Sunday, December 18, 2011

Formspring and My Odd Life

As I am typing this entry, I'm taking a break from cuddling in bed with one of my ex-girlfriends and her current girlfriend. My ex and I actually look a lot alike, except for the fact that she is a girl and I am a guy, and her girlfriend keeps telling us that we should have sex because we look like twins. She thinks that would be very hot. Around the fifth time she tried to wake us up (we are both deep sleepers) by talking us into fucking, I realized that there are some aspects of my life that I really don't share with most people. My current situation being just one example of these aspects. As often as I wander through life thinking that I don't have much of anything interesting going on, you would expect me to be very boring. But maybe the reason I feel so bored by these things is because they are so common place in my life. I guess I am living a strange life after all.

Of course, on some level, I am always aware that I walk a unique path. After all, I wouldn't be keeping this blog and telling you all about my strange goings-on if I truly thought I was dull. I think that sometimes I just need a little reminder. Like when work/school/family/money/whatever has me down, I need a reminder that I am actually a pretty cool, fairly foxy, and wildly interesting person. Believe it or not, I don't think that about myself all the time (though I go on about myself enough to make you wonder). It makes me truly glad to be around and living my life and sharing it online like I do. And I wanted to share this life-affirming moment with you too.

Now: on to the questions for the week! As always, you can send me more questions on my Formspring page, or just email them to me. I love answering them and you all have thought of some really creative ones lately. Some have even been challenging to answer. Very cool!

If you were to have your next workday off by surprise, what would you do on it?

Oh dear gods, I would sleep and sleep and read and sleep and maybe sleep too. Oh, and order pizza. And sleep.

Which feature or body part on a man (and a woman) catches your attention the most?

On a woman, I would say the legs and the hair. The perfect woman for me has great looking, smooth, muscled legs (preferably in heels), and long hair down to her waist. That really does it for me.

For guys, I prefer at least a little fur. A little beard or some chest hair is great. A guy with big hands is nice too, because I like to hold and be held by big hands.

How were your grades in school, and how did you do on standardized tests?

In high school I was mostly an honor role student, except for when I slipped into a bad depression and couldn't keep up with my homework. In college I was an A student, with a few exceptions, two of which involved professors who hated me.

As far as standardized tests go, I usually rock them. My SAT, ACT, and GRE scores were all very competitive. I view standardized tests as a game. All you really need to know is the type of answer that corresponds with a certain kind of question. They are only hard if you try to actually know everything on them.

Very unique question. Thanks.

Feeling good? Better?

I am definitely doing better than I have been, but the combination of various stressful situations in my life and sleep deprivation has certainly been...tough. I thank everyone for their concern.

When you have anal sex, do you prefer to top? Have you ever bottomed?

I definitely prefer to top. I am a top in so many ways. I don't know why, but I am somehow able to flip most tops that I meet and reconnect them with the idea of bottoming. I am equally good with virgins as with power bottoms, and I love doing what I do. That being said, when I was younger and first starting out in sex, I was a total bottom, and probably a power bottom slut. It took me a while to switch to top, but since I have, only one man has ever topped me. As much as I do find pleasure from anal stimulation, I just think I am much better at topping.

Have you ever participated in a threesome comprised of yourself, a woman, & another man?

I have. Multiple, in fact. Of both the bisexual (men touch) and heterosexual (men do not touch) variety. I have had the odd threesome with two women, but that is a situation that is very hard to negotiate, and can cause problems if it is not handled well. Why do you ask? Are you and a lady-friend interested in one?

What's your favorite physical feature about yourself?

Do I have to answer this? There are so many features that I don't like...I guess I like my hair, based on how much I care for it. I have very nice teeth too. And my cock isn't so bad.

People are always telling me I have a nice ass, though. I have to say, once I saw it in the mirror and was impressed.

That's all for this week. I'm still in the busy season of the year with work and everything, so I'm not sure how much I'll be posting. On days I work I don't usually get home until 9:30-10pm and have to make dinner, so I have less time for fooling around. But mark my words: This nut will get shot!


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