Friday, October 28, 2011

Surprise Ending

People paying attention to the weather know it snowed in Boston last night. Whether from the snow or some other unrelated event, my cable and internet went out. So I am writing this shorter post on my phone instead of the longer one I had planned. I'm sorry if this post suffers because of using my phone. If I can, I will try to go over the post once the internet comes back.

It was the winter of my Freshman year in college and I had just returned from a passably enjoyable Christmas break (spoiled by a terrible training trip to Florida with my swim team during which time it actually snowed in Florida) and I was horny for some local fun. The guy I picked for my first ass to fuck of the new year was a man who had been chatting with me online a while before I left to go home. I had gotten a vaguely flaky vibe from him, but it seemed like everything was good to go and I would be meeting up with him and giving his ass a nice long fuck.

I did the usual amount of primping that I went through back then, shaving my face smooth in the shared bathroom while trying awkwardly not to look at the guys in the stalls (the stalls in my Frosh Men's Room had no doors so we all learned to get to know one another really well). Back then I also shaved my whole body so I stepped into the shower and did a quick once-over everything to get rid of the stubble that aggravated me to no end before I realized how much happier I am with fur. I washed my hair, brushed my teeth, and even did a shallow clean of my ass in case things flipped for me. The pictures I had seen of the guy showed a nicely-sized cock that I might want to ride for a while if he had any inclination to top.

When I was done I put on some warm clothes and trudged across the campus to my car. Things were in full swing at the time as classes got back in session, so I was happy to be away from all the bustling students for a while. The guy did not live very far away, a thirty minute drive according to mapquest. I was in high spirits as I drove out to meet him.

What answered the door was not what I had seen in the pictures. I've seen guys fudge with older pics before, but this was the worst case I have ever experienced. Not only did he not have much hair on his head when the picture clearly showed a full covering, but his nose was crooked from (I assume) being broken and he was a lot heavier than he claimed. I didn't turn around at the door, however, like I know some people do. For one, I would have found that extremely rude, but for the other, I don't have a problem with older and larger men. It was just a surprise to see someone so clearly different from his pictures. And he hadn't even suggested that what was sent was not recent. Many guys will say, "This isn't what I look like, exactly, but a good idea." None of that came up at all.

I was willing to go through with it though. I stepped into the house which was nice to look at, still had Christmas decorations up, but smelled like wet dog. There was no dog that I ever saw. He excitedly ushered me to the bedroom where he began undressing like mad, kissing me all over my body. I was thankful that his kisses were nice and not gross like I had been expecting. We made out a bit before he finally gave me space to start taking off my own clothes.

"Do a little strip tease for me," he said. One of the few words he had spoken to me since I had arrive only moments earlier.

I complied, doing my best to sexily pull a hoodie over my head. I was having fun teasing him with bits of flesh while he sat on the bed jerking off and watching. I pulled off my t-shirt and then started slowly undoing my belt, pulling it out loop by loop. He cheered me on with his "oh yeahs" while I did a little lap dance for him, and I was really starting to enjoy myself regardless of how he looked. I started thinking, Well, he has a nice personality at least. This will be fun.

I bent over while pulling down my pants, exposing my tiny-brief clad ass to him and heard him yell, "Oh, oh god, yes!"

I stood up and turned in time to see the grande finale of his smallish cock releasing its last dribble of cum onto his hand. I was shocked. "Did you just cum?" I couldn't help asking.

"Yes," he said, still shuddering a bit in the aftermath.

"Oh. OK. I'm just going to go then." I picked up my clothes and put them on. I didn't even bother to wait for him to see me out. It was clear to me that he had gotten everything he wanted to get out of our encounter and I hadn't even gotten hard yet, so I just left. I even had time to catch a movie on my way back.


  1. Wow! It never ceases to amaze boy how odd some people are. When someone plans on meeting another person face to face, what is the use in lying? Never understood that. What is worse is that he apparently knew what he wanted & could have got a show (although not as hot of a performer) by use of the internet or a porn.

  2. I have certainly had guys look very different from their pics, too. I hate it, but I can usually deal with it. I don't understand guys who shoot in the first few minutes. Last week I drove for 45 minutes to get to a guy's home--where he lasted a big seven minutes in the bed, with about three minutes of my cock in him. And he wrote me today saying "Lets do it again!"

  3. Boy,

    I agree. There seems little point in lying to someone who is about to see the truth, but I think some guys justify it by thinking that everyone lies online. I don't. I post only my most recent pictures.


  4. FP,

    I can usually handle guys who look different but the combination of the huge difference and the speedy cum-shot made me less than happy to have driven as far as I did. My rule when hosting is to try and make it as good as possible if the guy had far to travel. And I know that my staying ability is better than most, but he should have been a little better.


  5. I mentioned in a comment on Rob's blog that I always want to be a guy's first choice the second time. For my online photos I deliberately use a low angle, and push my gut out, so that anyone who sees me is surprised in exactly the opposite direction. I'd rather not meet a guy because they think I'm 15 pounds heavier than I am, than I would have them go away upset because I looked heavier in person than they thought I was. For every new hookup I miss, I'm confident it gets me at least two repeats.

  6. Kevin,

    That's actually a very interesting thing to do. I like the idea that you flub your pictures in reverse. I know plenty of guys suck it in and flex as much as possible, so to do the opposite is very cool. I approve and applaud.


  7. Kevin,

    I also send interested parties realistic and plain pictures of me rather than (sometimes even photo-shopped) glamour shots and prefer people having a realistic image of me than to deal with their disappointment when the ware doesn't hold the promise the advertising did.

    I find it interesting that there are men who have a similar approach :)

  8. Ace,

    Some people have nerves. Sometimes I wonder if some men are blind to the fact that they're not as good looking or young anymore? Or is it intentional deception?

    Or maybe he came first but expected you still to have intercourse with him? He didn't really say it was over, did he?

  9. Countesszero,

    The post is a short one so I didn't go into much detail, but after he came, he just lay there limply. It was clear that he was done and I figured that if I had to get myself hard and jerk myself off, I might as well do it back at my dorm where there was porn.


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