Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Letting the Pig Out to Play

This week marks my last week here in Maine, and by this time next week I will hopefully be fully moved in to my new Boston apartment. As I have said before, due to packing, moving, unpacking, waiting for the cable company to come, and any other delay I might have in being fully settled in my new place, posting will be erratic and may stop for a while. I'll try to keep you informed about when that will happen, but the best way to find out about my goings-on is to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

On Monday I was feeling really horny after seeing my doctor. I play a rather fun game with my doctor and have been playing it for years now. The game is that I always wear some form of sexy underwear to an appointment with him to try and get a reaction out of him. Being a doctor he would never draw attention to anything like that, so the game is to try and get him to at least react. So on Monday I decided to wear a black 2(x)ist thong to his office, the skimpiest thing I've ever worn to see him. And I got a bit of satisfaction: he did pause and look for a second before moving on to check for testicular lumps or a hernia. My doctor is straight as an arrow and married, I just do it to tease.

The unplanned effect of wearing the thong for the half hour ride home was a giant hard-on and the sexy feeling of soft cotton between my cheeks, rubbing my hole. I needed to fuck something right away. So I grabbed some lunch and sat down at my computer to check for some fun online. As has been usual in my time in Maine, there was no one online. And I mean that literally. I was the only person logged in for long stretches of time. In my despair I ended up jerking off and shooting a load into my thong, taking it off to start packing in the nude. Normally once I get off I log out of the hook-up sites, dejected, but for whatever reason that day I didn't. I left the window open.

That's how I met Jim. I had checked him out before: an older guy with natural muscles, not ones made in a gym. He claims to be in his early forties but is probably more like forty-eight to fifty. He hit me up online a few hours later and asked me what I was into, telling me he thought my list of kinks was hot and that he'd love to flip fuck with me. "I'm more interested in topping right now," I replied, "If that's good with you, I'd love to have your ass." He didn't have a problem and asked me when I was free, clearly thinking that I was going to schedule for a later time. "I'm free now, if you are," I said. "Can be there in 30min." He was happily surprised (most guys in Maine hate to actually travel for a hook-up, which is why half of them never get laid) that I was ready and told me to come over.

Jim was taller than me. A lot taller, and I'm not short. It was just another way that he reminded me so much of Rob. He was kind, gently talking to me while I drank some water after the long, hot car ride. But all passion when we finally started to fuck. I was on his lap on the couch, making out with him hard while he stripped me. When I was down to just my Nasty Pig jock and him to his shorts, we moved to his bedroom. It had been a while since he was last fucked, though apparently that hadn't been too good. But while we made out and played with each other he talked about his slutty bottom past. We compared notes and I came out on top in a lot of ways. I matched him in his slut stories and had one better for almost every one of his. It was hot foreplay talk, but soon I wanted to see his ass.

When he lifted up his legs I was shocked at how much of a bottom's hole he had. Top guys will know what I mean about this. His hole was a sweet pucker with just a little bit of the skin pushed out like a small lump, inviting my finger and tongue and teeth to seek further and further in. I went at his hole with a deep need, eating it like a starving man. The only times I came up were to suck his cock and balls or to share his ass flavor with him. Finally I let him suck me off to get me wet for him. He did well with my cock but was unable to take me into his throat much at all. At one point he pulled off and said, "Oh, pre-cum!"

"Yeah," I replied, "I make a lot of it."

"I love it. Yours is so sweet. I could drink it all day."

I let him drink it a bit more before returning to his hole to finger him open with a purpose. He was nervous because of how low his lube supply was that it would be hard to take me. He need not have worried. I was able to stretch him open to four fingers without any lube at all. I just added a small amount before sliding my cock in and filling him up. He made me go slow, and I was willing to be patient. But I knew he was enjoying this a lot and that he was going to be a good boy and take all the cum I could give him. With his legs pinned to his chest I began to slowly fuck him.

Up until now our play had been pretty vanilla. Sure, we'd done some dirty talk and enjoyed the fluids leaking from our cocks and his ass, but that is just scratching the surface for me. While I fucked him we began to go deeper. We grunted and sweat over each other as I pumped into him. He begged for my hot load, my bare cock. I bit him and made out with him, alternating hard, quick thrusts for long, painfully slow ones. When I finally came I shot a huge load into him, fucking his ass as much as possible while I came.

"You like having a real man's cum in you, don't you?" I said. It wasn't really a question. I told him that I knew right away what he really needed was for a Dominant man like me to remind him what his hole was made for. "You are here to take my cum. Your ass is for my cock." I made him sniff my sweaty pits as I kept fucking him. He was amazed that I was still hard and still fucking him. "Just wait." I said.

I kept fucking him after I came a second time too. While I pumped into him we talked about how much we both like watersports and how little piss play there was in the area. He told me he has never had piss up his ass. When I offered to change that he thought about it, but said he wanted my cum to stay in and not get washed out. That was a great answer. We talked about other things too. Our mutual love of felching cum out of an ass, especially when the cum wasn't ours. He asked me about my younger slut years. He told me about a fifteen year old boy he had been with a few years back, one who had been lying about being eighteen online. He told me about some of the young college guys he had fucked and dated. We both lamented the fact that BareBackRealTimeSex was almost unused in Maine. All this while I kept fucking him. At one point I felt some cum just leak out of my cock and then the sensation of a near orgasm came back. I started fucking him harder.

"Are you going to cum again?" he asked.

"Yes," I grunted out. "Tell me a story. Tell me about the last time you pissed in a guy's ass."

"It was my ex boyfriend when he lived here with me. We spent a whole day just fucking, non-stop. I was buried in him, fucking my cum in deep when I realized I had to piss. Instead of stopping to go to the bathroom I just pissed right in his ass."

"Did he like it?"

"Oh yeah. He moaned out loud, loving the full feeling. I carried him to the shower and sat down with him still on my cock. When he finally lifted up all my piss and cum leaked out all over me. It was so hot."

That story was all it took to send me over the edge, shooting a third load inside his ass. I kept fucking him, but this time I felt my cock start to go soft and I slid out of him, thinking that I was probably done after three huge loads in his ass and one earlier on. He put his legs down but I quickly lifted them back up and started to lick his hole that was leaking some of my cum. I tasted great as I leaked out of his sweet little ass. I kept some on my tongue and fed it to him. He sucked it off of me with relish and looked at me with wide eyes. "No guy has ever done that to me before. I've never had a guy eat cum out of my ass and feed it to me."

"I'm surprised. I thought you liked the kink."

"I do. I just have never had that happen."

"I can't believe I just taught a guy as experienced as you a new trick." I was amazed. We talked some more about the things we had done. As the time moved on, he became more and more piggy with me. He started talking about how I had shot my hot seed deep in him. Three loads of my cum were inside him, spreading my DNA into him. I had bred him. He was getting me horny again. I was getting hard and we started aggressively making out. This time I didn't hold back. I was spitting on him, in his mouth. I was telling him that he was a filthy pig and needed to be fed. I shoved my cock into him as hard as I could and fucked him until I came again. He was working his cock when I pulled out and I fingered his ass to help him along. When he came close to shooting, though, his legs went stiff and he shouted in pain.

He had been crunched with his legs to his chest way too long. Especially because the day before he had ridden his bike for well over three hours. His legs just were in too much trauma to allow him to cum. I soothed him and massaged him and he never stopped trying to blow his load. It wasn't meant to be, however. During the process of trying to get him off, he sucked my cock a lot, slicking it up and slurping down the pre-cum I was still leaking. I jumped on top of his face and said, "Oh shit, I'm going to cum!" and shoved my pulsing cock into his mouth. He swallowed every drop. And right as I finished shooting he tensed up and his dick fired off a load of cum onto his stomach. I wiped up a bunch for myself and some for him as well. Then I pushed some of it into his ass to mix with mine.

When I finally left I was tired and very hungry from all the sweating and fucking and cumming I had done. I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts and got the worst service ever on my way home, but I didn't care. I had to get something in me. When I got home I had a series of hot texts from Jim on my phone.

Jim: That was really hot. Thanks! And I couldn't fuckin BELIEVE how much cum just came out of my hole! :) And it's not all out even.
Me: Ha! You should have taken a picture.
Jim: I was TRYIN to, but hard to aim, hold a cell phone cam still. But used a glass to see how much, and it was damn near 2 inches deep in the glass... And still more runnin down the inside of my leg... Licked that off my fingers. :)
Me: Hot. Did you take a pic of the cup? 
Jim: LOL... No cuz I'm and idiot... I got your cum all over my phone too. 
We both agreed that there will be a next time and that next time there will be a picture of the cup. He wants to take a train down to Boston the first weekend I'm settled in and let me fuck him hard, and he wants us to share a bottom. All things that I'm totally down with. I can't wait to fuck/fuck with Jim again.


  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all. I hope he gets over his Mainey-ness to actually travel to Boston. And I love the idea of wearing hot undies to the doctor. Maybe some leather next time.

  2. Ciel,

    He's actually from Chicago and has the Mid-West outlook of travel=not a big deal. So he is totally OK with coming down to see me. I hope we can do it soon.


  3. boy is sitting here, riding the bicycle, sweating and breathing hard, but that is partially from this hot post. Wow. This is definitely on of boy's favorites. boy love how Jim was surprised by the precum. One of boy's favorite things is precum. What a very, very hot time! boy wishes that had been his ass, boy knows soon it shall be. boy would love to have Sir fill him with His hot piss but boy agrees, not when precious Cum is in there. Excellent post.

  4. Hot post Ace and glad you tore into him. Everyone needs that every once in awhile.

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