Friday, August 12, 2011

One Month To Go

I'm starting to get very excited about my birthday which is exactly a month away from today. I don't normally get very excited about my birthday, and haven't since I was very young, but this year is going to be very different. Sure, I'm turning twenty-two, not a big deal of a year, nothing to get too excited about. True, I'm not planning any sort of big party or event to celebrate. Granted, most of my friends won't be living in the same area as me and therefore will not be able to help me celebrate, regardless of if they can get their schedule clear on a Monday night. And yes, I'll probably end up spending the night by myself watching movies or TV after a few drinks at a bar. Doesn't sound all that exciting. But it will be.

See, this birthday marks a big transition in my life. Most people see the benchmark years as twenty-one, twenty-five, thirty, ect. But for me, twenty-two is going to be a big deal. It will be the first year that I spend on my own, in my first apartment, away in a big city where I'm not going to college daily and I don't come back to a roommate every night. It will be the first true year of what I hope will be a long and fulfilling adult life. I've been working to pay my own way for a while now, but this will be the first year that paying my own way actually goes somewhere, instead of directly into the pockets of the people running my college.

So yeah, while the biggest gift I'm probably going to get is a "Happy Birthday" text from some of my closest friends, I'm still very excited about my birthday. I think when it hits, I'm going to toast to myself for a great year ahead of being an adult in every way possible. I have thought about going online to find a hook-up or two for a little birthday fun, but I am also thinking that I may just want to have a peaceful start to a new year. I'm sure I'll be horny that day, but I'm not sure that I want to spend my birthday with someone I don't know. I would love to have sex with one of my regulars, but I'm not sure that the chances are good of one of them making the trip to see me. But who knows, maybe something will present itself as an opportunity in the coming month.

As far as presents for myself, I have already bought a nice gift in the form of a concert two days after my birthday, and I suspect I will buy myself something nice that I want from Amazon or another site. I don't have much money (and won't until I find a job) but I love buying myself gifts and something for the apartment might be just the thing.

I have been asked about presents from readers recently (I don't really keep my date of birth a secret). To be honest the first question of presents came around June. I am very surprised that anyone would even think to get me something, but I'm also touched. Some people have asked me what I would want and I've pointed them to my Amazon wishlist, which can be found in the bar to the right. I've populated it with items of varying price so if you think I'm worth some money, there's a good place to spend it. As a special thank-you to those who buy me gifts I promise to take a picture with whatever I get, even if it isn't clothing. I don't mind taking a picture of my cock on the cover of a book. It will be taking my love of reading to a whole new level.

I'm also trying to think of something special and fun to do for the week of my birthday on this blog. I'm thinking I could do a Top Five Fucks of my 21st Year or something like that. Or maybe just post about some of my favorite things, both sexual and non-sexual in nature. Hell, maybe I should just take the damn week off and spend my time relaxing for once! I'm sure I'll decide on something.

All I am sure of is that this is going to be a very important year for me. I can feel it. I'm going to make great friends, learn a lot in grad school, and I'm going to put things in motion that will set up what is to become of me for the rest of my life. And I know that I want all of my readers to share in that journey with me. It will be a ton of fun (I hope) and include a lot of really hot sexual encounters (I promise) that I will, of course, share with all of you. So please, mark your calendars (and get ready for a ton of reminders from me) so that in a month's time we can all together wish me a happy birthday.

Thanks for reading me and hanging around.



  1. 22! No one puts being 22 better than the FABULOUS movie Muriel's Wedding, and as the ABBA fan you are I know you've seen thousands of times so come on say it with me...

    Muriel, how was that wedding?
    She was arrested.
    That's lovely. Don't you wish you were 22 again Betty. Remember that age?

    HAHA Happy preBirthday ACE!

  2. Ace,

    I just wrote it down in my calendar so i wouldn't forget it. I think i will send you some photos and videos of me, that will be my gift for you my sexy friend. It will be a new geginning for you in there and i wish you all the best, since then, have a great day and take care my friend.


  3. Anonymous 9:53,

    Do you have any idea how long it has been since I watched Muriel's Wedding or the just-as-ABBA-filled Pricilla: Queen of the Desert? You've got me wanting to run out to the movie store and see if I can get a copy on DVD.


  4. Yves,

    Thanks man! I will eagerly look forward to that gift. You're a great friend.


  5. It will be easy to remember your birthday since mine is exactly one month away too. Virgo rocks on Sep 12th. hal

  6. Had a look at your shopping wish list. So many delicious choices. (Who knew Amazon sold ball gags?!? I read a fascinating article once on how Home Depot is a great place for S&M supplies. Cheaper too.) The promise of photos is too tempting to pass up.


  7. Hal,

    Yay for Birthday Buddies! That is so cool to know.


  8. Ciel,

    Home Depot is great. I know they have O-rings that work great as cock rings, though they aren't coated so they will rust with use. And I knew a guy who got all his chains for bondage at a hardware store. Plus I once used their lumber section to build a couple I am friends with a St. Andrew's Cross. And I hope everyone enjoys the photos a lot.


  9. You are such an incredible young man. Whatever you do on your birthday, may it bring joy to you because you share so much joy with so many of us. xoxoxo rjd

  10. boy couldn't sleep, boy visits the blog. Love that You love Priscilla Queen of the Desert! boy owns the DVD & CD. Excellent CD for the long 3-4 hour drive to Portland, OR. boy wanted to go see the musical in London, but unfortunately not everyone remembers or thinks about the "little things" that mean so much. If it comes to the US boy would love to go see it with You.

  11. Well I hope this year will bring all you hope for.
    Good luck and Have a great Birthday when it comes.
    Teddy x

  12. Happy pre-birthday Ace. You are going to have an awesome day and year.


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