Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Special: Eddie's Teddy

Today is Halloween, a time when many boys and girls dress up as ghosts or zombies or streetwalkers or whatever they had lying around the house when they woke up thirty minutes before the party with a hangover. It is also traditionally a time when small theaters in cities across the country open their doors late at night to allow the frightening and sexy group of fans who dress in fishnets and gold briefs to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Rocky Horror Picture Show, for those of you who have never seen it (shame on you!) is a cult musical from 1975, and is known for being such a bad movie that people pay money to go see it, mock the actors, and shout insults and throw toast at the screen. Seeing the movie is always fun, but nothing compares to seeing it at a theater with a "shadow cast" of actors performing the film on stage in front of the screen. Many shadow casts are beyond skilled and beyond compare in their obsession with this film. And I should know. One summer I was a shadow cast groupie.

Allow me to explain: It was the summer after my senior year of high school. My two friends and I were obsessed with Rocky Horror. The shadow cast that had been performing in Maine for years was giving one final series of performances before retiring from shadow cast performances for good. They were going to be performing RHPS for six weeks, every Saturday at midnight, and my friends and I were determined to be there for every performance. And we were. We could be seen sitting out early in the night (usually getting there around 10pm if not earlier so that we could get the best seats) waiting for the theater to open, and talking with the shadow cast. We became very well recognized by all the members of the cast and they started looking forward to greeting us at the door.

After the final performance that summer, my friends and I stuck around to help clean, which was something we had tried to do as often as possible. With all the rice that gets thrown during the average Rocky Horror screening, it was quite a job and they needed all the help they could get. By helping, I was afforded the chance to go to the apartments some of the cast members had close by and enter with them. My favorite of the group, and the one who clearly favored me, was the man who played the character Eddie, portrayed by Meat Loaf in the movie.

Hot-Patootie! Bless my soul!
Eddie was a sexy younger man well on his way to becoming a hot bear daddy. I distinctly remember him wiping a picture of him on his forehead and then in his pants before giving it to me. You read that right. He and I got up to some interesting sexual antics in public along the lines of groping, kissing, and performing fellatio on a limp rubber dick. You might recognize the Mr. Limpy. There was a time when I gave a fake blow job to one of those on stage in front of a group of laughing onlookers. And I was not drunk. Such are the lives of the young.

Eddie and I didn't have an actual hook up until that last night when I followed him back to his apartment to drop some things off. My friends and I were already going to be meeting at the local 24 hour diner for the cast party, so hanging out with him was not a problem. When we got in the door he quickly started taking off his costume. "I'm going to take a shower." He was standing there in just his boxers. What was a seventeen year old boy like me to do?

"I'll jump in with you," I said, pulling my torn shirt over my head. I had already changed back in to fairly normal clothes, but I was still wearing a pair of small black briefs and fishnet leggings under my pants. I waited until that was all I still had on before adding, "If that's OK with you."

It was perfectly OK with him. Soon we were in the shower, naked, wet, and hard. Back then I shaved my face daily, but by almost three in the morning I had some serious stubble going on and so did he. I helped him wash his fake blood make up off before we dried off and moved in to the bedroom. It was there that I learned he had other toys besides the Mr. Limpy. One that he took a lot of pleasure in using first on himself and then on me was a vibrator that also had revolving beads in the shaft. Talk about making your head spin.

I was on all fours moaning into his pillow when he finally pulled the vibrator out of me and lined his own cock up to enter me. Like him, it was shorter and thick, and I was lucky he had opened me with a toy first because my ass needed to stretch to accommodate his size. It didn't take him long to cum, and when he did, he quickly flipped over and pushed his ass up at me. "I hope you give as good as you take," he said to me. Without further invitation, I slid into him and began fucking him. He was a moaner, and a loud one. I don't think any of his neighbors were wondering what we were doing.

After I came we both lay in bed, me slightly on top of him, sharing a joint as we felt the weariness of how long we had been awake and the activities we had just been a part of hit us. When the pot was gone, he shifted off the bed. We got dressed in a pleasant silence and rode over to the diner around four in the morning. Everyone else was only just arriving too, and they all looked just as tired as us. But once the group was together, all our energy jumped back up and we were having a ball, raising hell for the early morning diner staff.

By the time I got home it was after five-thirty, and probably closer to six in the morning. Somehow I managed to be up and at work by ten. As many times as I have seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show live since that night, it is still the night I remember the most.


  1. that's a great memory, Ace. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Oh what a cute tale! It sounded really nice–this wonderful summer memory! Of course in my imagination he looks like the young Meat Loaf!

  3. Kevin,

    Glad you enjoyed the story. It was pretty much the only Halloween-related story I had to share.


  4. Countesszero,

    He actually did look a lot like the character in the movie. He was a good fit.


  5. I will never watch the movie again without thinking of this. :-)

  6. Cyberi4a,

    What do you think I think about every time I watch it? Or listen to the music? Or even bring up the film? Definitely a lasting memory.


  7. A great memory. And I can't help but picture a 17 yr old Ace ... Eddie would have been crazy not to have welcomed you into the shower. And I bet he never forgot that fuck, either. Rjd