Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I'm sorry that I've missed a few days that I normally post to the blog. As usual, holiday seasons make it tough to post regularly because of everything that is going on (not to mention, my first semester at grad school just finished). Allow me to explain some of what will be making my posts a bit more sporadic in the coming weeks.

Aside from those of you who follow me on Twitter, and those of you I've mentioned this to in emails, many of you probably don't know that I now have a job. The reason I haven't made a big deal out of this is because, while it is money, it is hardly the saving grace I need. On average I am working 6-8 hours a week, which isn't too bad, and doesn't take up that much time. This is, however, the season when everyone is pulling out all the stops. To give you an idea of what that means for me: The week leading up to Christmas I will be working Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The severity of that schedule means that by the time Christmas morning hits, I may be too crazed to do much besides drink and smile with faux entusiasm at gifts other people are getting.

If that sounds dreary, welcome to my Christmases.

And I did recently finish up my first semester at grad school which, while rewarding, was just mentally draining towards the end. Having a ten-page paper due one week and then a fifty-page paper due the very next week in one class was a bit much, but I made it through. I might have caught a cold, and I might have just been fired, but whatever the reason, when I got home from working an extended shift late Saturday night and sprawled out on the couch after dinner, I woke up the next morning as my alarm went off having never gotten up and gone to bed. So tired I am and tired I will be in the forseeable future.

On top of my growing work schedule (and increased responsibility at work) I have to impending doom of Family Drama coming my way, and the added fun of having to explain to people that I can't make it to the middle of Maine Christmas morning this year because of how late I will be working the night before. And on top of that, I know someone performing in the Boston Ballet production of The Nutcracker and there is definitely an obligation to go see that show because of it. I don't have a problem with that, really. I love ballet, and the Boston Ballet and I have a long history going back to before I was born when my mom and dad met Rudolf Nureyev in the early 80s (before he became HIV positive) at a party in the city, and it has kind of been a thing ever since for us (though my increasingly conservative father now avoids ballet). What I have a problem with is finding a way to pay for my ticket and getting to the show (which happens to be performed right around the time I'm normally working). I'll figure it out, but man will it be hard.

While I realize that this post has mostly been an excuse for not writing, I would like to add that there will be posts. You can count on it. Even if I don't get to fuck around before Christmas or even 2012, I have some wonderful stories from my past that are Christmas-y that I am sure you'll all enjoy.

Thanks for hanging in with me. You guys (and gals) rock.


  1. Try to stay sane. If you need to vent, I will listen. I love you. rjd

  2. Some 'jingle balls' are harder to get this time of year.....lol

  3. In a month, Boy will make a lot of things better, and neither you or anyone else will care about the little shit that went on this month. Five years from now, no-one that matters will care if your power bill was late or you forgot to talk to uncle Douchebag at Christmas. Take care of the stuff that matters.

  4. Kevin is so right.

    Christmas seems to be very relaxed in Australia, but then again what isn't here?

    I adored Rudolf Nureyev! (Did you know he became an Austrian citizen by 1982?) He was very handsome with his black eyeliner as Valentino.

    Too bad it's busy at work! It'll get better! Bisous!

  5. This time of year is so... fraught with anxiety. Do what you need to, know that you're thought of, and that you're cared for. :)

  6. Ace

    Hang tough man, this time of gear is always nuts. I posted today on the news for us to treat ourselves too. Be sure to take some time to treat yourself buddy. You deserve it.

  7. Ace my friend,

    You just had so much to do and not a lot of timr for doing it. You start a new job, you are in school and you also write, that is a lot of things to do. We appreciate your concern about not posting as often but we understand that my dear friend and we will always be here to read and support you sexy. Take care.


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