Sunday, November 27, 2011

Formspring and All the Family Stuff

Pretty much going to dive right in to the questions this week. I have family coming to visit today and a lot on my plate with school work. Add to those two stresses the fact that I've been perpetually tired recently, and you have yourself a mixed bag of explosive Ace. I'm not going to bore you today with my woes, but I might at a later date. And I might be missing some posts in the next couple of weeks as the semester and month come to a close. Thanks for understanding.

Now on to the questions, which, like always, can be asked of me at my Formspring account or by emailing me.

Do you prefer a male or female doctor?

I really don't care, though I can see why some people might. Last time I got a check up by a female doctor she asked if she could perform a genital exam (my male doctors always have just gone for it) and I replied, "Sure. Not like you're going to see anything you can't find online."  

What's the fetish scene do for you?

Um, I guess the simple answer would be, "A lot." The things I have a fetish for, I'm really into. Like, my leather fetish: all it really takes is the touch and smell of leather and I'm thinking dirty thoughts and on my way to a hard-on. I have two leather jackets for just wearing around in the street because I like having something that I find sexual close by to me. It is like a sexual security blanket. And when someone else is wearing leather...well, let's just say that they're getting a lot of attention from me.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Pepperoni and bacon. I used to have extra cheese but lactose intollerance has made extra cheese a thing of the past for me. Sad face.

Have you ever dyed your hair?

I have died my hair blue multiple times (the last time it didn't come out for four months though, so I haven't dyed my hair since). And once I died it a crimson red with sections of it black and it looked like fire, which I loved.

Why isn't your beard as long as your cranial hair?

Hmmm...While I have let it grow out very long before (longest was three and a half months in the winter of my Sophomore year) I don't like it to be much longer than a week's growth. I'm not good at taking care of a beard and I certainly would not look good with multiple years worth of beard. I'm content with my Grizzly Adams look as it is.

How do you like to use cockrings?

I only have one, and it is the leather snap-on variety. I do want to get a metal one soon, though. And I like to have it fairly tight so that my balls get pushed forward when I'm fucking a guy. It also helps my cock get that extra bit of pressure to get even harder. When I'm at my hardest, I can reach 7.5 inches, and I get REALLY thick.

I am in a curious mood today. As usual actually :) Do you ever ask others a question (on Formspring)? If yes, what was your most intrusive question (one you considered the most intrusive)? If no, why?

I have asked others questions, but they aren't usually that intrusive. Generally if I have an intrusive question (which is rare) I will ask in private. I figure there is a higher chance of getting a response if it is not public. However, I find that I don't tend to ask those kinds of questions, not because I'm not curious, but because it rarely occures to me to ask.

Have you tried waxing?

Sure. As a swimmer I tried a ton of different ways to get rid of hair, but shaving really is the best way unless you're willing to pay out the ass for professional waxing. Yes, that means I waxed myself. Not that hard and seriously, if you do it right, it doesn't hurt that bad. I've gotten my eyebrows shaped for important events (where pictures get taken) as well and there is some waxing and plucking in that. Easy.

What do you think of Classical or Art music: Interesting, dull, intolerable? If not just bored by it, is do any particular periods or instruments make an impression? (I know: This question is probably on the weird side.)

It really depends on the mood I'm in. I say that because I really like most forms of music from classical to metal to rap to dance. I used to play trombone, barritone, and tuba, so anything with a strong low brass section really makes me happy. I would say that as far as styles go, I really like chamber music, but some of the larger symphonies are great too. I also like operas and ballets and have many recordings of both.

That's all for this time. Keep the questions coming, I love to answer them.

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  1. I once had a female doctor stick her finger somewhere and I didn't care for that. But my thought is if I'm sick or hurt I don't care if the doctor is a 2-headed purple martian doctor just make me feel better or take the pain away.