Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ace Candy: The First Gifts

In a post last Friday I promised to take pictures for the blog of myself wearing (or whatever) any and all gifts I got for my birthday. Well, I guess one or more of you took to the task right away and bought off a bunch of stuff from my Amazon wishlist. Now, as you know, Ace does not go back on his promises, so today's post will be filled with pictures of me and the four gifts I've received so far. I hope you all enjoy.

And if you want to know where the title "Ace Candy" came from, my dear friend RJD, who you may have seen in the comments section, called pictures of me Ace Candy and I decided that was the perfect name. This dude always comes up with great names for things.

Now on to the gifts! All four of these wonderful gifts were purchased for me by another you might know from the comments section: a sweet boy named johnny. Sir thanks you, boy.

The first gift I got was this wonderful Nasty Pig jock, which I love. I have worn it almost non-stop since I got it over a day ago. It has my crotch sweat and three loads of my cum in it already. All it needs now is some piss and it will be fully broken is as a pig-jock.

My lovely ass framed perfectly in the jock straps. Even I would fuck that.
On of the loads of cum I have sitting in it, after I walked around with the cum, of course.

Yeah. I like to sniff my own jock. But you can't have any.
Going in for the prize.

The next gift I have to show you is a pair of soft, paper thin, Soffe running shorts. I took a few poses for you to enjoy not just the shorts, but also my body. As if you weren't going to do that anyway.

Running-ish pose. God I love my chest hair.
Flashing a bit of that ass.
And out of the soft shorts pops my soft cock.

And finally I will leave you with the last two of the four gifts I have gotten. I love these very much, as they are the soundtracks to two of my all-time favorite films: Labyrinth and The Lost Boys. These two movies are a huge part of my childhood. I used to watch them every chance I got, and I still watch them frequently on DVD.

David Bowie can have that effect on me...

Thank you so much for the gifts I have gotten so far! You guys are amazing! I honestly never thought that anyone would ever want to buy me something like this. Well, really I didn't expect anyone to buy me anything at all. I love all my readers so much, and will continue to write whether you send gifts or not. This is just the icing on the cake.


  1. You are beautiful, inside and out. I've experienced your inner beauty in so many ways, but thank you for sharing your Ace Candy in this post. My favorite: your perfect ass in the jock. How I would love to spend hours pleasuring that with my hands beneath the straps. Xo rjd

  2. ace i love the pics. your right you have a fantastic ass and hairy chest. your cock is a beautiful specimen of the kind of meat i love to swallow and feel pounding my ass. here's to many more birthdays and many more pics of you.

  3. RJD,

    Thank you very much. I'm more than glad that you enjoyed.


  4. Anonymous 9:11,

    Thank you very much. I am glad so many people like looking at me. It makes me feel great about my self.


  5. Do you shave your butt cheeks? They look smooth in that photo compared to what they might look like in your page photo at the top.

  6. cyberi4a,

    I don't shave my butt, but the hair on them is very blonde so it looks like I don't have any. If you pull the cheeks open, I have a forest of hair leading to my hole.


  7. boy loves the pictures & is so happy you like the gifts.
    Still more to Cum.......

  8. ever modest!
    but yeah a nice chestful of rare fair hair, yummy cock'nballs and a very nuzzle-able ass... just sounds nicer if you let the other man say it....

  9. Those are some great gifts Ace. Maybe i will send you a couple before your birthday man.
    Love the pictures a lot man, very sexy.


  10. Ace Candy indeed. Please, keep feeding us - I can feel myself turning into a diabetic as I savor your wonderful sweetness....

  11. Really, the long hair has to go.

  12. KEEP the long hair! Love long hair. And very nice body too. Actually, do what you want with the hair, it’s yours and attached to you. I just happen to admire it and everything below.

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