Friday, December 2, 2011


Before I start today's blog post, I would like to comment about yesterday's World AIDS Day. I would have posted something yesterday, but I was very busy all day, so I decided to say my two cents here. I have been and always will be a huge supporter of research in the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS as well as other related STDs. I believe that everyone who has sex has a stake in treatment and protection from STDs, and everyone in the world has the same rights to be tested and treated. In America, we are lucky that there are many options for HIV/AIDS patients, but other countries are not as fortunate. There are many countries that seem locked in views that most American's have forgotten in the past few decades. It seems hard to believe that only a short while ago (though still before I was born) the American government was actively ignoring the spreading AIDS epidemic, and thousands of people were dying without knowing what was wrong or receiving care because no one knew what to do. I encourage all my sexually active readers to get regular tests for HIV and other STDs, and to support foundations that are seeking better treatments and hopefully, someday, a cure.

Now back to your regularly scheduled smut.

It was the dead of winter, I was cold, I was tired, and under no circumstances did I even want to be at the party. My first few college party experiences had been mediocre at best, causing me to decide to avoid parties altogether for a while, and this party was not shaping up to be different in any way. The parties were not made bad by any over-drinking on my part, or any awkward party moments. In fact, those first parties I went to generally had beer that tasted like total shit, to the point where I would hold a half empty cup in my hand all night simply to avoid people asking why I wasn't drinking or offering to get me a drink. I'm not a big beer drinker when it is good, so trying to get me drunk on what essentially amounted to swill was like trying to teach a fish to walk on land.

I only knew a few people that were at the party, and I no longer knew where they were. I had been invited to come, but peer pressure had been what made me go. I was perfectly content with spending a cold mid-west weekend cloistered in my dorm, doing nothing but watching TV, going online, jerking off to porn, and venturing out twice a day for a meal at the cafeteria. More social minded personalities deemed that to be a horrible plan and dragged me out with them, down the main road to one of the large buildings housing the off-campus fraternities. My college didn't have any of the dark off-campus fraternities you hear about in the news, the ones that are only off campus so that they can have harsher hazing rituals and lots of crazy parties. These guys were simply off campus because the fraternity technically owned the building and they could let things break and get messy without having to pay for damages.

The building amused me a bit to walk through because there had clearly been a lot of renovation done since the place had first been made. It had clearly once housed multiple apartments, but the inner walls had all been opened up with doors, meaning there were tons of cramped spaces and stairs leading up or down almost everywhere you turned. None of the rooms seemed to be exactly level with each other, and moving from room to room required at least one step up or down, if not more. Hallways would dead end or open up into huge rooms without any rhyme or reason.

Eventually, after walking around for a while, unimpressed by the filthy walls and rugs and drunk people barely dancing to the music, I found a staircase down to a room that seemed cut off from the rest of the party. Even the loud music seemed to be muted. There was a small futon, a smaller table, and a large TV with football playing on it. The only other person in the room was a guy sitting on the futon in just a pair of boxers and a tank top, staring at the screen, with a large textbook open in his lap.

He looked up when I entered the room and asked, "Party too much for you?"

"I'm not really feeling like partying tonight, actually," I replied.

"Yeah. Same here. I have a test on Monday and I don't feel like getting drunk and ruining my chances."

He moved a blanket aside so that I could sit down on the futon with him and we started talking. I learned that he was this frat house's token smart kid. Most fraternity members who were serious about school would join a fraternity but not live in the frat house, instead choosing quieter locations so that they could study. But this guy was able to live in the frat house for free, and all he had to do was be available to tutor his brothers if they needed it. As such, he got the small, quiet room in the back, and was essentially left alone during the parties, if he wanted to be. While he spoke, I alternated between brief eye contact and staring at the football game I didn't care about. I couldn't help but notice that with his legs spread I could see a bit into the hole in his boxers, and my thoughts drifted to what might be in there for me to see.

I was not being as subtle at my peeking as I thought I was, but neither was he, and as our conversation drifted off, we both became highly aware of the increased sexual tension in the room. I was sitting very close to this nearly naked man on his lumpy futon, and with just a little shift, my leg would press against his. I made the shift. He did nothing for a moment, but then he surprised me by making the first move. He leaned in for a kiss and pushed me back slightly on the futon. His tongue and mine swiped at each other as I sucked on his lips, pulling them into mine.

Our hands went everywhere. His moved in my hair (still short back then) and then ran down my chest. Mine crawled up his back, lifting his tank top and running down his boxers, grabbing his ass. We moved down more, him on top of me, grinding his crotch into mine. Our mouths hardly left each other except to kiss other areas. I could feel his cock swelling against my own, and I reached down to start opening my pants. His hand was down and helping me fish out my cock, getting closer and closer to touching it.

Then, through the thin wall of the room, we heard what was clearly some girl throwing up into a toilet. She went on for a long time, retching even after she had expelled everything in her stomach.

He lifted off of me and turned the volume up on the football game to try and drown her out. But it doesn't change the fact that the mood has been broken. All the sexual tension we had built up evaporated with the puking sound. We sat in silence for a few awkward moments before I stood up and told him I was probably going to go back to my dorm and see if I could get some sleep. He replied that he should probably get back to studying and we parted without another word. I found my friends and told them I was leaving, in spite of their protests that I needed to have a good time.

As I walked out into the cold night alone, my cock finally shrank all the way back to flaccid, leaving a sticky trail of pre-cum that cooled in the chilled air, reminding me of what almost had happened.


  1. Wow! That's a hot story! I'm curious, did you ever hook up with him again? Or see him again?

  2. Women always seem to find a way to screw up men having

  3. I hope the ending doesn't reflect your current frame of mind, 'cause from my point of view, it sucks, figuratively.

  4. Anon 9:53am,

    Sadly that was the last time I went to that particular frat house and we never really saw each other around campus, though I did ask about him a few times.


  5. Cyberi4a,

    I have known some women who made sex between men very easy as long as they got to watch.


  6. Kevin,

    Nope. That was more my lousy winter that year. I ended up shifting away from a lot of the people I was hanging out with to newer (and way better) friends.


  7. Ace

    This is such a hot beginning! Sorry the stupid girl ruined your good time man!

  8. Ace,
    That was hot man. To bad that it had to be broken by some peoples. It is always happening like that, you are having a great time and something happens to broke that hot time you were getting at. Too bad you couldn't recandle to where you were at because i think that you knew that somebody was close by and that they could have heard you. Another great time lost for you, feel sorry for you.