Sunday, July 3, 2011

Formspring and Online Deja Vu

Alright, I figured I'd work on posting a few more of these Formspring questions. I'm really enjoying answering them, so send me more.

First, though, I want to talk about a strange encounter I had online the other day. I was surfing through a list of men on a hook-up site when one man who was checking out my profile struck me. His name was Paul. He was clearly not the Paul I used to fool around with, but he looked pretty similar. And he is 57, which is about the age my Paul was when I first met him. I sent him a message and can't wait to hear back from him. He lives about an hour away from me in what I think is a rural area, but I'd be willing to make the drive. I realize it probably sounds like I'm trying to get Paul back, but I'm not. Paul and I parted on good terms with each other. I think what I really like is the idea of getting at this man's daddy ass.

But being able to cry out Paul during an orgasm again might be a small part of it. Le sigh. Maybe I am a bit hopelessly stuck on my Paul. I know if he showed up on my doorstep today I'd probably plant a huge kiss on him and invite him in without a second thought. But we probably wouldn't have sex again. I got this vibe from Paul the last time I saw him (and I think he felt it too) that we had been together too much to be anything but friends. Not the kind of friends you see and talk to often, but the kind that are always there if you REALLY need them. Who knows? I'll probably never have the chance to find out.

Now, on to the questions!

Does the Breeder smell good?

The Breeder smells, tastes, and is simply AMAZING. Plus he's not so bad to look at. :) But honestly, after tonguing him all over, I'd say that I loved his flavor and texture and would love another crack at him.

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt?

Yes. I love deeply and violently and usually it hurts me to be so in love. And yet, I can't stop myself from loving the people around me. *le sigh* If you want a specific, I'd say that my love for Rob hurts. I think that is clear from my posts on him. But like the last line in my poem for him reads: "The pain [is] a testament to our pleasure." I know that the pain of loving him and the others I've loved hard is simply part of being in love. I can't fight that feeling.

Rob has talked before about how much he likes to be massaged. How do you feel about being masaged?

I love being massaged, but I rarely get to indulge in it. Sadly, a lot of guys don't treat me the way I think I deserve to be treated. In fact, my last really good massage happened back when I was still mostly a bottom. I love to give them though, so I think that I somewhat make up for it that way. Still, I would love a good massage after an orgasm some time.

Circumcised vs. uncircumcised: do you prefer to have one vs. the other in your mouth, and if so why?

Hmm...Well, I've had so few uncut guys that I always go for them when I get the chance. I do enjoy having the extra skin to play with. I'm not fully cut myself (only about half gone) so I'm able to handle both kinds. As far as sucking them off goes, I really do like to play with foreskin so maybe my preference would be uncut. Not that I won't look twice at a nice cut cock. But yeah, I dig the uncircumcised.

I'm curious about Paul. Do you ever hear from him anymore - and is he still connecting with young men? What stories can you share about recent events in his life?

I actually had sex with Paul for the last time almost a year ago. In August it will be a year exactly. He moved to California to do some work for a travel company specializing in the elderly or something like that. I'm not sure if he is still training boys or not, but I do know he is reaching that age where men need a little help getting it up. We became more like friends on once I was in college and developing into a top, so he told me that he has trouble sometimes. And last I heard he had a boyfriend his age now. So I'm not sure.

What kind of men are you looking for when you want to have a long romantic evening for sex and fun play.

Well, I need to make sure that the man is also looking for a long romantic evening for sex and play. Usually this means that the man will be older than me, because the men my age (21-25) are insufferably stupid when it comes to passionate sex. At least from my experience. Basically it needs to be a man who is well-balanced, centered, and comfortable with me. I think that a guy who can describe to me his own idea of a romantic night is a good person. If the man can't give me a description beyond, "Lotsa fuking!" then he is probably not going to be the romantic man I'm looking for.

Does anal sex feel different than vaginal sex?

Aside from the very obvious "YES! HOLY SHIT, YES!" answer this question usually gets, I have to say that there is a yes and no to this question. The yes is that there are a lot of big differences from fucking an ass and fucking a vagina. For one, the vagina is made to be opened and fucked, so most of the time (with the exception of virgins or really tight women) the entering is a quicker process and you won't need to finger them open (I still do cuz it is fun). Another difference is the way the walls of a vagina hug you in this gooey warmth. It is sort of hard to explain, but it is very different from the heat of the ass.

The no is that, no matter which hole I'm in, my orgasm is usually the same. I don't come harder in one or the other, and when I hit that moment where I'm shooting and all I see is white, all I know is that I'm in total bliss and some hole is eating up my cum. Not very romantic, I know, but in that one moment, that's kinda how I feel.

That's all for questions for now. Please send me more! I love answering them and I love getting to talk to you guys. As always you can ask me questions in an email too, and on Twitter. And of course the comments are a perfect place to get your questions answered. Thanks everyone! 


  1. Ace, I have a massage table... #justsaying

    So that wild Ace, and Mr. Steed the Breeder, and The Pig Whisperer walked into a bar one day.....

  2. RedPhillip,

    You just jumped high up on my Need-To-Visit list for when I'm in Boston and closer to the other New England states.


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