

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