Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I drove out far away from what anyone would normally consider a reasonable distance from the urban area of Maine I'm currently living in. Granted, to get that far away I only really had to drive for about a half hour, but I was still on a dirt road after driving over many various winding, wooded roads. The house, however, looked like something one would see in a relatively new, suburban-but-wealthy area: two care garage, three stories, huge back porch, nice lawn, very newly constructed, etc. That's actually pretty common in Maine. As a state, we are still in the expansion phase of growth. More and more wealthy members of society decide that they want to live in peaceful "Vacationland" (as the licence plates say), and they build new houses on secluded dirt roads because of the aesthetic value. And it worked. This place was beautiful and full of new life, even if the area around it would have better suited a log cabin.

He was waiting on the back porch when I pulled in, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, like me, and sunglasses, which I lacked. He had short light brown hair and a goatee that was only slightly thinner than my own untrimmed beard. He was stocky, but handsome and as I surveyed him and his house, I was immediately happy I had made the trip. He was one half of a male couple online who I very much enjoyed talking to while setting the meeting up. It turns out that, while the two of them do often play together, his partner lacks an appreciation for more kinky forms of sex. I was here for the kinky stuff, so we were going one-on-one. His partner is a very attractive African-American who I would have loved to play with, but I was ready for some more dirty fun. I didn't want to hold back.

About the third thing I said to him was, "I need to take a piss."

It didn't take long for him to start undressing me on his porch in the summer sun. His yard was surrounded by full trees and there was no way anyone would see us without having to come pretty close. I was almost sad that we wouldn't be putting on a show, but I also wouldn't want to expose a young child to what this man and I were planning to do.

"No underwear," he commented with appreciation as he opened my shorts to find just my cock in its cock strap.

"Figured you'd like it if I made it easy for you."

He was on his knees, his own large, pierced cock in his hands while he gave me what I would consider a very good blowjob. In these opening moments we were still trying to feel each other out, find the limits we had. There hadn't been much discussion before I left to meet him, so I needed to gauge how kinky he wanted his play. I could tell that he was making the same assessment in his mind. I responded my slowly taking control and facefucking him more. I was slowly but steadily sliding us from vanilla blow job to rougher dominance play. I hadn't gotten heavy on him yet, but I started to force my way into his throat, first for a short time, but then longer, more frequently. Until I could feel him gag and he pressed his hands to my thighs. The first few times he did that, I pulled off. But eventually I was leaving my cock in as long as I wanted, and he learned that I knew when to let him breathe.

It took me a while to build up to my first orgasm, and even though he was a skilled cocksucker, I still had to jack my cock with the head in his mouth before I shot my load. I fucked the rest of my cum into his mouth and he swallowed like a good boy. I ran my hand through his hair, alternately stroking his sweaty face and ruffling his hair like I would with a child. He didn't take his mouth off my cock, just kept sucking me, and I started to get more verbal. "You liked that, didn't you, boy? You're a good boy. Did you like swallowing my cum? How did it taste?"

After a while he stopped sucking and held my cock in his hand. "You're still hard," he said.

"Yeah," I replied. He simply smiled and went back to sucking me.

Eventually it was my turn to suck him for a bit. You're going to be my first pierced cock, I had told him online. Don't be surprised if I'm clunky at first. He had offered to take it out, but getting my hands and mouth on a guy with a PA has been a fantasy of mine since the first time I saw one in a porn years ago. More than half my life time ago. I was determined to give his a go. But it wouldn't be easy. The man had a cock a little longer than mine, but much thicker. I showed you guys Massage Guy's cock and talked about how hard it had been to deep throat him. This cock was thicker. From experience I could tell it wasn't going to get much past my throat.

But I took to that PA like a fish to water. Licking the pre-cum off of it, tugging it, feeling it slide into my throat and gag me even when his cock head couldn't get that far. I felt it clunk on my teeth, trying my best to not chip anything even when I got more aggressive with my sucking. It was fun. I was enjoying moving the PA around, feeling the strength of it in his cock. I tugged it with my teeth, then moved to his shaft, biting it and then his balls and thighs.

Eventually we switched again and I stood on the sun-warmed deck while he took my cock back into his mouth. He was getting more into it, letting his kinky sub side out. He took long moments to sniff my crotch, around my balls. It was hot having him hold my dick and inhale deeply with his face planted in my pubes or my armpit hair. (Note: When a guys asks you not to shower, but you wore deodorant the previous day, you should wash it out because he will smell it)

"If you keep sucking me like that, I'm going to cum again," I said.

He looked up in surprise, but then happiness. "We can't have that just yet," he said, "Are you ready to piss."

"Of course."

Since he had just stopped blowing me it took a second to shift my brain into piss mode, but once I did it started streaming into his mouth. I went slow at first, letting him taste and then swallow my piss. I am really good at stopping mis-stream, so I did a few times to make sure he liked my flavor. I need not have asked, though, as he was kneeling in piss-pig heaven. I let my piss flow freely, filling his mouth quicker than he could swallow. I hadn't pissed since the night before and it was well after 2pm so I had a lot in my system. What he didn't swallow spilled out and down his chest, landing in a puddle on the deck.

When I finished he paused shortly to enjoy the piss, but quickly attacked my cock again. I got even more verbal than before. "Good urinal, swallowing my piss. You liked that, didn't you?" I slapped his face. "I wish I had a urinal like you ever time I had to piss. You like it when I piss in you. Those other urinals don't appreciate it like you."

"Man, the deck is really hot," he said at one point as we were making out, sharing the taste of our sweat and my piss. He pulled me inside where it was very cool and shaded. We were in the living room. He jumped on the couch, not concerned about getting piss on it, he had dried quickly in the sun.

We went through many different variations of my face fucking him on the couch. I kept calling him dirty, humiliating names. He wanted me to call him a fag boy, which I usually won't do on my own, but I have no problem saying it to a boy wanting the degradation. "You're a good fag boy, aren't you?" I would say. "You want that man cum and man piss. You need it so that you can make your own little boy cum. Right faggot?" I started hitting him harder. What had first been for effect, I was now doing for meaning.

After I came in his mouth a second time and then invaded it with my tongue, searching for my own flavor in him, I became my most aggressive of the afternoon. I was growling and biting and tugging whatever part of him I could get a hold of with my teeth. I told him to jerk his dick for me. "I want to taste your fag boy cum. Shoot that fucking load for me."

He shot his load into my mouth and I swallowed at least three fourths of it. The rest I pushed back into his mouth, sharing it and a few loads of my spit with him. After we finished making out around his cum, I slapped him and said, "I've got another load for you, fucker." He stayed where he was, leaning back against the couch. Not what I wanted him to be doing.

"Get closer!" I growled and grabbed his hair, pulling his head to my crotch level.

He got the idea and opened his mouth, ready to receive a third load of my seed. I was getting close, but I could also tell that after his orgasm he wasn't that into it. That knowledge only made me more aggressive and verbal, practically hurting my cock to get it to cum. He swallowed it again and cleaned my dick off like a good boy and then plopped back on the couch. I could have kept going, but I figured that he was finished so I joined him.

"Here's some water," he said, producing a bottle from what seemed like thin air.

As I drank I looked at the time. "I have barely been here an hour," I said, a little amazed that we had done so much in so many positions in such short time.

He nodded, equally impressed. "You shot three times in one hour."

"Not my record," I said.

We talked for a bit while I re-hydrated. The sex in the sun had been sweaty and I was only now realizing how tired it had made me. The water was definitely helping, but the fact that I had eaten very little that morning was not. But the talking helped bring me back to earth. He told me various things about himself and the house. It was interesting how moments before I had been calling him a fag and now here we were, talking like two normal adults who happened to meet at a dinner party. The juxtaposition was amazing.

When I drove away I made him promise to email me the many pictures I had taken of the two of us with his camera. He still hasn't, but I'm hoping he will soon. When I get them, I'll share them. They're hot.


  1. This is one of the most erotic posts you have written. What an incredible afternoon. So hot to see your dom side on display, too. You make me so hard. rjd

  2. That’s interesting that you found the juxtaposition jarring. I kind of liked it because there really is another person that comes out for sex. I liked that he felt free enough to let his sub kinky side out with you, but it’s not all he is, just as being a dom is not all of who you are. Btw, you do dom dirty talk well. I like how you worked the tutorial in too. *g*

  3. RJD,

    I like to let my Dom side have some fun when I get the chance. Sadly a lot of guys (at least around here) aren't looking for actual Dominance in a hook-up, just the fantasy of it. I was happy he really wanted it. It was like stretching a muscle I haven't used in a while.


  4. Ciel,

    It wasn't "jarring" as much as it was simply interesting. It was like, we were so calm and friendly that I could hardly believe that we had done what we did. We didn't even act like two people who had just fucked. There was no cool-down time. It was 100%-0% in seconds. It

    And I didn't mean for it to be a tutorial, but if you want to look at it that way, you can. I -was- thinking about you as I wrote it.


  5. You make me feel like I was right there with you, revelling in the way you used him and rode his face. Definitely hope the pictures arrive soon - and I'm particularly hoping there's one of your piss spilling out of his mouth.....

  6. Don’t worry, I like tutorials. And I appreciated both the dirty talk one and the PA one. *g*


  7. JonKing,

    I made sure to take a few pics of my piss going in and coming out of his mouth. The good little boy swallowed a lot, but I had a lot to give.


  8. Ciel,

    I'm hoping to get more PA experience soon. Now that I've had one, I want more.


  9. Ace,

    Great post my friend and what a great scenery too. It looks like a great place to be and no neighborg either, wow. Gald that you had such great time over there man. Hoping that you will stay in contact with him too. Thank you for putting some great image in my mind of what happens in there.


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