Saturday, December 24, 2011

Where's My Tropical Christmas?

First, I would like to say that this is just another fun post for the holiday season. I'm still swamped with extended hours at work, and don't have much time to write up blog posts. I did come up with this blog idea during a slow spell at work yesterday, however, and wanted to write it up and post it. I hope you enjoy and that you all have a safe and happy holiday.

Below the stuffed animals is where I hid your sex toys.

OK, so there is not horrible snowy weather preventing my movements and no absolute zero temperatures to deal with, but this weekend I am still left to wonder where my tropical holiday trip ran away to. Thanks to various aspects of my life, most of my recent holiday seasons have been spent at least half way down the East Coast, if not all the way down to Florida. I posted an entry back in September about one of my trips down to Disney World, which might give you an idea of why I like going there so much. When I'm in Florida (be it at Disney World or any other part) I enjoy spending a lot of time lounging either by the pool or on the beach in just a small speedo-style suit, happily showing off for all the men and women walking by. I like jogging in dangerously short shorts and no top, outdoor showers, and the off chance that some cutie might ask me to help with their lotion.

This year, however, I'm staying mostly in the Boston area, with maybe a quick trip back up to Maine at some point. There will be no lounging on the beach, as I'm sure Cape Cod will be frightfully cold with the wind off the ocean. There will be no running around in my shorts, because the idea of frost bite is not appealing to me. And sadly there will be no cuties of either gender wandering by my nearly-nude body and asking for some sunscreen help. So what is a horny young man to do with his time?

Believe it or not, I'm actually planning a lot of hours snuggled on my couch with either a book to read or a DVD to watch. I'm more than a little behind in my TV shows on DVD thanks to a heavy amount of purchasing in a very short time (I'm a sucker for Amazon sales). Yes, your friendly neighborhood Ace is planning days of cozy comfort in the coming season, unless I have work, of course. And the coming weeks might see me venturing out to the bars again and perhaps picking up a cute boy or two. Or maybe a bear. Or a hairy muscle daddy with an ass I could munch on for weeks. Mmm...pardon me while I wipe up my drool.

I've been so busy lately with school and work and my own problems that I have sort of slacked off on the meeting new people plan I had set in place. Maybe my New Years resolution should be to get out more and have more fun. Hell, I definitely deserve it. Besides, I've been in the city for three months now and I've hardly put a dent in the bottom population on my block, much less the rest of the city. I'd be ashamed if I weren't so dreadfully in love with myself (kidding). Time to make my name around here...


  1. The Cape can be very charming during the holidays. The past several years the other half and I have spent the period from Christmas to New Year's Day in Provincetown with our dogs. Many of the shops and restaurants are open during that period and a lot of folks come over from Boston on the weekends. Once in a while we've had snow. 2008 we had 16 inches one day during our stay; but most years there has been none.

  2. I've enjoyed Christmas day home alone a lot of the years and it helped end the season in a relaxing way.

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