Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Trip Down the Hallway

I followed the back of his head down the staggered hallway. His hair was black against the white walls, and I remember it being short enough that I could see the skin below. I knew the way from when I had walked this hallway as a child. It still smelled the same: plywood that had been hastily painted a few days ago. Though that smell must mean something else if it has smelled the same after so many years.
When we reached the bathroom at the end of the hallway it was the first thing that feels unfamiliar. It had been years since I had been in this store, much less had to use the bathroom. Of course, back then I was using the bathroom for it's intended purpose. Or, sometimes, as a place to go and be bored while my mom tried on clothes.

This man and I made eye contact early upon my entering the store. It was the kind of eye contact that cannot be mistaken. I caught his eye while he was staring at my crotch. He couldn't be blamed for that; I was going commando and my cock was to the right side of a pair of tight jeans. I was practically asking for attention from everyone who would look. I had decided that day to give my exhibitionist streak a little breathing room.

He was older. Mid-thirties, I would guess. He was in a subdued blue polo shirt and very nice jeans that demonstrated the curve of his ass. We were both looking at dress shirts (I figure I will need some to impress at job interviews), though we started looking at each other a lot too. He would smile every time I caught him looking and I would smile back, not looking away, daring him to make another move.

He finally did after a while of playing cat and mouse. He caught my attention and nodded in the direction of the hallway to the bathroom. I smiled and quickly nodded back. He slipped in first while I pretended to be looking at a pair of Calvin Klein pants too expensive for my needs. Then I followed.

He hadn't made much progress down the hallway when I entered. I think he may have been waiting to be sure I was following him. And I definitely was. He smiled as he saw me turn the corner and that is when I began to follow him. He let me go into the bathroom first, not holding the door open for me, really, but nudging it with his foot and letting me pass. As I brushed by him I caught the scent of his cologne. Something rich, but used in sparing enough amounts that I could hardly sense it after I had moved past him.

The bathroom was smaller and in worse repair than I remembered it. It was cramped and seemed like there was barely enough room for everything it held. I've seen bathrooms in houses that were bigger than this. It was clear that staff did not frequently come by to clean. A child or maybe an annoying teen had thrown some paper towels around and the place had a strange feeling of utter disuse. Like something from a post-apocalyptic film.

But I wasn't there to admire the scenery, as dismal as it was. When I moved the man into the stall I had just one thing on my mind: Fuck him with the cock that was rapidly growing in my pants. I unzipped and let the cock out as he sat on the toilet to suck it. He did a pretty good job sucking too. He jerked his own cock off while he gagged himself on me. I wanted to suck him off a bit too, so I got on my knees and blew him as he sat on the toilet. He leaked a lot of pre-cum the way I usually do and I was enjoying slurping down the salty appetizer.

When I stood back up he went at my cock again, making content moans around my shaft. I pulled his head off and told him to turn around. His eyes opened wide and he said, "You're a top?" He was surprised, but excited. I think he expected me to be a young bottom, but I am no such thing. He stood up and braced himself on the wall while I spit in my hand and rubbed it on his hole. When I lined my dick up and pressed in he groaned out, "Oh, you're going in bare?" I couldn't tell if he was upset or turned on, but he didn't push me off so I just kept going.

He was tight, but not extremely tight. It didn't take long for him to adjust to me and then take me quickly fucking his hole. He was biting his arm to keep his grunts quiet, but I could hear them and it turned me on. Both his hands were on the wall but he would frequently take one off for a bit and jerk his cock. Eventually I reached around and jerked it for him, causing him to grunt at a higher pitch and a little louder. I tried to keep my jerking at the same pace as my fucking, but as I got closer to my orgasm that whole plan fell apart and I was fucking him hard. I felt his ass muscles clench and then he was shooting his load all over the toilet and the wall and my hand. I had picked up my pace so that I was pistoning his ass while he shot and that had made the cum go just about everywhere. Shortly after I was sending my own cum into his ass, shooting off enough to feel it spill out when I pulled out of him.

We both cleaned up the stall as best we could, but to be honest, I'm not sure anyone would have noticed the difference in that disaster movie set. He cleaned the wall and toilet while I got what was on the floor. He left without washing his hands, but I stayed behind to get the smell of cum off. As I did, I looked around at the bathroom and wondered how often it gets used as a cruising spot. I don't remember ever seeing another person in there as a child, so I figure it isn't a hot spot. I just got lucky. But as I've said before, my younger memories aren't as clear as they used to be. And when I try to think back now, they are muddled by my recent sexual romp. It is probably for the best. I'm sure the bathroom is better off known for having been fucked in than for looking like a town dump.

When I came back out into the store the man was gone. I have no idea if he ever ended up buying anything or if he simply extended his time in the store in an attempt to hook up with me. Either way, I left shortly after as well after not finding much of anything in my size. Thankfully the trip hadn't been a total waste of time.


  1. Nice post Ace. One of my old lovers used to jerk me off as he was fucking me... it was total sensory overload occasionally I would faint from the sensations ... when I would cum in his hand he would lift it uo and eat it with a deliberate happy smile on his face tht ai remembr to this day.

  2. So hot. I can picture you commando in the jeans, smiling just enough to signal your intentions. And I can hear your voice as you tell this tale, which makes it doubly erotic. I'll be the Bottom thought of you all afternoon as your seed kept him wet. Rjd

  3. Hot. Amazing what opportunities you find. I wonder if it works for other things as well. Living life without the blinders on.

    @John Scott, thanks for sharing that lovely memory.

  4. John Scott,

    Sounds like your old lover has the same kind of aesthetic during sex that I do.


  5. RJD,

    I don't go commando often, but when I do, I make sure to get a full effect from it.


  6. Ciel,

    You just got to keep your mind and eyes open for everything.


  7. What a great way to break up the monotony of shopping :)

  8. Richard,

    I know, right? I don't like shopping that much. I like having things, but the trying-on, finding size/style/color thing gets tedious. I only enjoy book and DVD shopping.


  9. just been looking through some of the older posts.... especially enjoyed the ones that were illustrated too: the added detail of your naked hairy bod or a fuzzy playmates butt fuel for the bate!! Nice idea! cheers mate

  10. Wow Ace,
    Onother great post. You are lucky to have some great time in that store. Well, you didn't buy something but at least you try something on and i think that it felt good.