Sunday, October 2, 2011

Formspring and a New Blog to Love

Before I do anything else today, I want to introduce you all to the new blog by a very good friend of mine. Those of you who also read A Breeder's Journal will recognize FelchingPisser from the steaming hot guest posts he has had there. Those of you who only read me (go give the Breeder a try, guys) might recognize him from the comments section of my blog. However, you know him, get ready to know him a lot better because he recently opened From My Side of the Sling where he plans to make us all horny and jealous of his sexual adventures. If we can scroll past that AMAZING picture of his hard cock, that is. Please, go give him some love and let him know I sent you. This is a man I hope to fuck a few asses with some day in the near future, so I would love it if you would give my friend some nice comments to welcome him to the blogosphere and let him know we aren't all crazy people. It will be totally worth your time.

Now that you've made the trip over to his blog, saved it, and promised to come back regularly (you DID, didn't you?), on to the rest of today's post: The Formspring questions. That's right, I'm doing this again. I know I don't get as many views or comments, but enough of you are interested in my answers and in the man behind that sexy picture at the top of the page, that I will keep going. As always, you can ask me more questions here or through email.

Ace, why do you keep having dreams about Meet the Breeder? I'd like to have dreams about him too, but I can't, because you're hogging him, and it's very selfish of you to keep him all locked up in your own dreams when I want him wander over to mine.

Well, I can't take all the blame for having him in my dreams. I suppose some of it has to do with the frequency with which I talk to him. He and I are very good friends on top of very good lovers, and I care for him very much. Because of that he is on my mind often, and I guess that trickles in to my dreams.

And, for a much more spiritual answer: He cares a lot about me too, and I've noticed that we often show up in the dreams of those we care for, as if we were protecting them in their sleep.

Ace, does the Breeder sleep on the left side or the right side of the bed? What would happen if you fell asleep on his side of the bed? Would he laugh it off? Or would he let you sleep there, but quietly seethe that your were snoring on his turf?

Hmm...Well, the night I spent sleeping in his bed he was on the right side, but I have no idea if that is "his side"...It may have just been the side closest to the bed-side table.

I think if I fell asleep on his side of the bed he would probably not even have a twinge of anger at me. I think instead he would pull the sheet up to keep me warm and then try not to disturb my sleep. He's a very kind, caring man.

And I don't snore.

(Edit: I found out after that apparently Rob IS very territorial, though he might not flip me off the bed. I'm not very big on sides, though, so I usually get in on the opposite of who I'm with. In my own bed I sleep in the center.)

Have you ever been to a Curandero?

Nope. I've been to an acupuncturist, but not a curandero...probably more because I haven't lived anywhere that would have a local shaman or anything like that. Plus, I tend to put more faith in modern medicine.

Have you ever pretended to be a virgin?

Oh my god, more times than I can count. I used to do it so often as a teen. So many guys just love it. I've done it recently too. I'm good at pretending I've never given a guy a blow job.

Do you think a woman is capable of raping a man if it's vaginal sex?

I can tell you without a doubt that a woman can rape a man with vaginal sex. In fact, penetration isn't required for rape. It is more of a mental thing instead of a physical thing. I am actually very much against the idea that female on male rape isn't real. Too many men suffer psychological trauma from rape and don't seek help.

Does it annoy you that the American teabaggers have taken the sexuality out of the term teabagging?

 I don't think they have. If anything, they've helped make more people in America know the sexual nature of the term. I knew what the word meant when I was 12 (from watching too many movies) and I can't tell you the number of people who came up to me after I had already realized the irony to tell me what the words was used to mean. It actually got annoying.

Which would be more of a turn off: smelly feet or bad breath?

Bad breath. Usually I can just avoid the feet.

Do you keep a secret diary that no one else reads? (online or offline)

Sort of. I used to be a lot better about keeping it, but now I just sort of haphazardly write my angst down when it comes and forget to write in my journal when it is gone. When I was younger it was a daily thing, and a little on the explicit side. I very carefully hid it from my mom so I wouldn't get caught.

i followed you on twitter we chatted now and then, i retweeted and helped get you followers, but you unfollowed me :( so all i have to say is what goes around comes around!

Huh. Cuz frankly, I don't remember unfollowing anyone recently, especially not someone I talked to. And definitely not someone who retweeted me and helped me out. Not sure what you're talking about, but you're clearly overreacting to a perceived insult I did not give either intentionally or (as far as I know) unintentionally. And calling me out on this anonymous forum instead of messaging me on Twitter to ask what happened leads me to believe that you are 1) lying and 2) someone I really don't want to talk to anyway. Have a nice day.

Have you been in love with a married man?

I have posted a blog entry about a time I fell in love with a married man and how he kind of fucked me over. You can read all about it here:

That's all for this round! Hope to get more questions and get back to posting regularly soon. I know I keep saying that, but until I get in a better spot, it just isn't going to happen. Thanks, everyone.


  1. Thanks for the kind words. So far it has been a fun new adventure. That dick pic at the top has gotten me a lot of ass over my time online...

    And here's to using it in tandem one of these days!

  2. FP,

    Dude, some day we are seriously going to make some slut bottom the happiest used boy in the world as we fuck through him.


  3. Thank you for the rec! Not sure how much FelchingPisser appreciates female readership but I'll find out soon ;))

  4. Countesszero,

    Give him a shot. He is a pretty sexy and very, how should I put this, open guy sexually. He probably won't be adverse to some lady readers. Can't speak for him though.


  5. boy would like to volunteer, with Sir's permission, to bottom for Him, FelchingPisser & MeettheBreeder. boy also wants to say he hopes that idiot on Twitter doesn't follow boy & that boy doesn't follow him.

  6. Ace, were you to announce that you and FP were recruiting a bottom to tag, spit roast, DP, et al, I think it could be fairly said you would be deluged with offers, and not just from bottoms. I can easily imagine a guy, fairly committed top, thinking that there would be no finer way to be (re)acquainted with taking cock than to give himself for you boys' pleasure.

  7. RedPhillip,

    Just say the word (and help a bit with the planning) and I'm sure we would both be very happy to help reintroduce you to the world of taking two hot stud cocks at once.


  8. I see that you & Rob (The Breeder) are friends & occasional fuck buddies. Does your blog reference when you & he first trysted?

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