Sunday, November 20, 2011

Formspring and a Few Important Shout Outs

Before I get started answering your questions this week, I have to do a few quick shout outs to some men in my Blogger family (who may or may not be reading this). The first one goes to FelchingPisser, the benefactor responsible for the books I'm modeling in yesterday's Ace Candy post. My dear friend recently had a close death and, while I have already expressed my sympathies to him, I thought some of my readers might want to do the same. He is being very strong, but our support will definitely help him.

The second shout out goes to Rob the Breeder. Last night he posted on his Twitter account that it had been exactly a year since he had first met Spencer, the man who gave him so much joy last winter and spring while he packed up and sold his old house. Regardless of what you think of Rob's sex life (seriously, his more vocal detractors are a little scary), no one can deny the beauty of the relationship he and Spencer had. That kind of love is rare and should be celebrated by all those exposed to it. Yes, I realize I'm exposing my romantic side right now, but that is how I feel. We should all aspire to love someone so much.

Both men are really spectacular in their own way, and both are well worth knowing and supporting. Thanks for bearing with me while I show my appreciation to them.

As always, I welcome any and all questions to either my Formspring account, my e-mail, or the comments in my blog. I love answering these questions as it allows me to connect to my readers on a different level than just my regular blog posts. Enjoy.

For the 3 years that I've been having sex with men, I've always been a bottom boy. Lately I've really wanted to try and top, but it's too embarrassing to even try when I already know that in a matter of minutes I'll be soft. I need help.

Do you get soft at the idea of topping a guy? Is that your problem? Because I'll be honest with you: if you can't get hard at the idea of topping another guy, you're probably not a top. To be a good top you really need to enjoy topping, not be topping out of convenience. I know plenty of bottoms try to switch to top to increase the number of guys they can have sex with, but are still really bottoms at heart. That is probably the number one reason why I ever get a top to flip for me: he really wants to bottom but just finds it easier to fuck as a top.

If the softness issue is something that just happens when you have sex, however, you may need to talk to your doctor. Erectile dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of, and it can be treated. If it is physiological, then some pills can help the problem. If it is mental, then a therapist might be able to help you overcome whatever is blocking your erection.

I think what you really need to do, though, is think about what your fantasies are when you jack off. What gets you the most hard when you picture it in your mind's eye? If you always imagine a large cock sliding in and out of your ass, then you might want to just stick with that. Sex is about discovery and learning and doing what it is you most want to do. So explore what it is you like and see if that helps you any.

Gay Math; “If the park ranger inspects the restrooms every 4 hours and it takes Glenn 12 minutes to get a stranger off, how many strangers can Glenn service between inspections?”

20. 20*12=240 240/60=4

rate me on looks 1-10. and if you have the balls press the ask followers button[;

Well, my amp goes up to eleven (one sexier) and a good solid piece of wood in my hand is always useful (I like Spinal Tap), I'm going to have to say you're rating in the high 12 range.

And this is probably the last time I'm going to answer one of these questions.

When you were younger, did you ever hookup with any of your friends' dads? Did you ever notice any of the dads checking you out?

I've has sex with the dads of a few of my friends. In fact, there is one family where I had sex with my friend, had sex with his father, and had sex with his brother. I got all the men in that family. I got checked out by even more than I ever fucked. It helped that I was on the swim team and the men got to see me in a tight speedo all the time. Swim team dads, whether from my team or another team, were probably the third largest group I got sex from. The first being the men at Paul's house and the second being the men I met cruising bathrooms and parks.

How big is the equipment that you are packing in your pant? Okay how big is your damn cock?

I have a curve to my cock that has always made it harder to measure, but I'm over seven inches but not all the way to 7.5 unless I'm REALLY hard. I think the best feature is my curve, however, as it hits all the right spots in an ass or in a vagina.

Have you ever sexed someone on a trampoline while it was raining?

It was not raining, no.

Are you a fan of the James Bond films?

I love the James Bond films! Though, some definitely less than others. Goldfinger is a big one for me, and I would argue that Casino Royal is probably the best one in the series so far. To be fair, some of the older ones would have been much better with Casino Royal's budget and technology, but as-is it is the best.

If you heard that a child was being abused by a neighbour, how would you handle it?

Call the cops and report what I know. Child abuse is not something to joke about. That kind of situation needs to be handled quickly and well.

If you had to estimate, how many people with whom have you had sexual relations? (Don't go all Bill Clinton and don't try to weasel out of the question. Give a number and be honest.)

Easily over 100. Maybe over 500. Big maybe. I'm definitely not close to 1000 yet. Yet being the key word here.

How long since you cruised a park?

The last time I cruised and got something was close to a year ago, last fall. I tried a few times this summer but I was either at the wrong parks or they were just dead for cruising now. I think with police cracking down in the more populated areas it can be more dangerous. It was much easier out in rural Ohio, if that makes any sense.

That's all for this week. Keep the questions coming!


  1. OK, you KNOW we want details about that family with which you had sex with dad, friend and brother. :)

  2. Rahinpa,

    Just to clarify on that one: it was not at the same time. And none of them knew i had sex with the others.


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