Friday, December 9, 2011


I have recently been a part of a few conversations online dealing with the topic of erotic hypnosis. Personally, I have little hands-on experience with hypnosis, but a lot of theoretical knowledge of how it should work, so hearing from people who have actually been a part of erotic hypnosis sessions has been very interesting to me. For those who don't know, the difference between erotic hypnosis and regular hypnosis is, essentially, that all the suggestions given to the person who is under are sexual in nature. They can range from the suggestion to get an erection whenever a certain word or phrase is spoken, to imagining an entire sexual scenario while in a hypnotic state.

My own experience with hypnosis has been incredibly short-lived. I attempted to get hypnotised by a professional once just for entertainment purposes, but I was told that I'm not receptive to induction and suggestion. I'm not entirely surprised by this, as the way suggestions work in hypnosis is they basically lower your inhibitions to do certain acts by telling you there is no reason not to do them, that you have permission. The problem with that in relation to me, is that when someone suggests something to me, I have an almost immediate reaction of at first not wanting to do the act at all, then closely examining why the person would suggest it, and ultimately deciding for myself if it is a good idea. For example, if I were put under (which I'm apparently very resistent to anyway), and someone were to sugest I pretend I was a dog, I would first think, "No way!" Then I would think, "Why would they want me to pretend I am a dog? What are they getting from this?" I guess you could say I'm stubborn as a mule. I blame my parents.

I first learned about erotic hypnosis while I was arbitrarily surfing the internet early one morning my Sophomore year of college. I have a funny habit of soothing my insomnia or boredom or whatever by just clicking links online and absorbing all the information I can. It is why I know so much about so many different topics. I'm not sure exactly how I found the information or what spurred me on to the erotic aspects of hypnosis, but I believe I found the topic on some BDSM related site and explored further to find entire sites dedicated to recording and selling inductions and suggestions for a whole range of erotic purposes. I found the whole thing incredibly interesting. This wasn't just a fantasy, these people actively studied and perfected the art of hypnosis and suggestion to mold their submissives or slaves into more cooperative and happy individuals, as well as to exert that extra bit of power over those they owned. And the people getting hypnotised were just as active, sampling suggestion tracks and breaking them apart to make sure nothing harmful was ever suggested.

I actually ended up writing a report on the culture I found on these sites for a deviant behavior class I was taking (back when I still mistakenly thought I would get a job as a criminal sociologist). The culture and community I found in those forums so interested me and drew me in that, even after the paper was written, I would still frequent the sites to see how everyone was doing. Many had journals detailing their experiences with certain suggestions and how their Master/Mistress was controlling them. I was hooked and I wanted to try it out.

I downloaded a few of the files and quickly learned that I did not know much about hypnosis at all. That is how I started reading up on the theory of hypnosis, and ways to better induce people into a trance state. By the time summer hit that year, however, I had moved on from my fascination to other things. However, I still remembered the interest in the back of my mind, which is how I got brought in to the conversations online.

The first conversation was very straight forward. It was me talking to a Dominant and a submissive about their experiences with hypnosis and their own interests in it, while I professed my lack of experience, but heavy interest in the topic. The second conversation, however, brought me into the practice of erotic hypnosis.

The two men I was talking to that day had a session that I was not a party to while I was working on school work. When I came back online, what had been done, was done, and, much to my surprise, I was part of the suggestion that the Dominant and given His sub. The suggestion was a simple one: get hard when the trigger happens. It turns out that I was the trigger. Whenever I speak to that sub online now, he is triggered to respond by getting an erection. Nothing else, he isn't coaxed into jerking off no matter where he is or who he is with, but still, it is an interesting power to have over someone.

The experience has diffinetely renewed my interest in erotic hypnosis. As someone with a strong Dom streak in them, I have to admit to enjoying having the power of triggering an erection in someone whenever I want to (not that my extra-sexy looks don't do that anyway). I think I will be once again reading up on the topic in the hopes of some day practicing the art on a submissive of my own. Obviously there is a huge trust issue, both from the sub and from myself, so it will not happen soon, but when it does, I will write up a full report.

Incidentally, if any of my readers have experience with erotic hypnosis, whether with BDSM overtones or not, please let me know in the comments or emails. I would love to hear about it.


  1. boy has just recently found out about this, it instantly intrigued him since he has been hypnotized numerous times. The thought that a Dom could impart a suggestion to boy that will make the submission even more powerful turns boy on so much. boy hopes that You are able to learn more from Your readers and boy would definitely be willing to be Your first subject should the opportunity ever arise.

  2. I'm not interested in any part of hypnosis, I find it kind of creepy in away. If I could be put under I wouldn't trust what could be planted in my mind.

  3. boy,

    I hope you get to experience it some time, whether with me or not. I think we should always explore what turns us on.


  4. Cyberi4a,

    Technically the hypnotist can't make you do anything you wouldn't already be willing to do. All they can do iis make you feel more comfortable doing it. For example, if you would never under any circumstances get naked in public, they can't make you. If you've kind of wanted to, but always felt the pressure not to, a hypnotist can remove that feeling of pressure. Or they can help you not smoke by overriding the sense of needing to smoke.


  5. Ace,

    I tried it once with a guy who was a bit obsessed with the idea, and failed miserably. Like you, I'm very resistant to hypnotic suggestion, and I'm not particularly good at being the hypnotop (as is were). After several hours of fooling around both of us gave up in frustration. Admittedly, the fact that he was pretty much batshit crazy didn't help.

    By the way, Rob the Breeder suggested that I take my flirting here rather than on his blog. So here you go: flirt flirt flirt.

  6. A few years ago i found someone online who sold audiotapes of this nature. i found that, while it was interesting, it didn't override the huge trust issues i've had since childhood. Doesn't make me less interested, just aware that i'd need to really trust the person who was putting me under.

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