Friday, November 11, 2011

Status Updates

This post is going to pick up pretty much where Monday's post left off. No sex, but it will definitely show why my week has been more than stressful and why I have been so sleep deprived. And while the tone of this post is a little down, I still want you all to have a happy 11/11/11. I will have a more upbeat post for you all tomorrow.

I got back from the professor's house in the early hours of the morning. We had spent so much time talking that I hadn't noticed the time flying by. It was around four in the morning, even after the fall back, which meant that I had been at his house until almost five by my body clock. Where had the time gone? I was more than a little disoriented, but I guess I had been having more fun than I had thought.

I immediately stripped off my clothes and slid into my bed. I had already been awake to the point where it didn't matter that we had gained an hour, I had basically spent that extra hour and then some, guaranteeing that I was not going to feel good when I woke up. By the time I had slid into my covers, I had already been awake around twenty hours that day with little time to relax. I closed my eyes, expecting to quickly drift off to sleep.

Of course, that was not going to happen at all.

I live in a lighted basement apartment, meaning I'm in the basement but there are plenty of windows to make up for that fact. Still, on the other side of my bedroom wall where my head board rests is the laundry room, and on the other side of my bathroom wall is the area the furnace sits in. For whatever reason, the furnace was having a problem that night. It would turn on sporadically, intending to keep the building warm like usual, but this time it was shaking and rattling around. I don't mean just a few shakes and shivers, either. It was shaking so violently that the walls, floors, and ceiling of my apartment were all shaking and I couldn't get to sleep. I kept trying, hoping that if I drifted off I would sleep through the noise, but every time I fell asleep I would wake up moments later.

After 5:30 in the morning I decided that I would move into the living room and sleep on the couch. The sounds and shaking were still noticeable there, but less than in the bedroom. Twice while moving myself I called the management company (who have been less than gracious to me in the past) and told them what was happening. I also looked at the furnace and noticed some pieces were loose and then even went upstairs to notice that the first floor was shaking too.

I did finally fall asleep, though it was a hard-won sleep and I woke up as tired as I had been the night before.

The next day I still noticed the shaking, but it stopped happening after a while. Instinctively I knew that it was because the day was warmer, but I hoped that it was really because the management company had fixed it. Of course, they hadn't, and that night was another spent in the living room trying not to notice the horrible sensations running through my floor. And the worst was yet to come.

I was woken earlier than I wanted Monday morning by banging on the doors of the building. It was the firemen, and not the first time they have been to this building since I moved here. The other basement tenants let them in this time, but I opened the way to the basement to see what was up. What the fireman told me shocked me and pissed me off.

"We had to shut off the furnace," he said, "The venting wasn't hooked up. If it had stayed on more than twenty minutes at a time then it would have flooded the basement with carbon and your guys wouldn't have known it was happening." He was basically telling me that I almost died in my sleep.

I called the management company immediately and related what the firemen had told me. I soon received a call from the head of the company himself, a rude little man for whom I have no respect. As I told him everything I knew, he repeatedly tried to cut me off and even raised his voice to me. Me. His tenant. A client he is supposed to be taking care of. And I wasn't calling for a trivial matter either.

With that phone call done I jumped in the shower to get as much hot water as I could and then got ready for a job fair. But the whole time I was dressing nicely, I couldn't help but remember that this past Saturday, amid all the family stuff we had done, my mother had talked to me about the fact that we have enough leverage to break my lease early and move me to a new apartment. That was before the furnace broke. I should say that now there will not be any problem at all.

Of course, that means that on top of finding a job and everything else I'm trying to do, I need to look for a new apartment. Disillusionment, thy name is Ace. It has also become clear to me that, unless I suddenly find a well-paying job, I'm probably going to have to get a roommate to help pay rent. All of this is very frustrating. I'm enjoying being on my own. But, I suppose I have to do what I have to do. As it is, my savings are almost gone.

I should have titled this post "Le Sigh."


  1. Ace - I suppose I could say, "Keep a stiff upper lip there, ole chap." but that seems heartless and cruel. What you need is a big bear hug with support included and know there are many of us out here care very deeply about your well-being. Be well my blog friend, sammybear

  2. Sammybear,

    I would be hard pressed to find a reason to call you cruel. But you are right. What I really need right now is a hug to let me know it will all be alright.


  3. Ugh! Very sorry to hear about the trouble. I'm again reminded how generally lucky I've been in life.

    You should consider Saskatchewan. Lowest unemployment rate in North America, and you can help me keep the bottoms happy.

  4. Kevin,

    Huh. As much as that does sound appealing, and it really does, I just don't think I'm going to be able to move that far away in the foreseeable future. Though, I do like keeping the bottoms happy.


  5. How funny I was going to ask you what happen with the furnace and here this blog was.

    A roommate might not be bad, you're the Top guy, find a guy who 'needs' to be told to clean, cook, and do laundry :-)

  6. Cyberi4a,

    Would love to have a boy around to pay half my rent, help me with chores, and give me the care I need, but I'll be honest: I have no idea where to find one nor would I feel trusting enough in the short time I need to know him. Sounds silly, but true.


  7. Ace

    First, give me the number of the prick landlord so I can call him. Seriously.

    Look at it this way Ace, a roomate might provide some companionship and friendship as you transition so many other things in your life -- school, new town etc., and you will then be able to afford a much bigger place.

    This will all work out man. treat it like the adventure it is and you'll be fine.


  8. BrotherFriend, breathe deeply. Repeat. Repeat some more.

    I will make offerings on your behalf. I wish I had more practical and immediate ways of helping.

    By the way, I am known for giving the most excellent hugs.

  9. Loki,

    Thanks for your support. I am definitely considering a roommate situation, or something like that. And I will do my best to stay positive.


  10. RedPhillip,

    Your offerings and your hugs are more than I could ask for, and much more than I deserve. Many thanks.


  11. Ace, what I elect to give is by definition deserved. Listen to your elder, who knows these things.