Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Steve: First Date

Hey everyone. I'm still sick, but I have some good news for you before this entry: I now have a Facebook account that you can add me on. Don't for get to follow me on Twitter too (if you don't already).

Steve and I went on our first real date together in early November. We went to a matinee showing of the movie Ghost Ship (which to this day, even though I've seen it plenty of times, I still don't really remember) on a Sunday. It was a pretty bad movie, so we didn't have a lot of trouble finding seats. We were two of maybe seven people in the entire theater. We sat way in the back and held hands the entire time, sharing popcorn and sometimes looking away from the screen long enough to kiss.

Somehow Steve made me feel so comfotable that I was never worried someone would look back and see us. Never worried that someone would notice how his hand stroked my thigh as we made out. How I wanted to crawl over the arm rest and press myself on top of him.

After the movie, we went back to his house. It was the first time I had ever been to his house. Steve was definitely one of the richer kids in town. The neighborhood was new and great, and his house had three stories and a two car garage. I was introduced to his parents as a friend of his, and they seemed happy that their son was helping me get along in school. They seemed to find the fact that I was the only child of a single mother somewhat worrying, as if my family situation disturbed them. They assumed that Steve had taken on an older brother role with me, which he had to a certain extent. Apparently Steve's older brother and sister were already away in college.

His parents eventually got the hint that Steve and I wanted to hang out alone, so they ordered us some pizza and then left for their own dinner once we were both seated in front of the tv with everything we could possibly need in front of us. Say what you will about Steve's mom, there's no denying she was a gracious hostess. I had been brought up to be extremely polite as a guest, and I delighted her with my constant "Thank you very much," and "May I please?"

Once we had gone through the entire pizza, Steve took me up to his bedroom, the moment I had been waiting for that entire day. Once inside the large room we couldn't keep our hands off each other as we stripped and made out happily. In no time Steve had me on all fours, his cock pumping away at my hole rapidly, his hands turning my head back to kiss him while he pressed his chest to my back.

"I love you," he whispered to me. His voice was harsh with the force of fucking me, but still held all the emotion he wanted me to hear.

"I love you too, Steve," I said.

He pulled out and flipped me onto my back, his strong arms easily holding my slight weight. When he pushed back in, I could tell that he was close. I rubbed my hands all over his body, pinching his nipples, scratching his back, trying to help him get off. When he finally came he moaned my name, holding it out long. Then he fell forward and kissed me more. His kisses moved down my body until he swallowed my cock and I shot my load in his mouth.

There was still time before I had to go home, and we spent it lying together, kissing and talking to each other. At one point he pulled me close to him, wrapping around me. We talked about school, our sports, people we knew. We just kept talking until we decided we should get dressed and head back down stairs before his parents came home.


  1. Sounds like a lovely touching moment in your life

  2. It was. As far as first boyfriends go, Steve was perfect for me.


  3. Ace

    Sounds like a great guy. Hope you are feeling better real soon buddy.

  4. Ace,
    Another great post my friend. The way you describe what happens during that day was hot. I think you remember it like it was yesterday and i'm sure that you relived it again when you wrote it down. Thank you my friend and hope that you are getting better. Take care man.


  5. Loki,

    Thanks, man. I hope I'll be feeling better soon too.


  6. Yves,

    Well, I do kind of remember it like it was yesterday, the same way I remember my first date with a girl too. It was a wonderful moment for me and I loved going over it again.


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