Friday, July 22, 2011

Steve: Telling Paul

I've noticed that my Steve posts are coming close to getting ahead of my Paul posts, which I don't really want to have happen because for a while they mix and mingle together, sharing the same timeline. I'm going to work to keep everything in a loose temporal order, but I apologize in advance if I mess it up. I already am going to have to back up a bit with Paul before going forward.

The day after Steve and I had our first date, he came with me to my usual session with Paul. We had decided that, even though we weren't going to be out as boyfriends to anyone else, we still wanted to let Paul know. We figured he had a right to know, being the man who had introduced us.

When he saw Steve was with me, Paul wasn't really sure what was up, but once we told him why we both had come, he was very excited for us both. He said something that I will always remember, even though I'm fairly sure time has butchered the words in my memory: "Love between people should always be celebrated because it is a rare thing to find." Steve and I were both very happy with his reaction, though we hadn't expected him to be angry. We told him that we weren't going public and that we were both going to keep our girlfriends and keep having sex with him. This made him even happier.

When Steve went to leave, Paul had other ideas. He had us both come into his bedroom and get naked with him. I was tied up on my back and Steve was tied above me, facing me. We kissed each other as Paul fucked Steve hard. When Paul finished filling Steve's ass, he untied us both and we were left alone to make love to each other on his bed.

The next day when I was working on some homework after Paul fucked me, he sat down next to me and said, "I have a very serious question to ask you." His tone was one I had come to associate with times when he was about to take me to a new place sexually and wanted to remind me that he would never do anything to hurt me, but that he expected good things from me.

"I want you to come here Saturday afternoon, if you can get away, and stay here as long as you can. At least until after dinner. Can you try to do that for me?"

I promised I would do my best, and that night I asked my mother if it would be OK for me to go to a friend's house after lunch and come back after dinner. Fortunately I had a friend who lived a similar distance/walk in the same direction, and my mother didn't have a problem with me walking to his house. The Winter had not hit hard enough yet to prohibit such short treks. I claimed we were going to spend the time playing video games and then he would feed me dinner. My mom was cool with it as long as I finished my homework and called her when I got there and when I was leaving. I called Paul to tell him that I was on for Saturday.

It was the first weekend adventure I would have at Paul's but it would not be the last.

I showed up on time and called my mom from the porch to tell her I had arrived. When Paul opened the door naked, he pulled me inside quickly and had me take off my clothes. He showed me a place to put them in a closet shelf where he said they would be safe.

"You're the last to arrive, everyone is waiting," he told me.

"Sorry," I replied, worried that he was mad at me. When my parents were kept waiting, they usually weren't happy and I had come to expect anger from being tardy.

"Don't be," he said to me, "I wanted you to be last so that everything would be ready. Now come see the surprise." He brought me into the bedroom.

The surprise turned out to be three men and and Steve, all as naked as Paul and I, standing around the bed. It was the most men I had seen in that room so far and things were a little crowded. Paul pushed me from behind and I got up on the bed. Steve soon followed suit and began to touch me and fondle me. He leaned in to me a whispered, "We're going to put on a show for them."

I'm not sure why, but knowing what was going to be happening loosened me up. I became less nervous as Steve and I began kissing each other and rolling around on the bed. This was something I knew how to do, and if I had to do it in front of these strange men, well that turned me on all the more. It was like the porn I had been watching recently: ones with gangbangs and orgies. I was getting to be the center of the sexual tension and I loved it.

When Steve entered me I moaned loudly and got appreciative grunts from the men watching. When I looked away from my lover on top of me, I could see them watching with hard dicks. Some times they were jerking and some times they were just watching. But knowing that they were watching was what got me going. I had known since my days sucking dick in the bathroom that I liked to be watched at what I do. I liked people witnessing. It made me want to do more, to get more people excited.

Steve held off for a very long time, but I came quickly, covering my chest in my cum. The men watching cheered me on and it made me more excited. They reached in to smear the cum around, to taste it, to feed it to Steve and I. All the while Paul looked on and I felt that he was very proud of me. When Steve came he filled me up, and then pulled out quicker than I was used to. I realized how little lube he had used and how sore my ass was, but I didn't care. The men all crowded in to see my hole with some of Steve's cum leaking out.

"I want the sloppy hole," one of the men said and he pulled me over to the side of the bed. The other men laughed as he licked and fingered my hole. Another pushed Steve down and began working on his hole. Soon I was being fucked again by the new man. I was feeling great, lying back and letting this man fuck me. Soon he was shooting in me too and a new cock was thrust inside.

I know that Steve and I were shared between the four men many times that afternoon and I can't remember how many times I had someone cum in me. By the time Paul was able to get all the men to leave, I think I had lost count. I had not even been there very long, but the sex had been very intense and I was tired and hungry. Paul left Steve and I in the bedroom while he went to order pizza. Steve wrapped his arms around me and held me close.

"Was this your first time coming to one of his parties?" Steve asked.

"Yes," I said, wishing I could sleep.

"Did you like it?"


"Me too. I've been to better though."

I tried to hold my question back, but I couldn't, and I was unsure of how to phrase it. "Steve," I said, "Do you like doing things like this?"

"Sure," he said, "Don't you?"

"Yeah, but I mean, is this what you're going to do for the rest of your life?"

He paused for a long time and looked away from me. Finally he said, "I don't really think about the rest of my life."

I stopped asking him questions, even though they were the questions I was asking myself. I was still only fourteen and coming to terms with the fact that I had been having sex with men for a while, and was currently dating a Junior boy. What did that mean for me?

Paul made sure that Steve and I were well fed before I put my clothes on to leave. I asked if Steve could give me a ride home. "Wish I could," he said, "But I'm staying the night with Paul. I don't want to get dressed."

Paul offered me a ride but I decided not to take it. I wanted to walk home and think anyway. I didn't care that much about the cold.


  1. 1. I think your picture shows a super hot guy with a wonderful dick to suck and a lickable ass to die for. I sure would love to have my tongue in your Ace's hole. Especially love the fur. Compliments all around.
    2. I very much love your blog. Good writing, expression, description. Thanks for sharing.
    3. Lots of encouragement your way. Not too organized in my thoughts .. just lots of appreciation. Anonymous IV

  2. Ae my friend,
    Love that post a lot man, glad that you told Paul first about your relationship. Enjoy it a lot when you describe the party with all the men in the room and your boyfriend too, and everythings that when through with them. Saw that you enjoy it a lot too, who wouldn't man.
    Hope that you're feeling a lot better and take it slow man.


  3. It's hard to put my thoughts in order when I read your posts. You write in a way that always makes me want to read more and yet the maternal part of me is outraged at the fact that you were so young when you were experiencing these things.
    On the other hand, I may want to protect the fourteen year old you but I also find the adult you completely and utterly desirable both physically and intellectually. You're very beautiful.

  4. Anonymous IV,

    Thanks for the compliments to the blog and to my body. I keep getting the sense that my readers want more pictures. And thanks for the encouragement.


  5. Yves,

    Always happy to make a post you enjoy.


  6. Issy C,

    If it makes you feel any better (it probably won't) I am frequently amazed at the things I did at such a young age. And I certainly know what to look for an prevent for my own children. Thanks for your concern and thank you so much for your compliments. I'm glad you see past my (admittedly great) body to the mind inside it.


  7. Why would you want to prevent your children for one having all the fun you did?

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