Monday, August 8, 2011

More Mich

A lot of you guys were interested in more of my fun times with Mich, the first guy who fucked me at college. So I figured I'd share with you one of the hottest things he and I did together. As I posted before, I was the first person he ever had bareback sex with and he never went back, as far as I know. For a long time he and I were pretty regular fuck buddies, sneaking away at swim team parties and after practices or during the day. He was a lot of fun and always horny, which matched up great with my own sexual desires.

My first two years on campus I had a job working at the fitness center watching the doors and checking IDs of the students coming in and out of the place. Most of the workers brought homework or their laptop and generally didn't pay too much attention unless the person really didn't look like a student. In the small town we lived in, there wasn't much going on in the way of vandalism of the college. Any of the townies who tried got in huge trouble because the town loves the money the college brings in and doesn't want students to leave because of that kind of shit. Still, we got blamed for townies supposedly getting in and messing around, even though no student ever saw that happen. Not to mention the fact that they only had us watching after 2pm and only had us at two of the four entrances to the facilities. From either of the two open doors I could have gotten anywhere I wanted and no one would have known. So it was kind of a hard-knock job. I had to sit around a lot late at night (I usually got the 8-11 shift) and get blamed for other people's mistakes. That first year my night shift was on Tuesday, which was the day everyone partied because classes ended Tuesday morning and started back up Wednesday afternoon.

But Mich managed to make it better for me. He was a favorite, if not THE favorite, of the swim coach (who inexplicably hated me enough that she refused to let me on the team the next year) so he got to work as a life guard whenever he wanted. Within a few weeks of us starting our jobs and very shortly after we first fucked, he changed a shift so that he was working the pool at the same time I worked the door that entered to the pool. I was surprised that he would choose that time as he liked to drink on Tuesday nights with everyone else. As you can imagine, there were not many people swimming at 10pm on a party night, so Mich and I would usually spend the last hour talking and flirting with each other while he kept an eye on the empty pool and I watched people walk out the door.

One night in my first month on the job, at 11pm, when the fitness center closed and my shift was over, I was packing up my things when Mich called me over from the pool. I had finished my homework and had no where special to be at the time, so I walked on to the pool deck with him. He locked the door behind us.

"I'm finishing closing the pool," he told me, "And then I have to lock up the locker rooms before I can go. Wanna keep me company?"

"Sure," I said, "But doesn't the janitor have to lock everything up?"

"Well, the pool manager is technically supposed to lock up, but Coach let's us take care of it." The swim coach was the pool manager. Our school liked to cut budget corners a lot.

I stood around and talked with him as he closed everything down. I followed him as he walked around. He knocked on the door to the girls locker room before we both walked in for him to lock the door in from the hallway. He then did the same to the men's locker room before stopping at his locker to change out of his lifeguard clothes.

"Hey," he said once he was naked, "I usually shower and then get in the sauna a bit before I leave. Want to join me?"

I wasn't sure. The sauna was unisex, in the area between both locker rooms and the pool deck, and I had never been in them before. But he told me it was cool and that no one could get in the locked doors. I finally relented and joined him in the shower. We fooled around under the spray as we rinsed off. With the knowledge that no one would walk in on us, I felt more open, but the chance of someone seeing, and the pure dirty nature of sneaking around when the fitness center was closed was really exciting for me. We were both hard as rocks before we even got into the saunas.

Once in the small room, we sat on the bench for what felt like forever before we gave in and started making out heavily. He was all over me, rubbing my entire body wet with the water and the heat. His hard cock was never far away from my hands and I was touching him wherever I could. He was bigger than me and eventually he had me covered, curled on my back below him with my legs up to my chest. He leaned back and began to rim me out, spitting all over my ass and fingering me open. I was crying out at the sensations as well as the newness of sex in the sauna. Every touch seemed heightened by the fact that our wet skin was cooler than the air around us.

Finally Mich pulled off my ass and said, "You gotta get me wet so I can fuck you."

I wanted him so bad that I quickly started sucking him off, getting as much spit on him as I could. When we both felt he was ready and I couldn't handle waiting anymore, I leaned back and pulled my legs up, ready for him to enter me.

His cock slid in roughly and it took some adjusting to get the angle right, but we were both in the zone. I wanted his cock and cum in me like never before. He was pounding me hard, hard enough that my head was hitting the wood of the sauna. I didn't mind, the wood was softer and I had been roughed up worse during sex as a teen. The roughness just made it hotter.

When he came in me it was as if he had run a mile. The speed of his fucking mixed with the heat of our lovemaking in the sauna made him drip sweat all over my body and in my mouth. I licked it up and off of his neck and shoulders while he shot inside of me. He moaned into my shoulder as my ass milked him dry.

He pulled out and slumped back on the bench, his chest heaving. Then I watched as he pulled his legs up, exposing his hole to me. I hesitated for a moment, not sure if he was thinking what I was thinking. We had never don this any of the times we had fucked before. He looked at me and said, "I want you to fuck me," and in a flash I was licking his ass, working the hole open with my tongue and a finger. "Come on, put it in me," he said with impatience.

My cock was slick with the pre-cum that had been leaking at my usual rate of heavy flow. I spit on his ass one last time for good measure and then lined my cock up and pushed in. At the time I was not topping as much as I do now, so the feeling of a tight ass sent shudders through my whole body. His hole squeezed me tight as I slowly worked my way in, and I watched him grit his teeth and push out to allow me in. When I was in firmly we both sighed in the heat and let our sweaty bodies come together. When my lips met his, I started thrusting in and out of him.

My speed never reached the same level as his, but my orgasm built up just as quickly. I was panting with sweat dripping into my eyes and down to his face. He looked up at me as I started to get close and said, "Are you going to shoot in me?" It wasn't part of sexual dirty talk, it was an almost innocent question. So while I did not stop thrusting, I stopped panting enough to say, "Yes." I said it in a long, drawn out hiss.

"I've never had a guy cum in me before."

I leaned in so that my mouth was to his ear and said softly to him as my orgasm built up, "I'm going to cum in you, fill you up with my seed. I'm going to give you a part of me like you have given me a part of you. It will feel amazing."

I had to stop describing to him what was going to happen because my orgasm hit and I was grunting his name as I punched his hole with each shot of sperm I sent into him. He was crying out too, scratching my back as I pushed into him and sank down onto him. I was completely exhausted from the sex and needed to rest. I could feel my cum inside of him as my cock shrank and pulled from his hole. We both staggered up and out of the sauna and to the showers, which were cool and refreshing.

It wasn't until we were both dry and nearly dressed that he finally spoke to me. "Thank you," he said, "I never knew that it was like that. Now I know why you like it so much." He flashed me his big, amazing smile and I knew that I had sparked in him an interest in cum. We both got our stuff together and slowly left the building, making sure the doors were locked behind us. As we went out separate ways, we simply smiled and waved. neither one of us had the energy for much else. I remember crawling into my bed early that night and not caring that I hadn't taken my clothes off until I woke up the next day.


  1. That is a very hot story! Makes me want to find a sauna in my area to hook up in!

  2. Myli,

    Thanks. Not all saunas are great places to find sex, but if you look online you can find listings for some that are. None in my area are, so I'm keeping my eyes open for places to travel to.


  3. Ace,

    Wow man, what an amazing post you just wrote.
    Love every words of it, from start to finish. That's was really steamy and hot just like the sauna. I can read stuff like that all day long.
    You are an amazing writer and the way you describe everything is something special. Thank you for giving us great post to read my friend.


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