Sunday, August 21, 2011

Formspring and the Upcoming Move

As those of you who have been reading my blog for a while (or following me on Twitter/Facebook) know, I'm making a move to Boston soon. Not only am I uprooting myself for the second time in three months, but I'm starting a big new chapter of my life. It will be my first apartment by myself and my first time living on my own. I have no idea yet what I'll do for work or how I'll get by, but I am confident that I'll manage. Likewise, my graduate classes which I am taking online will start up tomorrow, so I'm actually going to be in the middle of grad classes when I'm moving. Because of these factors, I'm going to be very busy in the next few weeks. I'm not sure how much blogging I'm going to be able to get done, or how frequently I'll be able to have sex worth blogging about. These things are up in the air right now as I wait to be told what my schedule for classes/tests are and while I pack up my things and sort through what needs to be brought immediately and what can stay behind to be moved at a later date.

I'm a little sad to be moving because I've finally been able to get some things going here in Maine. I've found some guys who I would love to see on a more regular basis, but won't be able to now that I'm leaving. I would like to think that I will stay in touch with all of them, but realistically it probably won't happen. But if there is anything I've learned from moving around as frequently as I have recently, it is that these things all end in time. I don't mean that to be a sad statement, although it very much is; I mean it to be simply a fact. Not all hook-ups become more and not all fuck buddies remain in your life. We'll all move on, but for a long time I will remember them. And I will hope that Boston will hold many more for me to meet and fuck and grow to love.

Once I'm set up in my apartment and ready to entertain guests and travel to see others, I'll likely be able to pic the posts back up again, but for now you may see a lot of posts about the past and a few days at a time with no post. Or it could be the other way around. I'm only taking two classes this semester. Maybe the work load will be light enough that I won't have too much trouble writing the blog. This is the first time I've done something like this, so it is hard to say. It will be as much of a discovery for me as it will be for you, my loyal readers.

So just bare with me as I take these first steps in this journey that I am hoping will work out as well as possible. I don't know where I'll be in a year's time from now, whether I'll be renewing my lease, moving to a new apartment in Boston, or living somewhere totally different, but I hope that I'll still be here on this blog with you all, talking about my adventures and my experiences on the way.

To round off today's post, here are some Formspring questions. As always, feel free to ask me anything in Formspring or in an email. I'm always happy to answer.

What was the first movie you remember watching?

Hmm...Well, I know I saw the Lion King in theaters because I remember being the only kid who didn't cry when Mufasa died. But before that I know I had seen Aladin. And maybe the Brave Little Toaster. Maybe.

Have you ever made a painting of vagina lips to give to a lesbian?

No, but I do have a strange compulsion to draw a cat and then write a short poem under it every time I see a white board. It made my profs pissed sometimes.

Quick Ace! To the Batmobile!

Holy Awesome Nerdy Reference, Batman! Let's hop inside where you can do bad things to me in and out of these tights.

Ace, do you have blue eyes or brown eyes? Did you know that most of the gunslingers of the old west had blue eyes? Just sayin'.

I have blue eyes. And while I did not know that fact, it makes sense to me. Blue eyed people have better eye sight than most, especially in the dark. I'm great at seeing in the dark, which is helpful for some late-night encounters.

Ace, why do you draw a white cat and write a poem every time you see a white board? Do you draw it on the white board itself? If so, wouldn't drawing a black cat against the white make more sense? Or maybe even a tabby?

It isn't that I draw a white cat, it is that I draw a cat on the white board. And then I usually write a poem or something funny under it. And it didn't actually look like a cat. It was a blob with cat ears and a tail and eyes. Sometimes there would be and expression on the face, but most of the time it was neutral.

As for the why...Well, I am very interested in the idea of poetry that is active, but then lost. Like when the poem is on the white board and then erased. A professor once told me that when something is written in a book, it is only alive when it is being read. A text is worthless if it sits in a book closed on a shelf and never is read. So to heighten that sense of worth for a poem, I would write them in a mode that could never be permanent. And once I started, I never stopped. I still do it every time I see a white board with a marker.

Should children 18 who commit murder be prosecuted as adults?

I assume that there is supposed to be the word "under" before 18. And in that case: no. For a few reasons. One of which being that most children do not understand the evil that they have done and do not know how to deal with it. There are ways to help them and maybe save them from a terrible life. The problem with sending someone so young to jail is that jail will become their life. Jails are run like businesses now. They don't want you to leave.

When was the last time you had a day where you were happy from beginning to end?

Good question! I thought I would have to think about that, but I know that for about a week after I first met Rob the Breeder I was walking on air and nothing brought me down. The weather was nice, I was singing as I walked my campus, I felt perfectly at peace.
Of course shortly after that I got mono and haven't really had a perfect day since that started.

Ace, did you ever trace back to find out the dirty varmint who gave you Mono? Because it wasn't me.

It was probably my roommate. He had mono and his girlfriend had mono too. I'm guessing at some point we shared a drink or something and that's how it happened. Sucks, but it is possible. My roommate apologized when he heard, but I didn't have the heart to blame him.

That's all for this week! Thanks for reading.


  1. Ace man,
    Just take the time you need to move and to get settled in in your new apartment and we all be waiting for you in here, you know that i will man. I hope that you will see your buddies before moving or at least stay in touch with them. You know that i will stay in touch with you my sexy friend.


  2. You've lived in more places and done more things than I have, and you're 22 and I'm 48! lol good 4u!

    You sound, look, write like you're having fun, u go kid!

  3. Good luck with your move. Moving is never fun and I've never moved from one state to another. I hope everything goes smoothly. Living on your own is fun experience. I'm sure you will love it!

  4. Yes, ugh, moving. Tons of work. At least at your young age, you have fewer possessions to be a slave to. Don’t worry, you can also blog about other things if you want, it doesn’t all have to be sex. If you get frustrated, you can tell us. I’ll wait.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Batman and Robin had a little something something on the side. *g*


  5. Best of luck as you endure the many and oddly assorted challenges of moving! But the nice parts (among many others) include: meeting new people, walking new streets, visiting new parks, visiting new museums, being challenged by new minds and points of view, and discovering more of your own capacities and strengths. And you're going to pile up tons of new stories to share, I guarantee. Like everybody else, I look forward to reading what you write when you can - and wish you love and happiness every day. Keep your sense of humor!

  6. Open your heart to your new surroundings and the new people who enter your life. It's a lesson I learned far too late but very much appreciate now. rjd.

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