Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Massage Guy

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to hook up with a somewhat-local guy who I had been talking to on Adam4Adam for almost a month. His initial offer had been for just a massage, giving me compliments about my body and how he just wanted to touch it and make it feel good. That, of course, made me really interested. It had been years since I got a full body rub down; my senior year of high school, to be exact. And that guy had ended up fucking me. So I knew there was a good chance of getting some play from this sexy older guy, especially since he was messaging me on a sex site. In his pictures he looked amazing: a goatee on his face, and a full, furry pelt on his chest. The hair on his head was a shorter cut and gray, making him look sexy and distinguished. He had muscles and clearly took care of his body.

I was hooked. From the first moment I looked at his pictures, I wanted this sexy older man to put his hands all over my body.

We finally found a time that worked for both of us during the day Tuesday. His house was somewhere between a 45min to 1hr drive from me, so I left shortly after lunch. It was a hot day and my car is old and has no air conditioning, so the drive was a little uncomfortable. But Massage Guy had promised me that when I got to his place I could take a dip in his pool. So I had packed a bag with some swim suits, looking forward to cooling off.

When I got there, he was already in his pool, lying on a float. I noticed children's toys in the yard behind the pool, but didn't think anything of it as the yard was pretty open and shared with the building next to it. He waved me over as I got out of my car and the first thing I noticed was that his hair was black and he actually looked younger and healthier than he did in his pictures. I was impressed. Guys who tan like this guy did usually look wrinkled and leathery when they reach their older years, but he just looked GOOD. He was also missing his goatee which he explained by saying that he'd had to shave it to play Batman in the 4th of July parade. He's apparently been playing Batman in it since before I was born, and he still fits the costume.

I changed into a pair of white trunks that hug my ass and form around my crotch and got into his pool. I had put my hair up so that it would stay dry so I don't go underwater no matter how refreshing I knew it would feel. We swam to one side and talked for a while, getting comfortable with each other. At one point a door upstairs opened up and a man and a woman with a young girl walked down the side steps and got into a car. They were Massage Guy's son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. Apparently his family has no problem with him being gay and having sex with 21 year olds. They just waved.

After a while we started to make out in the pool and touch each other all over. I had told him about my sensitive nipples and he began to play with them, making me moan into his mouth and getting my a hard on quickly. Finally we separated and he led me downstairs to where the massage room was.

He left while I dried off and got up onto the table naked. When he came back in, he was wearing a small pair of shorts. He turned on some soft music, lit some candles which were the only light in the dark room, and began the massage. It was great. His hands were skilled at finding the places on me that ached for relief and working them open. In no time I was moaning as he gave me all the pleasureful pain that comes with a truly skilled massage. This guy was a pro.

As He moved down the table I began to feel up his legs and reach up into his shorts, grabbing his growing cock in them. Eventually he just dropped the shorts and resumed giving me the massage, only now he was frequently putting his cock where my hand could find it. He was thick and full of blood, already very hard. He finished up my legs and ass and then did something that felt really amazing. He climbed up on the table and began massaging my back with his entire body, pressing into me and moving around on top of me. I was in heaven. I knew what he was doing and was so happy he was doing it to me as I had only ever given this kind of attention to my lovers, never received it.

He got off of me and came to the front of the table and I began to eagerly suck his cock, taking it down my throat. It was long enough that the thick head could pulse in my throat while I licked his balls with my tongue. He moaned approvingly and kept making surprised noises as I gripped his lower body hard, reaching back and feeling his puckered hole with my finger. I felt his ass lips open a bit at my finger tip, but I didn't play with it that much. He had told me multiple times that he was a top and neither of us were really expecting much ass play, though he'd fingered me a bit during the massage.

He had me flip over onto my back so that he could start on my chest, but first he bent down and made out with me while he played with my nipples. I don't know what he was doing to them, but I was moaning and melting in his mouth. Every slight movement he made caused my already hard cock to throb. He took it into his mouth and blew me for a while before he apologized and began to massage me again. He hadn't intended to start fooling around before he finished.

He spent a fairly good amount of time on my shoulders and chest before he leaned down to work my lower belly and we started kissing again. He apparently decided to forget about the massage because he got up on the table over me, making out with me while I gripped his back and ass. I once again felt his hole around my finger and figured I'd take a risk and pushed it in. He didn't try to stop me. Instead he kept making out with me and playing with my nipples while I began to finger him. It didn't take me long to open him up enough to take two fingers, rapidly fucking him with them while he moaned and looked down at me. My dick was slick with his spit, the massage oil, and my own precum and I started pressing it into his hole.

It took some work, but soon he was sitting on my cock, a little uncomfortable, but managing. I was patient, but also really into it. Every time he seemed like he was going to lift all the way off my cock I lifted my hips to push more in and gently soothed him, rubbing his legs with my hands. Eventually he bottomed out on me and I was up in his hole. "How long has it been since someone fucked you?" I asked him.

"A very long time."

He began to ride my cock in earnest with me slamming my hips up every so often to help out. We were pinching each other's nipples and moaning loudly. I was wondering which one of us was going to cum first. He beat me by a short time, but he also popped off my cock as he came so my build up immediately stopped. I pulled his cock to my mouth so that I could suck and swallow his load, enjoying the thickness and sweetness of his cum. When He was finish we switched positions so that he was on his back and I was above him, his legs on my shoulders, pushing my cock back into him. It didn't take me long to build back up and start cumming, moaning as I shuddered my orgasm and then fell on top of him.

We stayed pressed together, me on top of him, on the massage table for a long time. We simply rested and talked and learned a lot about each other. We talked about our respective backgrounds. Both recent and far. I told him about the long dry spell I had suffered between Rob and Chris and the previous Friday when I finally got laid, and he told me about the last relationship he was in. I told him how young I had been when I started having sex and how old some of the men who fucked me had been, and he told me that when he was thirty-five he had started a long relationship with a nineteen year old. It was a beautiful story that ended not well.

"Did I tell you online how old I am?" he asked.

"Um, I don't remember," I said. It was true. I couldn't remember if the subject of age ever came up between us. So I decided to take a guess: "Are you, like, fifty-something?"

"I'm sixty-two."

"Told you I didn't remember," I said as I rested my head back on his chest. I think he was expecting me to say something mean about his age. Instead I said, "You wear it well. You don't look close to sixty-two." I could feel him smiling.

Before we got off the table he brought me to another amazing orgasm simply by pinching and playing with my nipples. I could tell that they were getting worked over pretty hard, harder than normal, but I couldn't feel any pain. I knew that they would be swollen and sore later, but at the time every brush, every soft movement sent shivers through my body and made me moan and whimper loudly. As I shot my second load over his chest he smiled and then made out with me passionately, covering us both in my cum.

"Seriously, how long has it been since you were fucked?" I asked him as we once more lay together.

"Jeez," he said, "It must have been more than twenty, twenty-five years ago."

"Wow," I said. "You took it really well for a guy so unused. I'm proud of you." We smiled.

We showered together before we messed around some more. I ate his ass out hard and long, loving the soft, sweet taste of him. We moved up on the bed and I shot yet another load of cum which we both shared, licking each other clean of it. We then grabbed some food and drink and I put on the tight black speedos from the Fourth of July post to get back in the pool. He put on a pair of tight trunks that had a zipper in the front. we spent more time floating and talking and he kept asking me to come with him to dinner.

I kept avoiding the dinner issue. It isn't a rule or anything, but I just normally don't go out to dinner with a guy after we hook up unless there are more relationship-y feelings there. I don't really have a better way of explaining it. When Rob took me to dinner, I didn't feel uncomfortable at all, it felt right. When Chris and I ate or watched TV after fucking, it wasn't strange. But a guy I had just met and just fucked usually didn't get that kind of comfort from me.

Then I realized what was really making me avoid the dinner topic. It wasn't because I was uncomfortable with Massage Guy. It was the exact opposite. I was worried about the fact that I didn't feel uncomfortable enough with this man to make an excuse to skip dinner and go home. When I realized that was my problem I decided to face it head-on and agreed to let him buy me dinner. We got out of the pool and dried off in his room, which naturally lead to more fooling around and another load being shot by both of us. Once we were clean of cum, we dressed and went out for pizza at one of the many, many pizza places in the town which were all within a mile of each other on the same road. Seriously, I don't know how they stay open.

After dinner we went back to his house one last time and I grabbed my things to leave. But it was clear that neither one of us really wanted me to go. After cuddling for a bit on his bed and then having to force my way out of his playful grip and plentiful kisses, I finally and sadly got in my car after having been at his house for almost six hours and drove home.

Of course I'm going back as soon as I get over the mono.


  1. A great story, Ace. Thanks for sharing the details of your massage, and what worked for you (as massage and as play). Our mutual friend will attest to the level of attention I pay to details like that, filing them away for eventual use should I be so lucky. I did mention the massage table, yes?

    Hoping you bounce back soon, enjoying complete victory over Epstein-Barr.

  2. Ace

    Massage is an essential part of feeling really connected to a man (for me at least) and do it every chance I can. Sounds like a hell of a good time man. Feel better.

  3. RedPhillip,

    I would love to get up on your massage table some time. I bet your hands will love my body.


  4. Loki,

    I fell the same way, which sadly means I end up giving a lot of massages and never getting any. So this was a very happy day for me, to say the least.


  5. Hands, elbows, forearms... I can with complete confidence promise that your body and every part of mine that I use to work on yours will have formed a mutual admiration society to make the horses startle and ladies of all genders blush.

  6. Ace man,
    That was so hot and amazing, ;ove every words you wrote. That post is hot, steamy and every sensations that you can get. That is one great way to have such a nice day with somebody. Love the way you describe everything that happens. Glad that you are going back and maybe i'll join you one day cause i never had a massage yet. Maybe somebody one day can give me one. Thank you again for that great post.


  7. RedPhillip,

    I think you are right. But I can tell you I won't be blushing. Just smiling wickedly.


  8. Yves,

    I recommend a massage, even if it is a normal, non-sexual one. They are really great and help you relax well.