Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ace Candy: The First Christmas Gifts

Recently I received my first Christmas presents from a reader and dear friend of mine who some of you will recognize from my comments section as boy johnny. As always, I am posting pictures of myself posing with the presents, this time in a suit I bought from C-IN2 years ago to tan in on a trip to Florida. The suit is not longer in stock. It has a small hole cut out in the side, and a built-in cock strap.

If you would like to buy me a Christmas present, I have a wishlist full of things I would love to model for my readers. I am, of course, extremely grateful for any gift I get.

Today, boy johnny gets extra awesome points for buying me the Lion King box set, as that is my favorite Disney movie. Thanks so much!

Enjoy the story I decided to tell with the pictures.

Once upon a time, two packages came in the mail.

One was large and green...

...The other thin and blue.

When King Ace opened the first one, he cried out in joy.

All three Lion King movies on BluRay and DVD? How wonderful!

The second package was another of King Ace's favorite films, The Kings Speech. This package was full of Kingly things!

"Come here, boy," King Ace said to the one who had given him the gifts.

"I've got a present I'd like to give you in return."

johnny knew exactly what King Ace had in mind.
johnny first sucked King Ace's cock to hardness, then bent over like a good boy...

...And he was rewarded with a load of Sir Ace's joyful, cum. A very happy ending.
 Thank you so much!


  1. boy is so happy that You liked Your gifts. It was truly an honor to buy His Royal Majesty these gifts. boy can't wait to watch them with You as W/we lay naked in each O/other's arms. Laughing, loving, lusting, licking.......

  2. At first I didn't think I would see the present with a cock shot. Glad you posted all the pics. sammy bear

  3. boy,

    I'm very glad you enjoyed it. It was the least I could do after you got me two wonderful presents.


  4. Sammy Bear,

    Nope, I gave it all up this time. I just decided to make a little Christmas-ish story to go along with the progression.


  5. Anonymous 8:12pm,

    Glad you enjoyed it.


  6. Good job boy johnnyboy! Great pictures and story Ace in revealing the presents and your great cock and load. YUMMY!

  7. I love sexy King Ace so much. I would have licked the liner clean, cherishing ever delicious drop of your fresh man-seed. *kiss* rjd

  8. Anonymous I sure would also like to have that
    load of hot cum from King Ace.Never have eat
    any royal cum before.Bet the taste is incredible

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