Sunday, December 4, 2011

Formspring and a Heads-Up

I just wanted to give all you wonderful readers a heads-up that next week might be a bit lacking in posts. It is the last week of my school semester, so naturally everything is hitting pretty hard at the finish line here. I'm hoping to not have any real problems finishing everything, but who knows? I could get everything done very early, or I could be cramming in some last minute work to finish everything off to perfection. Being in graduate school, it is all the more important that I get good grades. And since I am strongly considering transferring to a different graduate program (due to some issues I have previously mentioned), I really need those grades to all be As so I can have a 4.0 transcript. Not that I don't usually get good grades, it is just more imperative that I don't slack off because of those circumstances.

On top of all of that stress, I have a friend who is going to be crashing on my couch for the next few weeks while she gets herself situated in a place of her own. I'm not anticipating that she will get in my way (I wouldn't have her over if I did), but there is always a chance her presence could make it hard to keep this blog. When I have guests over I generally feel the need to keep them entertained, so I might be spending a lot of time doing that too.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads-up. Like I said, this might not even be and issue, or I might not get a chance to post until next weekend. Either way, once all of the stress from college is over, I am going to need some major relax time. The bottoms in the city better beware, I will probably be on the prowl.

And now that we have that out of the way, time for some questions. I am getting close to the end of my stash, so I would really love it if you guys could ask me more on my Formspring page. Or, as always, you can send me an email with some questions and I'll be sure to include them in the next update. Thanks to everyone who has asked so far. I love answering these.

Is Standard or Received English dead? Have any of your courses limited you to it? (The question is serious. When, all too long ago, I went to college, contractions were allowed only in dialogue. Today . . . Ye Gods!)

I really don't see it as dead. Like all forms of English, it is a dialect and has it's place in speech. You will find that many (if not all) BBC anchors speak it on camera, and can be found spoken natively in Southern England. The only reason it is considered "standard" is because of the social status that dialect developed as it was spoken by the Royal Family. Other than that, it is really not any better or worse than other forms.

And yes, I did take a linguistics class.

Why not move to a warmer climate?

I would LOVE to live some place warmer, but there are a few reasons why I don't move. One major one is that I really don't have the money to drive from New England to some place farther south. To be where the winters don't require more than a hoodie would be lovely, but they are more than a day's drive in a U-Haul. I also don't have much money to hire movers, and I'm currently in a year-long lease on my apartment. Who knows what I'll do next year, but I suspect I'll be living in these parts for the forseeable future.

If you receive a call by someone who isn't aware of calling you because he or she paced that call mistakenly: Do you discreetly hang up or do you continue to listen in?

I usually take a while to realize what happened, but once I realize they called me by accident I will hang up and either call/text them to let them know they called me, or just leave it. I've never really been able to hear anything over the phone anyway, so it has never been a temptation.

Thanks for the insight on Standard English. You are no himbo, and the quip about Linguistics was to laugh. So is Standard English still expected in papers and exams (as in, say, Science), or are contractions and less formality now good enough?

Thanks. And yes, as far as papers go, it is expected that you will keep things more smooth than contractions and other dialect choices allow. A formal paper is expected to appear formal. If you are like me, then you know ways to still be funny or sarcastic within the confines of more formal tones. So while my papers are formal papers, they can often feel less formal, even if they follow formal guidelines. I think most profs don't care about some of the lesser-known things like the Oxford Comma (which I always use) though.

How did you first meet The Breeder?

In person? The weekend before Easter. I made a trip to see him and to see the penguins at the Detroit Zoo. And to just get the hell off campus after basically crashing from too much school work. Online? Well, we were talking for about two weeks before then. So yeah, our relationship is not that old, but still damn strong, kids.

Does verbal abuse heighten or diminish your sense of the erotic in a sexual encounter?

It depends, is it consentual verbal abuse? Because there is a difference between a little hot verbal play and someone actively seeking to degrade me with horrible language. So, usually, yeah, I go for it. But I have known guys who go over the line and hit some iffy territory for me.

What works as hot verbal play for you?

I frequently will defer to the other guy for what to say. I normally won't call someone "fag," but I will if they want. I like someone who tells me how I make them feel, someone who is dirty and physical, and someone who isn't afraid to just growl. Of course, "I love you," turns me on like crazy. Any man or woman who has loved me knows that.

That's all the questions for this week. Thanks for asking them.

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  1. Having a house guest for a few days would do me in, let alone a few weeks. You are a brave soul.