Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Returning to Massage Guy Part 1

Monday afternoon found me driving back down to Massage Guy's house. It was raining on and off as I drove, and I was a little worried that the swim suit in my bag would go unused. I couldn't be too down, though. After all, I was not driving for a simple dip in a pool. I was after much more fun activities than that. Sadly the whole situation had been confused and hastily planned since I had to borrow my mom's car (still haven't gotten mine back from my dad).

I parked and walked up the porch to he door while he greeted me through his window. When I came inside he was shirtless and wearing a pair of loose, short swim trunks. I was greeted by his hyperactive dog and his sexy black chest hair. He body was still as tan as last time. He still looked young(ish) and sexy. Keep in mind that this man is sixty-two and could easily get away with saying he was fifty. The only difference that had come from the few weeks since we had last seen each other was the goatee he had regrown.

We made out passionately in his kitchen for a while before he finally suggested that we go to his bedroom. I was still carrying my bag over one shoulder and my keys in one hand; that was how little we had done before kissing. In the bedroom he showed me that under his loose trunks he was wearing one of his swim thongs. He looked very sexy in it, and his package was on total display. At the time it was still raining so we joked about the bad timing as I left my bag of swim gear on the floor.

I stripped down to join him, stopping at the Score brand thong I had worn under my shorts. We met each other at the foot of the bed, each wearing only a thong and began to kiss and run our hands over our bodies. It is important to note that Massage Guy is an incredible kisser. I'm a great kisser, and I rarely meet guys who can kiss as well as he can. Throughout the afternoon I was constantly reminded of how great of a kisser he was. When we had basically mouth fucked each other for what felt like a pleasant and erotic forever, he finally pulled back and said, "I think we should make love now."

Smiling I sunk to my knees and began to kiss him all around the pouch of his thong, taking great care not to touch the cock that was sticking out at my face. Finally, when I thought his torment was enough, I pulled the thong down his legs and immediately shoved his cock down my throat. Admittedly, from a retrospective position, this was not a good idea. His cock, while not too long, shorter than my own, is very thick. From that first deep throat when he was not even fully hard, I began a theme of utterly destroying my throat that carried through until I left him that night.

Eventually we made it to the bed where he sucked me off and got a chance to demonstrate his own admirable deep throating skills while I shoved one and then two fingers into his ass. I spit and ran my tongue around his hole, sticking it in as far as I could. His ass was soon loosened up and, as I was leaning over his face, I said, "I'm going to fuck you now."

With more lube and a bit of effort, he was open and I was sliding in to him. He proved to be very flexible, pulling his legs back to be level with his ears while I pried his hole open with my cock. He was quiet, but I could tell there was some pain. I went slow, kissing him, nibbling his neck. I told him how wonderful it felt to be in his ass. I told him that I loved fucking him and that he was a great fuck. I spewed out a novel's-worth of whispered dirty talk to relax him and open his sphincter up. I enjoy dirty talk while I fuck, and like there to at least be a little involvement from my partner. Sadly, Massage Guy didn't seem to have the vocabulary for dirty talk. If I questioned, "Do you like my cock up your ass?" I'd get a half-spoken, two-syllable reply. I felt a bit like an actor matched with a scene partner on a different wavelength. It was hard to find what made him feel good.

When I started pumping harder at a rapid pace, that made him feel good. His moaning increased, his hands turned into claws wherever they touched my body. He scratched me up and down, sending shivers through my body as he did. The whole time we were making out and moaning to each other. I kept picking up the speed, rocking us and the bed below us, really giving it to him hard. That was when my orgasm hit. Even though I felt the build-up, the actual orgasm was a sudden rush. It caught me of guard enough that part of my body was still engaged in the rapid fucking motion while another part of my body was trying to force my cock and cum as far inside of him as possible.

When I finally recovered from what had been a very powerful orgasm, I made sure he was doing alright. For a guy who bottomed for the first time in well over a quarter century the last time I saw him, he took a pretty pounding. When I asked how he was he smiled with a glazed look in his eyes and attempted to speak, but couldn't. I was amazed and impressed. We had just fucked so hard that he was speechless and having trouble even reacting coherently.

So I did what every good top would do in that situation. I began to pump my cock in his ass again while jerking his cock. Eventually he seemed to recover and he grabbed his cock, jerking off while I fucked him. It was a hot scene and I was sure that, given time, I would be shooting a fresh load of cum up his ass.

But then, suddenly, he went totally rigid and straight while jerking his cock. He was clenching every muscle in his body, pressing back against the head board and my body. Most of his weight and strength was being pressed down at an angle on my lap. It forced me to bend my legs into an awkward pretzel shape while my cock was still in his ass. The pressure began to burn and then hurt in my hips, thighs, and glutes. It was insane. He is much shorter than I am and can't weigh that much more than me, but he was practically snapping my lower body to pieces with his masturbation. It wasn't about me fucking him any more. The discomfort had caused my cock to shrink up and even pull out of his ass. I tried not to show it, but I was really hoping he would finish soon so I could move.

When he finally came I had to hide my joy at regaining control of my lower body. The first thing I did was pull my legs out and lay on top of him. At the time the pain went away, but I spent the entirety of yesterday walking around with pains in my hips and legs from that. I also have cuts and bruises from that session and later ones.

We were both totally exhausted after that, and an emergency pee trip for his dog pretty much killed any chance there might have been of me getting over my leg trauma and immediately fucking him again. So instead we lay down on his bed and cuddled. It was peaceful and sweet, laying wrapped up and around this wonderful man. We kissed and rolled around gently for a bit before relaxing in a spoon position. I looked at his clock and saw it was only 3:06, and I was amazed at all we had done to tire ourselves in just the half hour I had been there. Then I closed my eyes and when I opened them again the time was 3:48. I had all but fallen asleep in this gentle man's arms, and I rolled over and greeted him with a deep, passionate kiss.

And the rest will have to wait until tomorrow. This post is too long already and there is still much to talk about and pictures to share. I hope you guys can wait that long.


  1. Ace my friend,

    That is another great post that you are giving us to read. Just love everything that you wrote and the way you wrote it, it's like if we were there with you both.You just put water in my mouth and i can't wait to read the next post tomorrow. Hope that you're felling better today man.


  2. Exceptional post Ace. Love the way you opened him up and am impressed that you stuck out the pain to ensure his pleasure was achieved. Very fucking hot.

  3. Not too long at all. Hope you're doing remedial exercise to repair those joints & ligaments.

  4. Yves,

    Thanks. I am feeling better, though I'm still in some pain. I guess I need to hold back a bit from now on. Not as young as I used to be (says the man who is twenty-one for another month).


  5. Loki,

    I'm impressed I stuck through it too! If I had known it would hurt so bad the next day I probably wouldn't have done it.


  6. RedPhillip,

    I've been stretching to help it, but mostly resting. I am feeling better now.


  7. I’m enjoying this ongoing story a lot. I hope he gave you a massage to help your owies. It sounds like, except for some accidental cramps, that you’re being kind to each other which is lovely to read. I love that you have no problem with his age. I think we all want to hear that, you creaky old man about to turn twenty-two. Hope you managed to stretch it out.


  8. Ciel,

    You'll see what happened tomorrow. And I think I've pretty much stretched out all of the kinks at this point.


  9. big had to read before bed. Hmmm very very nice.