Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

Hey, I just want to say (yet again) that things are starting to look up on my end of the spectrum. Life is being slightly less of a giant bitch to me so I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. As promised, I'm updating whenever I can. Thanks for sticking around.

It isn't really a secret that I love Disney World. At least, it shouldn't be with the amount I talk about my trips there and the amount of Disney shirts I own. I love to go there when I have the extra cash and the time to relax. It is really nice. The first few times I went, both my parents came, and it got increasingly awkward as I grew away from my father to be stuck in a hotel with him and wandering a park with him. So the last two times it was just my mother and I. This story is my second to last trip, taking place between Christmas Day and New Years Day of my Sophomore year of college. First though, I want to recommend that time as a perfect time to go. The parks are open late (some nights until 3am) and the atmosphere is wonderful, especially if you've already been on all the rides and don't mind waiting in line for your favorites. My mother and I would get up late, choose a park for lunch, go back to the hotel, wake up for dinner, and stay out until early morning. A wonderful week, to be sure.

The hotel we stayed at was Coronado Springs, one where each section of the hotel has it's own smaller pool away from the large family pool. This resort has jogging paths, a workout room, and everything you would need for multiple weeks of stay. Now, obviously the week I was there was very busy, but the hotel placed us in the back of the resort where they were keeping the adults. It was away from the family areas and therefore a much quieter and more interesting area.

I would go jogging commando style in the early mornings or at night and enjoy men and women staring at my bouncing package. I spent most of my time not at the park or sleeping in just a Speedo or the short jogging shorts I was using. If it got cold (winter in Florida is still winter) I had some sweats or jeans I would toss on. It was wonderful.

One day in the middle of the week when most people were at the parks, I was out by the small pool in my tight Speedo, trying to get as much of a tan as possible in the somewhat cloudy day. Back then I had only just stopped swimming competitively, so I still shaved my full body daily and had some good muscles to show for it. It didn't take long for me to realize that I was being watched by a couple, the only other people at the pool. One was a middle aged man, maybe in his mid to late forties, and the other was a woman, younger, in her thirties. I knew they were watching and put on a show, a good enough one that they knew I was putting it on for them. With my legs spread and my cock hardening in the tight spandex, I watched them walk over to me. The man was wearing some simple shorts and a tank top, the woman just a bikini. The man was clearly hard in his shorts staring at me.

"Do you like what you see?" I asked as they came up. I was asking both, genuinely interested in having sex with either one. Both were in great shape and showed their bodies well.

"You're great to watch," the woman told me. "I want to watch you with my husband."

"Oh?" I was very interested, but tried to act casual.

"I won't be involved, but I want to watch you fuck my husband. He's open enough, don't worry." The way she stood and showed him off made me think that she might be the Dom in a D/s couple, but I never really found out the true extent of their relationship.

In stead I found out that her husband was, indeed, open and ready. They had not even tried to hide the strap-on she clearly used on him earlier. He was still lubed up, that's how recent it had been. It didn't take long for him to be pulling my Speedo off of me and leading me to the bed. He sucked me off for a while, doing a very good job of it. His wife stripped and sat in a chair, watching us as she touched herself. This was not the first time I had put on a show for a woman, but it was definitely the first time where the woman had been in charge. She told him what to do, and sometimes would order me around as well. We were two men doing everything we could to please each other, but really it was all about pleasing her.

When I slid inside of him, he offered no resistance, but groaned like my cock was filling a deep hunger. His wife was still in the chair, asking him how it felt. "You like that cock, honey? You like having a real cock in you? It is better than my fake one, isn't it." It was hot to hear her egging him on like that. I was new to the world of the top (this was only a month and change after my last bottom experience with Married Nick after all) and I was not as into the aggressive dirty talk. But she knew her way around it and every time her husband cried a response I fucked him harder.

"That's right, you fuck my husband. You show him what your young cock can do to his old hole." She fingered herself watching us and I watched the fingers enter and exit, imagining that I could get in there. I love women that get off watching two men fuck. I think that there is something entirely erotic about a woman watching the wild pig sex of two guys. I rode that excitement and erotic electricity to an orgasm with the husband ass clamped on my cock. We kissed deeply as I moaned my load into him. When he shot his load shortly after, his wife told me to lick it up and feed it to him. I was in piggy boy heaven being told to do what I wanted to do anyway.

They let me shower and clean up in their bathroom before I went back to the pool. When I left, the husband had fingered himself open again and the wife was no where to be seen. He didn't invite me to join him in the bed, so I said my good-bye and left. I saw them at the pool a few more times before they left, but sadly never got to repeat that hot session.


  1. Good times! Glad to hear you're perking up a bit.

  2. I promise to sit quietly in the corner and just watch if you let me in. LOL. Very lovely hot story and I love how she was a master of dirty talk. (Although "old hole” isn’t the sexiest I’ve heard.) Maybe Disney World is in better repair than DIsneyland, which is a little run down. I never ride POTC without thinking their treasure could use a serious dusting. Gay Day is my fave day to go, but I’ve never seen anything hotter beyond PDA. Le sigh.

  3. Kevin,

    Thanks. I'm glad to hear it too!


  4. Ciel,

    Paul, my mentor, once told me a story about going to Disney World on Gay Days and fucking a teen in the back of his van, so maybe the Florida local is just better suited for sexy times. I have never been to Disneyland (want to go) so I can't be sure, but I can tell you that Disney World is great to be in and very clean.


  5. That was indeed very hot! A very intriguing scene!

    And it's very sweet you like Disneyworld so much. I have only been to Disneyland in Japan but sadly never had as much fun as you did ;)


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