Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bottom of the Pile

As Turkey Day swiftly approaches and I am faced with the realization of my own lack of concrete plans (aside from knowing I have to be at a restaurant at 11am on Thursday) and a suddenly large work load. I am not sure where I'm going to be at any given time this week, I'm not sure if there will be internet there, and I am not sure how much free time I'm going to have for writing. All this is to say that this might be the last post until next week. Or I might be posting at the same intervals I seem to have adopted lately (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun). Hard to say. If I don't post again, I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving and I can't wait to hear about all the family drama when I get back.

It was my friend's birthday and I was recovering from mono. We were all staying the night in the beach house her parents rent out every year, the same thing we had done the year before. The idea was to give us a safe place to drink away from her parents and with plenty of bed and couches for us all to have a place to sleep. The previous year the party had been full of drunken antics by all of us, staying up until four in the morning drinking and playing games, and then half of us woke up again at seven to discover that those of us who had eaten potato skins had food poisoning. I can tell you from first-hand experience that being drunk, sick, tired, and a little hungover at the same time is not a good combo.

This year I did not want to make the same mistake. I knew I was sick going in. I had a cup in my hands, but I never finished the drink and I never filled it up more. I simply would hold on to it and act like I was drinking from it regularly. As my friends got progressively more drunk, they just assumed I was keeping up with them. In reality, I was way behind and enjoying the show to a great extent.

Something that seems to always happen when this particular group of friends gets drunk: we get naked and pile on top of each other. The previous year, after those of us dealing with food poisoning finished (to put it politely) expelling the bad food, those of the poisoned who were still drunk ended up passed out in a pile on one of the couches. I don't remember who I was on or who had their head in my crotch, but there are pictures if I ever want to know.

This year I didn't expect to be a part of the rough and tumble antics. Partly because I assumed that my friends, like me, had already gotten over their love of heavy party drinking and were more social drinkers; and partly because as the night wore on, those of us not drinking started to separate from those who were. I was wrong, of course, and soon found myself the center of attention of the three other guys there.

At this point in the night, all three were shirtless, making me the only dude there with a shirt on. They were ragging me about it and finally, in an effort to get them to leave me alone while I washed the dishes and put the leftover food in the fridge, I took my shirt off.

"Woah! You have nipple rings?" They all crowded around for a look, amazed at the metal rings in my chest. I was a little surprised by their reactions, considering two out of the three had already seen them before.

"Can we touch them?"

"Um, sure?"

That was a mistake. They started groping and flipping my rings and all that did was send shock-waves of pleasure straight to my hardening cock. I quickly pulled myself away from their hands before my bulge got out of control, and they pouted and sulked like children losing a toy. Finally I told them to leave me alone so I could wash the dishes without breaking any. It wasn't a concern, but it was a believable excuse.

I continued with the dishes for maybe ten more minutes, cleaning up all the cake and ice cream and other strange alcoholic mixtures, when I was surprised by arms grabbing me from all sides. I was soon pulled to the ground and covered by three men. It took me a few moments to realize that all three were naked, and a few moments more to note that all three of them were working to get my pants off. Meanwhile all the girls of the party were sitting on the couch across the room, watching, and proving my theory that all ladies like to see some male-on-male action. I admit that I did not put up much of a fight, and soon I was naked and at the bottom of a four man pig pile.

I would love to tell you that we ended up in some kind of amazing orgy, but all the energy of wrestling and stripping me after being up all night had tuckered the guys out. After a while of all of us just laying there, I got them to roll off me and we were just four guys plopped out on the floor. I was the first to start putting my clothes back on, and the others followed, though none of them got fully dressed again.

Shortly after that one of the guys who was really wrecked threw up and we all got together for the clean up, considering the party to be pretty much over. Once he was safely washed off and in bed, a few of us walked to the beach where one of the guys and I strolled over to group of rocks. It was a cold night and the water was even colder, but we were still out there in very little clothes, just enjoying looking at the sky and talking. We started talking about sex and our first times, and he told me that for a while he used to make out with guys just to get girls to make out with him in what I assumed was some strange variation of the Truth of Dare game. I put my hand on either side of him on the rock and leaned in, letting my lips press against his under the cold starry sky.


  1. How times have changed since I was young. Back then guys got drunk, but no one took off their clothes and tackled other guys to strip them. Guess I was born at the wrong time, to young to be naked hippies and to old to be 21st century drunk and

  2. Cyberi4a,

    I think some of it also has to do with the fact that we have all known each other (with one exception) for years, and have been close to naked or naked with each other before.


  3. Countesszero,

    I had a feeling you would like this event. And probably are envious of the girls who were watching. Not that I blame you.


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