Sunday, August 28, 2011

Formspring and Hurricane Hype

As some of you probably figured out, living on the east coast pretty much means I'm right in Irene's path. As much as I would love to tell you some horror story about the ways in which I am unprepared for the hit or am being forced to evacuate, it would be lies. Honestly, I'm really excited for Irene to come at hurricane levels. The last time a hurricane actually hit Maine, I was two years old. Don't really remember it. So I think I'll be ok. And if I do need to evacuate, there is a high school less than a mile down the street from where I live in which to take shelter. But honestly, if this place has survived blizzards, it'll survive this. I refuse to buy in to all the hype that seems to be growing from people NOT in the storm's path. Will there be flooding? Yes. Will my power go out? It is possible. Will trees fall? I imagine that they will. But none of these things are as bad as they seem. And for the most part, if you are inside you are safe. It is the people out walking and driving that get killed.

Kind of like these people in this weather report who run around outside (one of the guys even flops his dick out for a moment). Seriously. Those guys are the definition of "Too Dumb to Live."

What I really worried about is my doctor appointment early Monday morning. It will be hard to get to if trees are still in the road. And I'm worried about the internet going down and messing up my grad school work. I suspect I can do what I need from my cell phone, but that isn't for sure.

And I guess all these concerns are really overshadowed by the fact that I will be fully packed and getting ready to move on Thursday. I am supposed to be down in Boston early Thursday morning to get my key and start moving in. The process will take a while, I'm sure, and I have no idea how quickly my cable will be set up. So there is a chance that my posting will become VERY irregular for a while. Once I get settled in, I'll be sure to resume posting and keeping you all enticed with pictures of me. Yes. I have more pictures of me to share.

Anyway, on to the Formspring questions. Don't forget to ask me more here or send me questions in an email. You can also leave questions in the comments section. No one has done it yet, but I guess Facebook and Twitter work too. I didn't get many new questions this past week, so my backlog is going to run out soon. Ask me some good ones, because I love to answer them.

Ace, the Breeder has publicly stated that the thought of liver makes him queasy. Do you feel the same way? What if it was served with a nice Chianti?

First of all, that's a reference to Silence of the Lambs, right? Love it. Second: liver is gross. Anyone I know who eats it always gets the same question from me: Are you aware of the function of that organ? There's no way I'm eating what is essentially the filter at a sewage plant. Gross.

Plus, they smell. In college biology we had to do experiments on bits of chicken liver. I have never hated a lab more.

Ace, do you still have your roommate? I come from a wealthy family that paid for my own apartment to live in while I was in college. Well, it was a junior college. And it wasn't an apartment, it was solitary confinement at the mental institution.

I'm only answering this crazy question because it made me laugh. And no, I don't room with him any more. He is a year behind me in school, and I am halfway across the country now.

Ace, I've racked my brain to think of a clever rhyming moniker for your readers, but I can't think of any. What about using an unpronounceable symbol, such as Prince did in the 90's? Then we could all get tattoos. What do you think?

I like that a lot actually. :) The idea of my readers branding themselves to show loyalty is very...intoxicating. I kind of really want it to happen. I really do.

(EDIT: I'm actually working on getting an Ace's Wild tattoo designed for myself. Once I do, I'll put the picture up here if anyone wants to get it. I'm not saying you should [I won't tell someone to do something permanent] but I'll put it up if you choose.)

Ace, in these dry and arid long summer months, what can I do to keep my hair looking and feeling scrumptious, luscious, magnificient and shiny?

Well, conditioning as well as shampoo should go without saying. I also recommend going at least two days between washing your hair. This allows your natural oils to help keep your hair healthy. Also, it is important to remember that sun exposure is bad for your hair. A hat, scarf, or other cover can help. Other than that, just do what you normally do to take care of your hair.

What do you think about HANDS ON A HARD BODY?

I'm impressed that they plan to make it into a Broadway musical. Not impressed in that I want to see it, but impressed that they would find it compelling enough to make a musical. I saw the documentary and was unimpressed. Personally I wish they would stop making musicals based off of books or movies. The lack of creativity on Broadway is worse than the lack of creativity in Hollywood.

Sorry for any redundancy with your question about favorite writers, but what do you think of Armistead Maupin -- style, forms, themes, perspective?

Well, I haven't really read enough of him to have a firm grasp of his work. So instead of making gross generalizations based on only having read some of his stuff, I will say that I find him to be a good writer, though I sometimes wonder at why he is so praised.

Not to say that good writing isn't praiseworthy, but I mean, it seems like a lot of his praise is coming from the angle of "oh, how nice that a gay man can write such a good story" instead of focusing on his plot and character development. It isn't his fault, and not a point against him. Sadly our system of evaluating books is very much from a white heteronormative perspective, and anything that falls out of that is treated as exotic. The same thing happened to the poets of the Harlem Renaissance. To be honest, many of them fit better into the Modernist movement, but are removed from it for being black. Similarly I think Maupin is less a LGBT writer and more a writer who happens to hit on LGBT issues.

He is a good writer, but the critical perspectives on his writing are poorly focused. Hope that answers your question.

That's all for this week. Be sure to ask me more questions and I hope to have wonderful pictures of my new apartment to show you all very soon. And wish me luck with Irene. More specifically with the drain at the end of our driveway that can get clogged by leaves and needs to be raked open every so often.


  1. The news channels looked like idiots (as usual) standing out in rain saying how bad it could be for New York City, but didn't seem to have much damage to show from where Irene had already been.

    All hype is right to try and get rating.

  2. I mean, yeah, it was a hurricane, and yeah, it did do damage farther south, but there have been MANY worse ones in the past. We had no reason to be worried about this. There have been years where we've had three or four make their way up the coast.