Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In The Dark

"Oh god yes!" he moaned as I slid my cock into his cum-filled ass.

It was the first thing I had heard him say since I had walked into the hotel room. The door had been just slightly open and as pushed it inward, the hallway light had lit the dark room enough to show me the man on the bed, on all fours, blindfolded with his ass in my general direction. When the door shut, I was left to make my way to the bed by the dim light coming through the window. Fortunately I have great night vision.

His post online contacting me was very straightforward: "I'm in a hotel room with cum already in my hole. Come over and add to it. I will be blindfolded." In one more email detailing which hotel and the room number, I was on my way.

He didn't disappoint either. I had been a bit unsure about traveling for almost a half an hour for some hole in a hotel, but when I stuck my finger in (more to find where the hole was than anything else) and felt the cum in his hole, I knew that I had made a great choice. I pulled my fingers out and licked the cum off of them, enjoying the flavor. I felt him shift and heard him snort from a bottle of poppers as I jerked my rapidly growing cock. I crawled up on the bed and we both shifted until my cock was lined up at his hole. And then I quickly pushed in.

He stayed fairly quiet while I fucked him, mostly just groaning or making little sounds that let me know I was doing my job. I appreciated it actually. I'm not a fan of the men or women who are screamers or criers or the ones who make sounds that normally one only hears in porn. It is always too performed and a bit too fake for me to fully enjoy. Don't get me wrong, I've fucked people hard enough to get that kind of reaction out of them, but with this guy I was taking my time, prolonging my pleasure.

Besides, there was something peaceful, almost zen-like about the quiet fucking of this man. I heard the soft shuffle of the bed fabric, the soft moans he made, and the squelching sound of the cum moving out of his ass along my cock. I simply looked in front of me at the curtains that were letting in just a shard of light from the parking lot. In the semi-darkness I could just stare and let my mind go blank, enjoying the sensation of the wet ass around my cock and the skin below me. The loss of sight made all the other sensations better, and I started to zone out while fucking.

My orgasm brought me back to Earth. I had been letting my mind wander to the point that my own orgasm came as a blissful surprise to me. I cried out more from surprise than from pleasure, but once I started shooting I wasn't going to stop. He started saying, "Yeah, give me that cum," in a voice that was totally subservient and totally happy to be receiving what I was giving him.

I kept pumping a bit after to milk my cock, but I let it slide out of his ass even though I was still hard. I wasn't here for a long night of fucking, just to dump some cum and go. I did however move to his head and have him clean me off before I began to put my pants back on. As he was finishing another man opened the door and came in. He stopped to let his eyes adjust and I finished dressing to leave. When I opened the door I turned back and saw the ass of the man already pumping away at the hole. I walked back into the hallway and drove home. It may have been a short fuck for the amount of driving I did, but the experience of getting lost in the sensations like that made it totally worth it.


  1. So erotic. Sometimes it's all about pleasure and nothing more. Having him clean you off before you left completed it.

  2. Makes you wonder how many came in that hole before and after you.

  3. Anonymous 10:28,

    I was impressed with my ability to give in to just the feelings. I generally have problems with thinking too much during sex.


  4. cyberi4a,

    I like to think that there were a lot before and a lot after. I like the idea of being just one guy in a long string of men all using one bottom slut.


  5. Ace,

    That post was short, hot and awesome. Love it when a man just loose his mind while fucking somebody, you feel better and relax at the same time and the pleasure is more intense at the end of it. Thank you for that steamy post my friend.


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