Friday, July 1, 2011

The Lawyer

Brian was a lawyer. Almost. He basically had to just pass the bar examination and he'd be all set. He seemed like a pretty intelligent guy, top ten in the class at our law school, and seemed determined to make it. I have a feeling someday he'll make a great lawyer. I'm going to consider that a compliment. At least in his case.

Brian and I had tried to hook up with each other on the night of the Super Moon in March, but circumstances just didn't work out. I actually have a different story about that night that I'll probably post later.

We kept in touch on BBRT and planned to meet up a couple weeks later at a small highway motel nearby. Brian was really interested in my leather gear and my harness (the one in the picture on top of the blog). He was also interested in trying some BDSM play and was particularly interested in my load up his bare hole. So I made sure that we got around to all of that fun.

Sadly the bed in the room had no place to tie things to on the headboard so the strips of rope I had brought remained unused on the floor. I did, however, change into my harness and helped him get into an extra harness I had brought with me. Once we were both being hugged tightly by leather straps I had him stand in front of the full-length mirror in the room. "Look at yourself," I ordered him, "Watch."

He kept his eyes on the mirror while I moved behind him. I'm not incredibly tall at about six feet even, but Brian was shorter than me by enough that I was able to wrap around him from behind. I kissed his neck and chin, biting his ear. I lifted his arm and licked his pit, bringing his mouth to mine after so he could taste his sweat on my tongue. I pulled hard on his nipples, moving him around by the straps of the harness he was wearing. Then I had him get on all fours on the bed with his ass pointed at me.

"What a nice ass," I said, more to the bubbles facing me than to him. He was an object. A boy to be used.

"Thank you sir," he said.

"Let me make it look a little better." I began slapping his cheeks. Slowly and soft at first, making sure he could handle it. I had no idea how much spanking he had done before, so I didn't want to frighten him off. When I was sure he could handle it, I picked up the pace and hardness of my slaps. Sometimes hitting one cheek, sometimes the next. Then I started bringing my hand hard across his cheeks, hitting both at once. Open handed from right to left, back hand from left to right, never letting up on the assault.

Finally he flinched hard at my spanking and said, "Too much!"

I immediately knelt down and began blowing air over his red flesh, licking and rubbing his ass, saying out loud how good it looked with my hand prints all over it. Then I pulled the thong back of the harness aside and said, "Look at that beautiful hole!" It was beautiful, a perfectly pink bud that winked at me as I ran my fingers over it. I couldn't hold back any more and dove in with my tongue, licking his hole, enjoying the taste of his flesh mixed with what I assumed was soap he had used. I spit over his hole, working it in with my fingers. He was pretty open, taking two fingers in without an issue.

"I'm going to fuck that ass now."

He rolled onto his back and I threw him the lube so he could use as much or as little as he wanted. He chose to not put much in, confirming my thought that he had worked himself open before coming. After he was ready I lifted his legs and pushed my cock in. He was warm and moist, the best feeling for the inside of an ass. I began fucking him hard and quickly. He took it like a pro, so I went harder, making him feel it. I wanted to see him wince when I pushed in. He had asked me for hard sex, so I was giving it to him. Sooner than I expected he was moaning hard and then shooting cum all over his belly. I just picked up my pace, making sure that my thrusts were pushing the cum out of him.

The angle was kind of bad, so after pounding him for a bit longer, I pulled out, planning to flip him onto his stomach so that I could really fuck him hard. When I pulled out there was a small amount of shit on my dick, right under the ridge of the head. It was hardly a noticeable amount, and I was planning on just pushing back in and finishing off anyway. But somehow he saw the shit and his eyes opened wide.

"Oh my god!" he pulled away quick and jumped off of the bed. "I'm so sorry about that."

"No, it's really OK," I said, but he was already in the bathroom wiping his ass down. I could hear the water running. So I sighed, pissed that I had bothered to pull out before I came, and walked in to wipe my cock off. "I'm sorry," he said again, sheepishly, and my anger totally melted. This guy was truly embarrassed that he had just gotten a tiny bit of shit on my dick.

"Hey, don't worry about it," I said once I'd wiped my cock off with a wash cloth. "It happens to everyone."

"I cleaned myself out. I should have gotten every thing..."

I wrapped my arms around him. This wasn't the time for me to be an aggressive leather top, this was the time for me to comfort and console a bottom who thought he had messed it up big. I made sure he felt my still-hard cock press against him.  I said, "Don't worry about it. It was nothing. I'm still here, aren't I? You didn't scare me away. It will take more than that to get me away from this ass."

He smiled then. "Yeah?"

"Yeah." I grabbed his hand. "Let's go finish what we started."

We lay down on the bed, side-by-side, jerking our cocks. He had shed his borrowed harness in the bathroom and I had taken mine off too. We were no longer playing roles. There was no top and no bottom. We were just two guys in bed together, enjoying watching each other as we jerked off. I asked him if I could shoot in his mouth and he nodded his head. I lifted up and pointed to his mouth. I hit him in the face before I finally got the aim right, but I sensed that he really didn't want to put my cock back in his mouth, clean or not. He swallowed with his eyes closed.

When he came I put his cock in my mouth, but his load was pretty small, probably because he had already cum. Finally, simply because I could and because I knew he would be impressed, I shot one last load onto myself and then got up to wipe off. We had to share a wash cloth because I had gotten his shit all over the other one, but that wasn't a problem. We got dressed, I collected my sex stuff, and I left.

It wasn't the last time I was with Brian. He figures heavily in what turned out to be an amazingly fun and sex-filled Easter Break for me. A great guy and a great bottom, but that's all for another post.


  1. Hot post Ace. About to board a flight to China and may have to jerk a load in the bathroom. Happy fourth man.

  2. Ace my friend,
    That post was amazing, love it a lot. I start reading it and find it good, and i was pretty much aroused by the leather thing that i was getting hard at every sentenses that i read. Love how you describe everything in details. I would have done the same thing as he did, get out off bed and ran to the washroom to clean up i would have been so embarrassed too man, i know it happens but still. I only got fuck once until now last year and hoping to do it again soon. Can't wait for the other posts man. Loving every one of them so far sexy.


  3. Loki,

    China! Jeez! What are you avoiding creditors or something? Kidding. But hopefully you have a good time there, and maybe a fellow passenger will help you out...


  4. Yves,

    It is pretty normal to be embarrassed about it. I was just surprised at how upset he got over a very little amount. I've heard horror stories and I can tell a few bad ones myself. This kid hardly got any dirt on me at all.


  5. I've had guys totally freak out at even the slightest hint of shit on my dick. Back in the pre-condom days the notion of cleaning out for fucking was pretty much a fetish activity and I can't remember anyone doing it - or at least talking about it. So occasionally things got dirty. It was no big deal; you just wiped off or washed up and went back to fucking. Can't tell you how many guys I've had to talk down from a panic attack just because they aren't squeaky clean, and I've had far more unpleasant experiences with guys who've douched and retained far more water than they realized ... until it was all over the floor/bed/wherever.

  6. RedPhillip,

    I've been with guys who retained too much, but fortunately I noticed it was leaking a bit and got them onto the toilet quick. I've never had a guy blow over me, but it has been close a few times. I have been with guys who also were clearly having digestive trouble and pulled my dick out with a huge clump of shit. Now THAT I take issue with.


  7. Once again you show how wonderful you are. You showed him it was ok because unfortunately it will happen on occasion. You turned on the charm & showed what a prince you really are.

  8. slaveboy johnny,

    I think I did what every person should do in that situation. There is no reason to punish someone for a less-than-perfect hole. I think that the fear of shit we all seem to have is very strange considering we all love to fuck the same place the shit comes from. It is like guys who are too scared to think about the fact that a vagina bleeds regularly. That's what it does, it isn't gross, just natural.


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